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Friday, 5 November 2010

Little Endian SpectrumWorx VST v2.0.2

Little Endian SpectrumWorx VST v2.0.2

SpectrumWorx is the ultimate sound mangler пїЅ a very special kind of audio effect you probably havenпїЅt experienced before! Read onпїЅ
SpectrumWorx is a modular effect processor that works exclusively in the frequency domain. Two things make SpectrumWorx vastly different from other effects processors: its ability to manipulate the frequency domain and its modularity.
Working in the frequency domain lets us reach the very heart of the sound. Every single frequency is available for examination and modification. When we say пїЅmodularпїЅ, we mean modules пїЅ individual small, simple (and not so simple!) self-contained boxes (effects), which we can combine, arrange and re-arrange in so many ways пїЅ and of course, every arrangement gives us a new and totally different sound. With over fifty modules, there is a nearly infinite number of combinations available. Once the modules are set up пїЅ the game isnпїЅt over. Every module has a number of its own controls which can easily be twisted and turned until the last drop of sonic power is squeezed from the input sample. When at last sonic perfection has been achieved, users can save their masterwork as a SpectrumWorx preset file for future use and even share it with friends.

This combination of versatility, usability and, of course user creativity, is just perfect for anything from cinematic sound design and exploratory experimentation to original compositions and game music пїЅ or anything that fits in between.

Attractive user interface

A lot of musicians tremble with trepidation when they hear the term пїЅmodularпїЅ. It brings to mind towering monolithic synthesizers festooned with hundreds of knobs, patch points and obscured by dozens of dangling cables. Fortunately, the SpectrumWorx GUI is a study in user-friendliness. Everything you need at any given moment is right in front of you, and there are only a few (and rarely needed) bits tucked away where they wonпїЅt interfere with your work until you need them.

Instead of only classical frequency domain representation, where the signal is decomposed into magnitudes and phases, SpectrumWorx is also capable of transforming signal into the so-called Phase-Vocoder domain, where signal is represented with magnitudes and пїЅtrueпїЅ frequencies. The new domain opens up a whole new frontier for effect creation.

Little.Endian.SpectrumWorx.v2.0.2-UNION.rar (4.1 MB)

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