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Wednesday, 10 February 2010


Vocodex is simply one of the best sounding vocoders on the market today.
Try the demo and hear why Vocodex is the last word in vocoding.

Vocodex - By your command!

What is Vocoding? You have heard vocoding many times, even if you donÆt
know what it is. Vocoders are the classic robot voice from many sci-fi
movies. Vocoders analyze the real-time frequency band activity of one
sound, the Modulator, to control frequency band activity in another, the
Carrier. A vocoder consists of a series of narrow-band frequency gates that
allow through only those frequencies from the Carrier that are detected in
the Modulator source. So if a human voice is used to vocode a synthesizer
chord, it will sound like the synthesizer is talking. Check the demo tracks


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