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Monday, 4 April 2011


Overloud is proud to announce the release of Mark Studio 1 version 1.1, a plugin which gives you the Markbass amplification tone.

"The Mark Studio 1 plugin has been designed to faithfully simulate the sound of Markbass amplification in any DAW application or live situation.
No matter what kind of bass you use, the Mark Studio 1 plugin will always give you a very musical array of bass sound choices. It's an indispensable tool to anyone who records on a computer and wants to improve the sound of the bass either during or after recording."

Paolo Costa, bass player and product manager.

Key Features
• Three top-class Markbass amp models: TA501, R500 and Classic 300
• Six Markbass cabinets: STD 151HR (rear-ported 1x15"),STD 152HR (rear-ported 2x15"), STD 104HR (rear-ported 1x15"),STD 104HF (front-ported 4x10"), STD 106HF (front-ported 6x10"), and Classic 108(sealed 8x10")
• Choice of 6 microphones, plus a preset combination of 2 front microphones
• Faithful reproduction of every characteristic and nuance of Markbass amps and cabinets
• Ultra-flexible signal path makes it easy to balance the Direct (plugin) input, Line Out (amp direct Out) and Mic Output levels

• More than one microphone can be used simultaneously: main (woofer), tweeter and, where applicable, rear bass reflex (port).
• Each mic/cabinet combination has been recorded in a high-end studio by the best Italian sound engineers
• Ultra Bass frequency control for extra-deep sound with one mouse click
• 64 factory presets designed by top engineers and Markbass artists and 64 storable user presets




Anonymous said...

This version doesn't work with windows 32bits; only with 64bits

No way to upload the 32bits versions ? Please

Anonymous said...

Oooooops sorry, I didn't see both links...

Thanks !

Anonymous said...

for Mac version