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Monday, 15 February 2010

Audiofile Engineering Sample Manager v3.2.0 MAC OSX UB

File Size: 14.8 MB
New Features in Sample Manager 3.2

Dramatic speed and performance improvements
Smoother and faster performance, new contextual menu items for more elegant workflows, support for the Digidesign 'regn' extension in WAVE and AIFF files, greatly improved manual activation process for computers that aren't online, support for various split file formats and more.
Process with Effect - support for both Audio Units and VSTs
VST FX Plug-ins You can now user your favorite VST effects to process files! We've re-tooled the old Process with Audio Unit action to support both Audio Units and VSTs, and now it's simply called Process with Effect.
Audio File First Aid
Have you ever discovered an audio file that doesn't load in your favorite DAW, or sampler? Or, perhaps after digging out your favorite recording from the archives you discover that something has gone wrong with the audio files themselves? Another industry first, Audio File First Aid will give you new insight into the structure of your files, giving you the power to diagnose and repair the most common causes of corrupt audio files. An industry first and built right in to Sample Manager 3.2
Calculate command
You can now use the Calculate command to analyze files at the sample level. Results include difference (phase correlation), clipped sample count, positive maximum, negative maximum, peak-to-peak, average, DC offset, crest factor and form factor. The sortable results are displayed in the Details pane.
User-customizable split-file naming support
Have a need to save split-files using a specific naming convention? Use our brand new Preferences pane to create your own customized Schemes for how split-files are named, from the most common to the most obscure. Then use the Convert Format action to implement the split-file naming scheme.
And That's Not All...
We've packed quite a few features into this release including better memory usage, support for metadata in FLAC exports, user preferences for converting ReCycle files to either Apple Loops or ACID files when added to the list, and more.
Sample Manager 3 Batch Audio Processor
Sample Manager is the quintessential batch audio file processor for Mac OS X. Designed in Cocoa from the ground up, Sample Manager proudly takes advantage of CoreAudio, Quartz, and other solid OS X features.
Sample Manager
Sample Manager is hands-down the most powerful and full-featured audio batch processor available today — sort files by any parameter, view detailed waveforms down to the sample, change file names, gain, fade, trim and process to your heart's content. There are over 50 process actions are available. You can chain your process actions together as Workflows, and with one click you can apply complex processes to as many audio files as you like.
Sample Manager goes beyond the call of duty by including unlimited undo, support for all known audio metadata, a hierarchical file listing with support for folders, custom groups, and even Smart Folders (which consistently search for audio files using Spotlight) and much more; all of this within an extremely well-designed and friendly interface.
Industry Best Sample Rate Conversion
No need to reinvent the wheel here. Rather than spend a lot of time and money developing our own sample rate conversion, time stretching and wordlength reduction technologies and passing those costs on to you, we decided to source the best DSP available — iZotope™.
Sample Manager incorporates iZotope's industry best 64-bit SRC™ and MBIT+™ dither. We also have incorporated iZotope's SonicFit™ time/pitch technology. This ensures that Wave Editor delivers the highest fidelity and the best value on the market.
System Requirements:

Mac computer with an 867 MHz or faster PowerPC G4 processor
(we recommend a PowerPC G5, Intel Core Duo, or Intel Xeon processor)
1 GB of RAM (we recommend 2 GB or more)
Display with 1024-by-768 resolution highly recommended
A hard disk with 1 GB or more free space (for temp files, application is 11 MB)
Mac OS X v10.4 (Tiger) or 10.5 (Leopard)
QuickTime 7.2 or later highly recommended
INSTALL NOTES Unpack, Install Enjoy Remember to BUY the stuff if you USE it
Download Here:
Password: ozmosis

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