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Friday, 26 March 2010


"The complete plugins collection"

This bundle contains the complete Blue Cat Audio commercial plug-ins collection. Get them all in this single bundle and save money! You can download all the demo versions in a single package. It lets you try and buy all our commercial products at once.

* Blue Cat's Digital Peak Meter Pro

[Image: 85330819.png]

* Blue Cat's Dynamics
[Image: 97482171.png]

* Blue Cat's FreqAnalyst Multi
[Image: 48828961.png]

* Blue Cat's FreqAnalyst Pro
[Image: 87852968.png]

* Blue Cat's Liny EQ
[Image: 49505691.png]

* Blue Cat's Oscilloscope Multi
[Image: 49408832.png]

* Blue Cat's Parametr'EQ
[Image: 90753436.png]

* Blue Cat's Protector
[Image: 91787791.png]

* Blue Cat's Remote Control
[Image: 57316620.png]

* Blue Cat's Stereo Liny EQ
[Image: 77500821.png]

Quote:* Blue Cat's Stereo Parametr'EQ
[Image: 29541367.png]

* Blue Cat's Stereo Phaser
[Image: 45279949.png]

* Blue Cat's StereoScope Multi
[Image: 29798670.png]

* Blue Cat's StereoScope Pro
[Image: 13445358.png]

* Blue Cat's Stereo Triple EQ
[Image: 70995438.png]

* Blue Cat's Widening Liny EQ
[Image: 44272352.png]

* Blue Cat's Widening Parametr'EQ
[Image: 52796810.png]

* Blue Cat's Widening Triple EQ
[Image: 44665752.png]

* Blue Cat's Freeware Plugins Pack

2010/02/25 Maintenance release

We have just released new versions of our freeware and analysis plugins that fix several issues (mainly on Mac and Windows x64). For commercial plug-ins, it also improves the demo version and makes it more user-friendly. We recommend you to upgrade to these new versions. You can check the release logs for details.


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