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Independent Music Network
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Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Microhammer - Sand Drum

File Size: 182.4 MB
In much the same way that the rain stick harnesses the essence of rain, the Sand Drum harnesses the essence of the entire ocean; hundreds of quintillions of gallons of water. The unique surf-like sound is produced by a medium-sized enclosed drum about 1 1/4" thick and filled with dozens of tiny silver metal beads. When gently rocked and rotated in a circular motion, the sand drum produces an amazing tidal effect, like waves ebbing and flowing. In addition to the ambient effects it creates, the sand drum, being a "drum" is also a unique percussion instrument offering a variety of different percussive elements. All core hit articulations were recorded at 10 x round robin.
This library includes custom front-panel controls and modwheel automation to allow pitch adjustment of up to +/- 24 semitones, as well as room wetness re-shaping, going from tight and close to full and lush.
Microhammer Sand Drum specs:
Articulations include:
Sand Drum Strike/Staccato Dry with mallet
Sand Drum Strike/Staccato Dry with hotrod
Sand Drum Strike/Staccato Dry side stick
Sand Drum Dry FX wave rattle
Sand Drum Strike/Staccato Wet with mallet
Sand Drum Strike/Staccato Wet with hotrod
Sand Drum Strike/Staccato Wet side stick
Sand Drum Dry FX wave rattle
Master Patch with all strike (round robin x 10) articulations
Bonus: Selected patches come with custom convolution reverb
Intelligent editing and programming
Read me (.pdf) install, patch and hint documentation
14 instrument patches, 268 samples, 321MB installed, 194MB .rar download
Sample resolution and source format: 44.1Khz / 24 bit / stereo .wav format
Format(s): Kontakt, SFZ and .wav
Note: Native Instruments Kontakt 3+ full retail versions required.
Note: Free Kontakt Player will only work for 30 minutes with this product. Full version required to remove this restriction.
Download Here:
Password: ozmosis

PSPaudioware Xenon AU VST RTAS v1.1.9 MAC OSX UB

File Size: 6.3 MB
PSP Xenon is a full band, dual-stage limiter plug-in (Audio Unit, VST and RTAS for MacOSX Universal Binary; VST and RTAS for PC) featuring an integrated Leveler, advanced K-System metering and psycho-acoustically optimized word length reduction. PSP Xenon offers 64-bit precision processing throughout its entire signal path, and can operate at sample rates up to 192kHz.
Once you experience for yourself the pristine, transparent response and intuitive design of this plug-in, we believe it will become your "go to" limiter for mastering and other critical audio applications.
1.Uninstall previous versions.
2.Unrar and install.
3.Use our Win keygen to register, or use the attached serial.
Download Here:
Password: ozmosis

VocALign PRO Audio Unit v4.0.1 IND

File Size: 2.6 MB
Description: Editors in film, TV and video post production, music and multimedia, now have more control over any required audio alignment editing. They will be able to target the alignment of the replacement signal (Dub) to the Guide where it is required, by using the new Sync Points feature and can keep sections of the Dub from being edited by specifying Protected areas.
These features will be invaluable for certain types of noisy or reverberant Guide signals and especially useful for foreign dialogue replacement.In addition, the new Preview Controls allow much more detailed examination of parts or all of the two signals, together or separately, both before or after alignment to confirm the quality of editing and alignment.
The other features such as improved overall quality of automatic alignment and micro-editing will save the user even more time and frustration.
* VocALign PRO V4 takes just seconds to automatically align two audio signals so that the timing of one matches the other
* Simple, intuitive plugin integration with host audio editor.
* Sophisticated pattern matching techniques that reject guide track noise and work with different speakers, singers, words, instruments and sounds
* Works with 16- and 24-bit audio
* The aligned audio can be auditioned within VocALign PRO
* The Pitch of aligned audio is unchanged
System Requirements
OS X 10.5 or higher
VocALign PRO Audio Unit Plug-in requires Logic 8 or 9.
Installation Notes:
unpack, mount the .dmg image, install and enjoy
Download Here:
Password: ozmosis

