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Thursday, 3 June 2010


   GUITAR RIG 4 PRO  is the ultimate all-in-one  guitar and bass solution  for
   perfect custom  tone. The  powerful and  intuitive software  comprises of a
   vast  array of  amps, cabinets,  mics and  effects, recreated  in stunning
   detail.  The  latest version  includes  3 new  amps,  4 new  super-flexible
   effects and above all, the revolutionary Control Room for that ôbig  bucksö
   studio tone. 
   The GUITAR RIG 4 PRO software offers 15 amazing guitar and bass amplifiers,
   modeled with  the exacting  precision of  NATIVE INSTRUMENTSÆ award-winning
   Dynamic  Tube Response  Technology«. Including  the original  multi-channel
   designs and model-specific tweaking options, these amps not only accurately
   convey the character, charm and feel of their real-world counterparts,  but
   also  offer a  huge arsenal  of tried-and-true  tones for  all genres.  The
   included  Matched Cabinets  module offers  a harmonized  speaker setup  for
   every single amp. Its easy  to use yet super-flexible, providing  you with
   classic sounds in seconds. 
   This all-new module  opens a vast  new world of  tone with an  unparalleled
   degree of  natural sound  reproduction and  tonal clarity.  With just a few
   fader moves you can create the sound of professional studio recordings that
   will definitely cut through the mix.
   GUITAR RIG  4 PRO  features numerous  tools to  help you  achieve your best
   performance. Tape decks for super-easy recording and playback, a  metronome
   and an integrated tuner all help keep the focus on your creativity. A  loop
   machine allows guitar and bass loops to be created and layered on the  fly.
   With GUITAR RIG 4 PRO, your own personal guitar assistant is on hand  every
   time you plug in. 
   GUITAR RIG 4 PRO  works perfectly as a  stand-alone program and within  any
   sequencer. This  allows you  to reamp  your sound  in a  convenient way û
   record your performance, then tweak  and change the tone afterwards  in any
   way you like, as often as you want.

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Dr.S said...

:O has this been tested??? any bugs?? love to hear some feedback... cheers


Vej said...

There are some reports that it will just stop after about 10 minutes. Then you have to restart GR4 again for it to work.

Anonymous said...

That is true. Standalone, RTAS, and VST all revert to demo mode after a few minutes.