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Wednesday, 13 April 2011


Intensely Tweakable Amp Modeling from Peavey!
When close isn't good enough, trust your tone to Peavey's ReValver MKIII.V amp modeler. ReValver MKIII.V puts the sound of the worlds hottest guitar amps in your computer, formated for your favorite DAW and ready live performance. Loaded with 20 complete amp models, plus 12 preamplifiers and 9 power amplifiers, ReValver MKIII.V is a virtual tube factory. Whether you want ready-to-go sounds or demand total tweakability, you're going to love this flexible software. Not only does ReValver MKIII.V provide you with a playground of amps, ranging from classic Peavey models to amazing American boutique amps, but you also get excellent of effects and processors to play with, including 21 awesome stompbox-style effects, 12 amazing studio-style effects, and 8 additional must-have guitar tools. And since ReValver MKIII.V is fully MIDI mappable, you're ready to take the stage with your MIDI-compatible foot controller.

Peavey ReValver MKIII.V Amp Modeling Plug-in Features at a Glance:
20 amp models, including Peavey 6505, Classic, 3120, Sensation 20, and more, as well as several American boutique tube amps
12 Preamplifiers
9 Power Amplifiers
21 Stompbox-style effects
12 rack-style effects
Over 150 speaker simulations using real-time convolution and membrane modeling
8 Utility Functions including tuners, analyzer, splitters, and more
Fully MIDI mappable

Peavey.Revalver.MkIII.V.Standalone.VST.RTAS.Win32.Spec.Ed-DEADBEEF.rar (81.9 MB)

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