Audiofile Engineering Sample Manager 3.2.2 MAC OSX UB

File Size: 14.3 MB
Batch Audio Processor

Sample Manager is the quintessential batch audio file processor for Mac OS X. Designed in Cocoa from the ground up, Sample Manager proudly takes advantage of CoreAudio, Quartz, and other solid OS X features.
Sample Manager is hands-down the most powerful and full-featured audio batch processor available today รน sort files by any parameter, view detailed waveforms down to the sample, change file names, gain, fade, trim and process to your heart's content. There are over 50 process actions are available. You can chain your process actions together as Workflows, and with one click you can apply complex processes to as many audio files as you like. Sample Manager goes beyond the call of duty by including unlimited undo, support for all known audio metadata, a hierarchical file listing with support for folders, custom groups, and even Smart Folders (which consistently search for audio files using Spotlight) and much more; all of this within an extremely well-designed and friendly interface.
Industry Best Sample Rate Conversion
No need to reinvent the wheel here. Rather than spend a lot of time and money developing our own sample rate conversion, time stretching and wordlength reduction technologies and passing those costs on to you, we decided to source the best DSP available, iZotope.
Sample Manager incorporates iZotope's industry best 64-bit SRC and MBIT+ dither. We also have incorporated iZotope's SonicFit time/pitch technology. This ensures that Wave Editor delivers the highest fidelity and the best value on the market.
System Requirements:
Mac computer with an 867 MHz or faster PowerPC G4 processor (we recommend a PowerPC G5,
Intel Core Duo, or Intel Xeon processor)
1 GB of RAM (we recommend 2 GB or more)
Display with 1024-by-768 resolution highly recommended
A hard disk with 1 GB or more free space (for temp files, application is 11 MB)
Mac OS X v10.4 (Tiger) or 10.5 (Leopard)
QuickTime 7.2 or later highly recommended
Installation Notes:
unpack, mount the .dmg image, install and enjoy
Download Here:
Password: ozmosis

IK Multimedia AmpliTube 3.0.1 VST RTAS AU MAC OSX UB Incl.KeyGen

TEAM DYNAMiCS - File Size: 173.5 MB
AmpliTube 3. The New King of Tone. More Gear. More Feel. More Power. More Tone. There’s a new king in tone, and its name is AmpliTube 3. A massive upgrade of the leading guitar and bass tone gear modeling software, AmpliTube 3 raises the industry standard of sound variety, realism and creative power. If your recording or playing “rig” is lacking in that rich, lush expressive analog warmth, then you need to check it out. With over 160 precisely modeled pieces of vintage and modern gear available in one package, AmpliTube 3 is the ultimate tone gear collection for the player/producer/engineer suffering from tone angst.
AmpliTube 3 gives you more.
More Gear — Infinite Combinations.
AmpliTube 3 contains over 160 pieces of gear, more than double the amount of other packages, including models from the most sought-after vintage collections and modern day workhorses. You’ll get 51 individual stompboxes and effects, 31 amplifier preamp & power sections, 46 speaker cabinet models, 15 high end stage and studio mics, and 17 post amp rack effects. Plus, with the new AmpliTube 3 open architecture, you can add more packages as you need them, like AmpliTube Fender™ and Ampeg® SVX.
More Feel — True Dynamic Response.
AmpliTube 3 gear models give you THE most realistic playing feel — not just the tones — but the actual dynamic response of their hardware counterparts. Nothing comes closer to the feel and touch of playing through a real rig than AmpliTube 3. Plus, with IK’s proprietary VRM™ (Volumetric Response Modeling) technology, you can add ultra-accurate rotating speaker effects, free dual mic placement plus room ambience and response to custom craft your tone.
More Power — Creative Inspiration.
Face it — the better you sound, the better you play. AmpliTube 3 unleashes more creative power than ever, helping you to easily carve new, truly unique voicings for your guitar, bass, keyboard, drum and vocals. Our new creative effects let you create sounds you never heard before, and the new “drag & drop” effects configuration feature lets you quickly experiment with effects in the signal chain to get that totally unique sound.
More Tone — Every Sound you can Imagine.
AmpliTube 3 is the voice for your soul. With the largest collection of ultra-accurately modeled gear, creative effects and flexible routing features, you’ll never run out of sonic possibilities. Every sound you’ve heard, and ones you haven’t are here… your sound is in here.
What’s new in AmpliTube 3? Everything!
1. Now includes over 160 models of vintage and modern gear
2. 30 new vintage gear models and creative effects
3. New cabinet/room module with freely movable mics
4. Incredible new rotary speaker simulation with VRM™
5. New Stomp & Rack FX “drag & drop” configuration
6. Now includes both mono and full stereo signal paths
7. New advanced preset organization and management
8. New “MIDI learn” feature for compatibility with any controller
9. New 4 track audio recorder/player
10. New “eco-mid-hi” quality modes
11. Improved overall performance
12. New built-in expandability
System Requirements:
Power PC based Macintosh
Minimal: 866 MHz G4 processor, 512 MB of RAM, Mac OS X 10.4 or later.
Suggested: dual 1.25 GHz G4 or G5 processor, 1 GB of RAM, Mac OS X 10.4 or later.
Supported Plug-in formats: AU, VST, RTAS.
AmpliTube 2 RTAS requires Pro Tools 7.0 or later.
Intel based Macintosh
Minimal: 1.5 GHz Intel Core Solo processor, 512 MB of RAM, Mac OS X 10.4.4 or later.
Suggested: 1.66 GHz Intel Core Duo processor, 1 GB of RAM, Mac OS X 10.4.4 or later.
Supported Plug-in formats: AU, VST, RTAS
Install Notes:
Unpack, Install
Use KeyGen to register the product
Remember to BUY the stuff if you USE it.
Download Here:
Password: ozmosis

