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Tuesday, 22 February 2011

UnMixing Station

Welcome to UnMixing Station
When the human brain listens to sound and music, it naturally differentiates the sounds it hears. The brain is capable of isolating and identifying a violin from a trumpet from a gunshot, instantly.
Ever since recording sound was invented, sound engineers have been trying to figure out a way to isolate sounds from a mixed recording. Until today, this was impossible. Once a mix was finalized, there was no way to undo the (or"UnMix") the track.

Today, with the help of Audionamix proprietary technology, this is now feasible. What the human brain can achieve instantly, the Audionamix solution can achieve in minutes, providing sound engineers with separated sound tracks (or sources) with which he can work to remix, enhance, spacialize, restore de-noise and improve sound quality for the Audio Video industry’s needs and requirements.

So here it is, for the first time ever, the “UnMixing Station” by Audionamix.



Anonymous said...

Download not available
The following download is not available:

Anonymous said...

please re-up this tool!!

Anonymous said...

This sucks. It's just crappy filters. It's automated, so that's novel I guess, but not at all usable.