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Monday, 1 February 2010


[Image: 2w5ilgl.jpg]

With twelve voices inspired by the famous X0X series of analog drum
machines and an internal sequencer that is second to none, Tattoo makes an
excellent addition to the arsenal for any electronic music producer.

Each of the twelve internal voices has been created using our proprietary
D-Plane synthesis, and each has been extensively tested and tuned in order
to have a broad palette. Every parameter of every voice has its own
modulation sequencer, allowing for extensive motion within a pattern.

The grid sequencer in Tattoo is a whole world unto itself, with
comprehensive randomization features and multiple sync modes, including a
MIDI note sync to enable use with virtually any time signature, groove
template, or host swing. The sequencer has MIDI out (VST only) to drive
other sound sources, to double or replace Tattoo's internal sounds.

In short, Tattoo is more than a simple drum synth; it is a complete rhythm
programming environment.

Tattoo Features: 12 Drum Synths: Tattoo comes equipped with twelve
different voices, utilizing our custom D-Plane synthesis, rather than the
one general catch-all voice you find in most drum synth plug-ins.

Sophisticated Step Sequencer: Tattoo's internal sequencer comes correct,
taking grid programming to the next level.

Randomization For Days: There are multiple routes to randomizing your
beats, from subtle ghost notes to full on haywire.

Parameter Sequencing: Every synth parameter (and we mean every one) has its
own sequencer, including randomization.

Synchronized: Tattoo can run off its internal sequencer, from host sync, or
via "note sync," where the sequencer can be stepped with MIDI notes. In
this way, Tattoo can run in any time signature you can come up with, or
sync to any groove template in any host sequencer.

MIDI Input: Tattoo's MIDI implementation includes full MIDI learn for all
parameters and MIDI pattern switching. You can also use MIDI note input in
addition to or instead of Tattoo's internal sequencer, and still have
access to the randomization features and MOD sequencing.

MIDI Output: Tattoo sends MIDI output of all its note events, including
randomization, so you can use its step sequencer to drive any other drum
synth or sampler (or any instrument, really) as long as your host allows
MIDI routing from a plug-in instrument.

Audio Outputs: Tattoo has six stereo outputs. The first buss has a modified
version of the Kombinat "One Knob Compressor" to add a little (or a lot of)
squish to things.



Anonymous said...

Keygen brings an error right after being opened.

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(This was listed in the zip for the mac version)