Numerology 2.3 Mac OSX UB

File size: 15.9 MB
Numerology is a modular sequencing environment designed for performing musicians. It works by giving the user an organized workspace within which they can quickly create and connect together a variety of highly functional sequencing and MIDI event generating modules. As a fully modular environment, the user can construct sequencing instruments that fit their own unique and twisted requirements. The sequencers follow a model similar to that used by analog sequencers: the user creates sequences of control values that can be routed to other modules to control generation of notes or MIDI CC and Pitch Bend messages. Most current digital sequencers are based on a design that is very similar to a tape recorder. They have three distinct modes: record, edit, play? with little or no integration between these modes, and the edit mode invariably has more in common with a word processor than a musical instrument. These programs can be very powerful, but also cumbersome to use, especially in a live or improvisational context.
The Numerology approach is to offer fully featured modules that provide the immediacy and fun factor that analog sequencing provides, in an environment where the musician can take full advantage of their possibilities. Numerology provides a selection of carefully designed features, such as groups, presets, and navigation and mixing functions that combine to offer a sequencing environment with the flexibility and interactivity of a fully modular system.
System Requirements:
Mac Platform: UB
OS version: 10.4 and later
What's New
Version 2.3:
Launchpad updates:
* Fixed a module layout issue with the RackNav page
* The RackNav page now updates automatically when you delete a module
* Fixed a drawing issue with DrumSeq's longer than 16 steps.
Other fixes & updates
* Fixed a drawing error with the ModulationSeq when the transport is moving.
* Drag-n-Drop of mp3 and m4a files into the AudioSample and DrumKit modules is now supported.
* You can now import mp3 and m4a files in the DrumKit (was already supported in the AudioSample module).
* Fixed a some stuff in the rendering code that could cause audio dropouts.
Download Here:
Password: ozmosis

Logic 9.1.1 Update & System ID

File Size: 191.9 MB
About Logic Pro 9.1.1

This update delivers improved compatibility and numerous fixes.
Issues addressed with 9.1.1 include:
* Improved stability of the 32-Bit Audio Unit Bridge
* Compatibility with Novation's Automap feature in 64-bit mode.
* Compatibility with Euphonix Eucon protocol in 64-bit mode.
Issues addressed with Logic Pro 9.1.0 include:
* Support for 64-bit native mode
* Compatibility with 64-bit Audio Unit plug-ins
* File names with over 32 characters are now supported
* Samples are now mapped correctly when using the "Contiguous Zones" option in the EXS editor
Updated System Requirements:
* 32-bit mode requires Mac OS X 10.5.7 or later
* 64-bit mode requires Mac OS X 10.6.2 or later
The update is recommended for all users of Logic Pro 9.
Install Directions:
1. Expand archive and open folder
2. Double click on LogicPro9.1.1Update.dmg and install update
3. Copy the file 'Logic Studio System ID' to:
Volume/Library/Application Support/ProApps
4. Enjoy!
Download Here:
Password: ozmosis
Important update:
Skip step 3, instead, download this short 24kb Pro apps 2010 file and follow enclosed directions.

