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Friday, 7 May 2010

Loud Technologies EAW Smaart Mac OSX

File Size: 10.4 MB

Smaart is the most straightforward and widely used software for real-time sound system measurement, optimization and control, and now, it’s also backed by the full weight of EAW’s renowned development and support services. Smaart v.6 performs dual-channel, FFT-based audio measurement in an intuitive, accessible interface that seamlessly integrates measurement, analysis, and data logging. It can also remotely control an extensive, constantly expanding list of professional equalizers and DSP processors. Rebuilt from the ground up, Smaart v.6 features significantly modernized architecture to unleash the potential of the latest microprocessors and multitasking operating systems. Further, Smaart v.6 now runs native under both Mac OS X and Windows from the same unified source code. While the Windows platform has been the dominant platform for pro audio system engineering for the past decade, the OS X platform has always retained significant penetration and is rapidly becoming the preferred platform throughout the professional audio market. Smaart v.6 also features a new, streamlined interface that enables users to tap the power of the new software architecture while preserving the renowned usability of previous Smaart versions – developed from over decade of input from the largest (and still rapidly growing!) user base in the industry.
Major changes in this release:
Named Signal Pairs
Probably the most immediately visible change since version Smaart 6.0 is that the "Meas Sig" and "Ref Sig" buttons under the input level meters have been replaced with a single text field. This field becomes a drop list when you select a "Channel Name and Pairs" group in Audio I/O options, enabling you to quickly route signals from different inputs into Smaart. This feature is particularly handy when used in conjunction with a multi-channel input device.
When named channels and pairs are used, each channel remembers it's calibration offset and each pair remembers its delay offset and channel assignment so that when you switch to another signal pair and then switch back, so that calibration and delay settings are recalled as well. A set of default channels and signal pairs are defined in the channels.plist file distributed with this release. The file lives in your Smaart folder and is scanned on startup to create the list entries in Smaart. Plans for future revisions include a friendly editor utility for creating channel/pair lists however the file is also easily hackable using any ASCII text or XML editor. If you've ever coded HTML for web pages you will probably find the structure and format to be very familiar.
Download Here:
Password: ozmosis

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Anonymous said...

i could't install the pkg archive.
Said this message: erro -1.)

could you help me?

Thank you