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Thursday, 11 March 2010

Flux Spring Pack Bundle VST RTAS v1.0.4.14-AiR

Flux Spring Pack Bundle VST RTAS v1.0.4.14-AiR

Up to 8 channels, up to 384 KHz with 64 bit float processing
Solera implements 4 different detectors and envelop generators in parallel and simultaneously.
Compressor, de-compressor, expander and de-expander which can all be independently contolled. In addition, here are some of the key features that make our plug-in the best available for dynamic processing in the digital domain :
•An analog like metering. RMS values are more useful than dB-fs when setting a dynamic processor.
•The "Angel's Share" parameter takes into account the signal for intelligent relaxation of the compressor action.
•The "Hysteresis" parameter allows compressing and de-compressing, independently of the sound level and can be mixed with the standard compression scheme.
•The Auto Release features an unique algorithm that avoids typical pumping effect.
•A delay line can be inserted in the signal path to produce a null attack time.
.The A/B Compare and Morphing section enables ultra fast and precise operations.
•Dry Mix function to achieve the full control of the dynamic processing amount.
Pure Series takes up exclusive technologies of Solera and the bracket with specialized plug-ins featuring only one particular dynamic section. The Pure series includes a compressor, a de-compressor, an expander and, a de-expander.
Epure features for every section:
•Individual bypass.
•The filter type can be set to low cut, low shelving, peak, hi shelving, hi cut
•The gain be set from -24 dB to +24 dB
•The frequency range covers the whole bandwidth
•The Q factor can be adjusted from 0.1 to 1
Epure also features five unique functions to make equalization even more easy:
•Copy A and Copy B duplicate the twenty settings of a slot to the other in one click
•X2 and /2 affect the gain value for every equalizer section
•Invert turns the positive gain values to negative ones and vice versa

Epure includes internal Input /output routings. A channel group management allowing to set many channels or individual channel setting is also available from the new setup window. From this window, up to 4 MS encoders and up to 4 MS decoders can be engaged if required. Combined with our exclusive A /B morphing system, these functions enable a global and efficient control of the equalization curve in a second.

This is a release from 2007, but anyway, this bundle rocks. I didn't found them in the forum so i thought it was a nice share, they really have an amazing and crystal sound. Very usefull for mix & master.

Unfortunatly, AiR didn't include in this release the Pure Limiter that i used and recommend, but we can still hope that AiR releases the version 2 of this pack with all the new plugs some time near.


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