ToonTrack Superior Drummer VSTi AU RTAS v2.2.1 UPDATE MAC OSX UB-ArCADE

File Size: 33 MB
The New York Studio Legacy Series
Superior Drummer2.2 is a complete overhaul of the original dfh Superior engine but we've made painstakingly sure to lose nothing of the sound quality, attention to detail and musicality that has made the ToontrackMusic drum sampler line what it is.
Superior Drummer2.0 has been re-developed for optimized use with e-drums with more effective use of sample layers and much improved loading times. It will include custom MIDI played by Nir Z accessed through the all new customized MIDI engine and arranger EZplayerpro, it will feature stand alone capacity through Toontrack solo. From premium UK based software developer Sonalksis Superior Drummer2.0 has been fitted with, 5-band EQ, high and low pass filter, compressor, gate and transient designer filters.
The new interface is reminiscent of EZdrummer with its simple handling and lay out but gives its user layer upon layer of in depth features to create the ultimate drum track.
All new construction windows with features such as:
X-pads - Load instruments from any Toontracklibrary to add positions or to double instruments on the position of your choice.
The ability to read and combine all dfh Superior and EZdrummersound libraries.
All new internal mixer featuring bussing capabilities and with built in FX delivered by Sonalksis such as:
5 Band EQ
Highpass and Lowpass filter
Download Here:
Password: ozmosis

Monday, 19 April 2010

Cakewalk Bundle VST Repacked

Cakewalk Bundle VST Repacked

1. D82 Sonic Maximizer

2. H82 Harmonic Maximizer

3. L82 Loudness Maximizer

4. Sonitus:fx:compressor

5. Sonitus:fx:delay

6. Sonitus:fx:equalizer

7. Sonitus:fx:gate

8. Sonitus:fx:modulator

9. Sonitus:fx:multiband compressor

10. Sonitus:fx:phase

11. Sonitus:fx:reverb

12. Sonitus:fx:surround

13. Sonitus:fx:wahwah

new installer :)

Enjoy your life, help the others...



REAPER (Rapid Environment for Audio Prototyping and Efficient Recording) is designed for the recording, arrangement, editing, mixing and rendering of audio.

Basic features:

* Support for an unlimited number of audio tracks.

* Audio tracks are all fully routable (multiple inputs, outputs).

* Volume, pan controls and envelopes per track.

* Supports audio processing plug-ins (DirectX, DXi, VST, VSTi, and Jesusonic) with automation, easy chain manipulation and editing.

* Pitch shifting and time stretching.

* Fast, reasonable and usable Windows-style UI, working well on both low and high resolutions or multiple monitors.

* ASIO, Kernel Streaming, WaveOut, and DirectSound support for playback and recording.

* Reads WAV, OGG, MP3 and MIDI files, records WAV and MIDI files.

* Can render to WAV, OGG, MP3 if lame is installed.

* Full SMP support (can utilize 2 or more processors).

* Multi-layer undo/redo support.

* User creatable color themes.


Wednesday, 14 April 2010


* A clean stereo reverb, with an even decay.
* Clear reflected sound, with a fast diffusion build up.
* Intuitively linked Decay, Spread and Distance dials.
* Designed to represent many natural spaces, with minimal complexity.
* Cloud display representation for all time and frequency aspects.
This replaces the usually separate envelope and EQ displays with
one concise image, displaying frequency energy over time.
* Fast editing, for that quick grab effect.
* High quality standards, with low CPU resources.
* Zero latency.

What is it?
Fusion Field is a smooth diffusion reverb that sits beautifully in a mix. A clean, unobtrusive sound with a natural falloff that floats and complements the source material perfectly. Designed to imitate complex, natural spaces, it is also very easy to use. The main 'cloud' display represents the reverb in terms of time and frequency, showing all the main parameters and EQ in a natural way. The reverberation can be dampened in the upper and lower frequencies, allowing soft sibilance and a graceful, lifting air to the sound.
Having very few controls does not hinder Fusion Field's usefulness. The dial ranges have been sloped to give the best sensitivity in useful regions, and the whole unit can create short snappy rooms, or vast time-suspended spaces, and anything in between.

