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Saturday, 18 June 2011



It is solid and beyond fully featured with dual input and outputs, midi control, effects look and headphones (as well as the obvious foot controller and expression pedal benefits).

When Guitar Rig 4 loads, visit the preferences and select the appropriate device from the list.

At this point you can also adjust both the sample rate and latency although the default settings should work perfectly.

Ready to Rock

Now you have everything set up it is time to explore the Guitar Rig processing software. Guitar Rig 4 feels much more glossy and polished than previous versions.

The interface is similar but a number of enhancements make it much easier to use and navigate. You can rate your presets and find the perfect sound via attribute break down.

Guitar Rig 4 comes with around 250 presets and to be honest I spent the first few hours going through and trying out each tone. The patches are spectacular and cover pretty much every playing style.

The software comes with a large number of cryptically named signature tones such as “Andy in a Bottle” which is coincidentally like Andy Summers from the Police and also doubles up perfectly as a great clean Pearl Jam sound.

Unlike hardware guitar processors Guitar Rig 4 allows you to take one of the presets and make it your own very easily.

New Amps

Version 4 comes with three totally new Amp voices that completely transform the factory presets. As you can see below the images have also been proved as part of the GUI overhaul.

Jump, a lighter version of the classic Lead 800, Cool Plex which is the Plex with sparker and saturation and finally Hot Plex a spice up rich tonal variation of the classic plex.

New Effects

There are now well over 40 different effects built into Guitar Rig with four notable new editions.

The Grain Delay allows for a spacious refinement of your tones as well as massive walls of echoing sound. With the Grain Delay, it gets just as weird as you like – and yet perfectly controllable.

The Octaverb is a powerful stereo reverb, precisely emulating the early acoustic reflections of eight different rooms. It also offers some unique features that can be used both for subtle tone shaping and for extreme effects.

The Iceverb is a very colorful reverb that puts you in a giant icy cave – or in an igloo! It offers a wide range of hall characteristics and a filter that can even be used like a very special wahwah effect when controlled with a foot pedal.

The Twin Delay combines two parallel delay modules to provide advanced stereo effects. It works like a charm for bouncing the sound from left to right in any imaginable way.

The Control Room

One of my favourite new aspects to Guitar Rig 4 has to be the “Control Room” The Control Room really introduces the recording techniques of professional analog studios into a software application.

The Control Room offers guitarists total control over their tone allowing you to create a rich natural sound reproduction with the addition of superb tonal clarity.

With just a few fader moves you can create the sound of professional studio recordings and then save it as a patch, thus creating your very own signature sound.

It is amazing just how much difference to a tone the Control Room actually makes. My first impression was to consider the feature as some sort of fancy EQ setting but it is considerably more.

In fact the Control room can have more effect on your final guitar sound that tweaking some of the Effects in the loop.

Native.Instruments.Guitar.Rig.4.Pro.STANDALONE.VST.RTAS.v4.2.0.x86.x64-ASSiGN.part1.rar (200 MB)

Native.Instruments.Guitar.Rig.4.Pro.STANDALONE.VST.RTAS.v4.2.0.x86.x64-ASSiGN.part2.rar (200 MB)

Native.Instruments.Guitar.Rig.4.Pro.STANDALONE.VST.RTAS.v4.2.0.x86.x64-ASSiGN.part3.rar (39.5 MB)

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