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Monday, 5 July 2010


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Melodyne studio

Polyphonic magic

Melodyne studio is the largest member of the Melodyne family. With this most powerful version you are no longer limited to the editing of monophonic melodies, but you can also handle complex textures and even polyphonic material, such as chords or song mixes!* Furthermore, Melodyne studio is a complete audio multi-tracker with an unlimited number of tracks and a high resolution of up to 32 bit and 192 kHz.

Recording artists and engineers have known about Melodyne for years. For a long time, though, it was only monophonic vocal and instrumental parts that could benefit from Melodyne’s much-admired editing algorithms: algorithms capable of everything from minor corrections of intonation to extreme pitch shifting and from the subtle modification of grooves to drastic time stretching.

Melodyne studio 3 introduces this magic to full chords and complex audio signals as well; so now harmonic material (such as rhythm guitar or piano parts) can be transposed (without altering the tempo), slowed down or sped up (without altering the pitch) and even quantized.* What’s more, all this can be done in real time with the highest sound quality for which Melodyne is famous. You might already know pitch shifting and time stretching from other programs, yet with Melodyne, even extreme alterations still sound natural and convincing. Please check our sound examples to hear the difference!

Although Melodyne studio is the perfect tool for correcting timing and intonation of audio recordings, it is also far more than just that. It is a full multi-track application which allows for complete song productions and creative arrangements. Melodyne studio offers you an unlimited number of audio tracks – depending on your computer system.

However, if you prefer to record in your familiar recording software (eg. ProTools, Logic, Cubase, Sonar and more), Melodyne studio supports a full integration, too. You have two options to link both applications: the ReWire protocol and Celemony's MelodyneBridge. For most production scenarios the MelodyneBridge is far more convenient to work with than a ReWire connection. Please see our FAQ for details.

The Melodyne Sound Library

Melodyne studio 3 can read sample libraries created using Melodyne technology such as those of Ueberschall’s Liquid Instruments (from version 3.0) or the Melodyne Sound Libraries (from version 3.1), thereby obtaining access to an almost inexhaustible supply of licks and phrases.

Even if you are familiar with previous versions of Melodyne, you might want to consider an update to Melodyne studio 3 to benefit from the automatic and reliable note recognition or the Correct Pitch and Quantize Time macros, which allow the most common flaws in vocal and instrumental recordings to be removed with a few mouse clicks. With the Melody Manager you can comfortably browse audio files on your hard disk.

Peter Neub├Ącker

“With Melodyne3, the note-based rearrangement and remixing of songs are child’s play,” says Peter Neub├Ącker, the founder and mastermind of Celemony. “And we’ve streamlined the workflow in numerous ways in response to requests from users. As a result, Melodyne is far simpler and more practice-oriented than ever before.

Melodyne studio is available from music dealers or the Celemony web shop. It costs 699 Euro or 699 US$. An update from Melodyne studio 2.x to version 3 is 149 Euro/US$, the upgrade from Melodyne cre8 to Melodyne studio costs US$ 330 (380 Euro). See here for all upgrade options.

System requirements

1 GHz processor (Intel or AMD), 512 MB RAM (1 GB recommended), Windows XP (SP2) or Windows Vista (32 or 64 bit).

Click here to read the NFO

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Download the newer version with DNA here:

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