Why use this?
Removing the character of uneven early reflections and various room shapes leaves the sound pure, so it's able to hold the sound in time. Simply enhancing the sound image without obtrusive additional tones allows for more space in the mix.
Fusion Field gathers reflections immediately, smoothing out initial transients, then realistically diffuses the sound to the specified decay time. The interface has a logical layout, prompting fast editing with expected results.

Try the demo yourself and choose the "Fusion Field Full" preset, this gives the longest decay and no filtering.
If you send a short sound through the plug-in you will hear the sound as though frozen in the air, and decay perfectly smoothly in about two minutes.

What really makes it different?
You can dial up any type of space very easily, with the use of Decay, Spread, and Distance parameters - the algorithms create the suitable room simulations for you.
Complete stereo whitening, even at very tight spread settings.
Incredibly light on CPU resources.
It's subtle, but Fusion Field's unique algorithm creates a highly diffuse and different sound than a typical all-pass filter reverb.

File downloads available at RS or Megaupload:

Uploaded by "Just some guy"

Tuesday, 13 April 2010



  Prepare to be entranced! CamelSpace can take any sound you throw at it,  be
   it a pad,  a synth line  or a drum  loop, and generate  a dizzying array of
   dynamically-evolving, gated rhythmic textures.
   An enormously powerful 128-step  'trance gate' sequencer controls  panning,
   filter cut-off and volume, while  independent LFOs provide still more  mind
   -boggling modulation options. 
   A  tempo-synced  stereo delay  and  powerful auto-panner  ensure  that your
   sounds are always  on the move,  while an enhancer  (with 'Xcita' and  soft
   saturation), a flanger and a high-quality reverb all add 'sparkle'. 
   A  stunning  graphical  user  interface  puts  all  the  controls  at  your
   fingertips, while  the X/Y  pad allows  easy real-time  manipulation of the
   most important parameters. 
   With the  intelligent 'Randomize'  button, new  sounds and  inspiration are
   just a click away.  256 attention-grabbing presets, organised  by category,
   are also included
   Rhythmic multi-effect, to add dynamic  interest to pads, synths, drums  and
   Powerful 128-step 'trance gate' controlling filter cut-off, pan and volume. 
   Auto-panner, enhancer, flanger, multi-mode filter, stereo delay, reverb. 
   Easy-to-use, with X/Y pad and intelligent Randomize. 
   128 categorised presets. 


Friday, 9 April 2010



Vintage 80s Classics is a powerful collection of patches from various
1980s synthesizers, including digital workstation and analog legends.
Making full use of Ableton's Macro and Instrument Rack specification,
this Micropak is the perfect add-on to any recent Ableton Live and
Sampler purchase.


Thursday, 8 April 2010



The A-Range channel features four bands of equalization and high and low pass filters. The sound of the bands is often referred to as "colorful" and "musical". When running a hot enough signal through the original unit and boosting the bands, it is possible to get it to distort, the result is a hairy and effective saturation that is just right in some situations, and just wrong in others!

In Short

* Created together with original designer Malcolm Toft
* Each and every component carefully modeled
* Same sweet sounding EQ filters that made the original legendary
* Interaction between the different bands, making this equalizer one of its kind
* Saturation control
* Very CPU friendly
hoop:// Post
thanks dvdm

Sunday, 4 April 2010



This is the the most advanced version of TRAKTOR yet, introducing several new features for all users, as well as some PRO-specific additions.

Users of TRAKTOR PRO and TRAKTOR SCRATCH PRO are treated to three extra effects in this 1.2 version. Taking the total to 28 highly creative and professional effects, this update adds a Beat Slicer, and Formant Filter and a Peak Filter to your arsenal of weapons- all of which need to be heard to be believed.

Four independent effect units:

The already impressive TRAKTOR effects section just got twice as nice. With the addition of two more effects units (in PRO versions only) the potential for warping and twisting your tracks has been vastly increased. With three separate effects chainable per unit, the possibilities are now almost endless.
no pass

Friday, 2 April 2010

Sound on Sound - April 2010

English | PDF | 212 pages | 81.5 MB
Download Here:
Password: ozmosis

Future Music - March 2010

English | 132 pages | PDF | 37.1 Mb
Future Music brings you the most in-depth reviews by respected industry professionals plus news on all the latest hardware and software releases. We also interview musicians at the cutting edge of technology, and give you all the advice, music and free samples you need to get the most out of your existing set-up and improve your music making.
Download Here:
Password: ozmosis

