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Friday, 11 March 2011

ConcreteFX.Viper and ConcreteFX.Vocal

Uses 4 oscillators to create sounds , each oscillator can be modulated by any other oscillator (including itself for self -modulation) creating a possibility of up to 65536 different modulation setup. Each modulator can use frequency or ring modulation to create an enormous variety of different possibilities . Combined with this each oscillator has symmetry & pulse width modulation control and oscillator syncing

A seperate version of Viper is included when you purchase Viper where the oscillator are 2x oversampled to create much better oscillator sounds at higher frequencies

Over 100 additive waveforms in plus the normal analogue waveform, allow for a wide palette of source sounds

Two multi-mode filters , with 12/24 db low/high/band pass/notch filters plus ring modulation , comb filter and formant filter for vocal sounds

6 AHDSFR envelopes with variable curvature and 6 LFO's . These can control all the major parameters, using a simple to use modulation matrix . Plus full midi control of all the controls using midi learning

Step Sequencer with up to 16 steps which also can be used in the modulation matrix to create trance-gate sounds & simple sequences

Chorus , stereo delay & stereo widener

200 presets + full manual (thanks to Jomal , EJR & Daniel Lewis for their presets)

Thanks to all the people who have been involved in testing and improving Viper

Two set of triple oscillators are used as formant filter sources. These sources can be be one 9 built-in waves and 2 user definable waves. The pitch of each of the triple oscillator can be detuned to create much fatter sounds . Also a noise source allows you to add breathy type noises

Each triple oscillator is out to it's own formant filter. There are 6 built in formant filters vowel spaces plus 2 user defined formant filter vowel spaces

The output of the formant filter is then passed into a multi mode filter which can use 12/24 low/high/bp & br filters

6 AHDSFR envelopes , 6 LFO's and 6 step sequences which can control all the major parameters, using a simple to use modulation matrix . Plus full midi control of all the controls using midi learning

Chorus, phaser, stereo delay, stereo widener , 2 band equalizer and compressor effects built

64 presets + 4 bank of presets from Richard Lichten



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