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Everything on here is from links I've found on the web, i haven't uploaded any of this stuff myself.
I have tested and do use some of this stuff but not all of it, its a good idea to scan anything you download before using it just to be safe :)
The stuff here is intended as 'try before you buy', if you like this stuff please buy it, if not... delete.

Independent Music Network

Independent Music Network
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Tuesday, 17 May 2011


Eliminate mixing / mastering wizardry.

Unsure about how much compression/limiting to apply? Bob Katz, author of Mastering Audio: the art and the science, developed the K-System to help... Learn more

Calibrate your studio.

Ensuring a consistent listening experience across stereos, TVs, iPods, and every other device under the sun has become increasingly painful. K-Meter provides... Learn more

Spot problems other meters miss.

Did you know that the majority of peak meters on the market under- read peaks and miss overloads? Learn how K-Meter and "True Peak" metering help to eliminate... Learn more

A meter that understands your ear.

K-Meter "hears" your music in much the same way that your ears do. It knows that your ears perceive certain frequencies as being louder than others, and even


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