EQ Magazine April 2010 - PDF

English I PDF I 70 pages I 17.6 MB
EQ magazine is the definitive source for audio and home recording studio equipment and software. Our information covers all of your music and digital needs.
What's In This April 2010 Issue:
Better Grooves With Ableton Live
Erykah Badu - Style Juggling Diva Overcomes "Demo Love"
Dillinger Escape Plan's Atypical Metal Methods
Pat Metheny"s Synchronized Robot Orchestra
Mastering Master Class
Download Here:

Mix Magazine - March 2010

English | 84 pages | PDF | 15.5 Mb
Mix is the worlds leading magazine for the professional recording and sound production technology industry. Mix covers a wide range of topics including: recording, live sound and production, broadcast production, audio for film and video, and music technology.
Download Here:
Password: ozmosis

ToonTrack EZ Player PRO VSTi AU RTAS v1.0.5 MAC OSX UB

File Size: 5.5 MB
EZplayerpro is a MIDI organizer, multi track arranger and format conversion tool all rolled into one nifty piece of software that you can plug into any VST, Audio Unit or RTAS compatible master application.
With it you can convert between mapping formats and collect all your MIDI clips in one convenient location, the EZplayerpro Browser. You can use EZplayerpro to preview those MIDI clips with your favourite drum sampler and drag and drop them directly into your host to construct your tracks.
You can also use the multi track Arranger built into EZplayerpro to put drum tracks together, on as few or as many tracks as is convenient or required.
But it does not stop there, using an intelligent cataloging system, EZplayerpro is capable of isolating percussive instruments from the MIDI files, allowing you to re-combine patterns from different grooves to form exciting new beats. Furthermore, you can step through variations and fuse them into performances that can be re-used in future compositions.
Used in conjunction with Toontrack solo and EZdrummeror Superior Drummer«, the award winning samplers from ToontrackMusic, EZplayerpro also becomes a stand alone workstation for creating MIDI beats independently from your day-to-day sequencer
Install Instructions:
1) Unzip, Unrar and install
2) Use PC Keygen.exe to register
3) Enjoy
Download Here:
Password: ozmosis

SmartSound SonicFire Pro v5.5.2 Scoring Network Edition

File Size: 124.5 MB
SmartSound Sonicfire Pro v5 is designed to create soundtracks for your video. The program has all the facilities necessary for the Creation of excellent soundtracks. Preview in real time with your video. Automatic editing of any sound file. Mixing and the match is based on your needs. Fully organized clippings - No Loops to build. Supports Windows Media and Quicktime video formats. Convenient design - suitable for beginners and professionals.
With a new multitrack interface and added support for the latest SmartSound Multi-Layer Music, editors can orchestrate sophisticated music tracks that would otherwise require a professional music editor or composer. The intuitive design of Sonicfire Pro 5 gives quick access to a professional note of music, as well as editing of the conservation of the advanced features easily accessible for complete control over your music.
Key features
"Mapping the mood" ( "Mood Mapping")
Now you can achieve greater musical heights with Sonicfire Pro 5, the only music solution that offers mood mapping. With mood mapping you can determine the emotional and structural requirements for the stage, as the mood map on the graph in Sonicfire Pro. With this technology, any "multi-layered" music. track will be fits from start to finish and saranzhirovana well in accordance with changes in your video. This new level of flexibility and immediate results will provide a final emotional impact on your products.
Multidorozhechny Interface
Sonicfire Pro combines intelligence technology from SmartSound multidorozhechnymi terms of information for the steepest path to the current fit (custom-fit) of music. In addition to the dynamic tuning of musical elements based on your "mood map" (mood map), Sonicfire Pro also gives you full control over each individual muses. element. Remove the horns, make a sharp strings ... everything you need to achieve maximum impact - Sonicfire Pro gives you the tools to easily create the best track.
Multi music with SmartSound
In muses. SmartSound library was introduced the following innovations: the addition of multi-layered music. tracks in the new series of Strata. Each multi muses. track comes with 8 separate instrument tracks that can be independently controlled. Team of experts SmartSound carefully prepared each track to work with the possibilities of Sonicfire Pro, so that video editors mogdi quickly generate music that fills their scenes well.
Unpack and install. Register with the serial in serial.txt.
Download Here:
Password: ozmosis