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Sunday, 14 March 2010


[Image: hangdrums.jpg]

The Alien Drum (aka Hang Drum û trademarked by Pan Art) is a unique
tone based percussion instrument, which is almost impossible to come
by, since there is only one maker in the world and less than 1000
drums in circulation. The instrument has a soft, sorrowful,
melancholic tone to it and is a perfect companion for emotional or
ambient type of scores. The Tonehammer Alien Drum is unique in the
sense it was recorded at an average of 15 velocity layers and with 10
round-robin repetitions pr. layer/note, so you will never experience
any repetition in the articulation. We used custom microphone set-ups
to capture the delicate resonance both inside and outside the drum,
since the resonance defines the true sound of the drum. Additionally
we sampled multiple playing techniques with fingers, palm, slaps, hand
brushing and the back-side of the drum, which has the similar
properties to the Udu. Multiple versions of all multis allow for a
variety of ways to switch or fade between articulations while

Tonehammer Alien Drum Facts:
* Single finger tap on all 8 notes (including ding): 12 û 20
velocity layers, 10x round-robin
* Single finger mute on all 8 notes (including ding): 12 û 20
velocity layers, 10x round-robin
* Fingertip ping on all 8 notes (including ding): 12 û 20 velocity
layers, 10x round-robin
* Palm slap on all 8 notes (including ding): 12 û 20 velocity
layers, 10x round-robin
* Sound Hole thumps: 12 velocity layers each, 10x round-robin
* Sound Hole edge pings: 8 velocity layers each, 10x round-robin
* Hand Brushes included in finger tap patches: 3 styles, 5-9
velocity layers each, 10x round-robin
* Articulation switching multis (sustain pedal, cc22, midi channel
or modwheel fading/switching)
* All multis in standard 8 note and full-range chromatic tuning
* 1/4 sized Low-Memory versions of all multis (slightly fewer
velocity layers, 4x round-robin)
* 26 instrument patches, 4064 samples, 1.99 GB installed, 468 MB
.rar download
* Sample resolution: 44.1Khz/16Bit stereo .wav format
* Format(s): Kontakt 2 and .wav
* Note: Native Instruments Kontakt 2.2.4 / 3 full retail versions


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