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Sunday, 24 January 2010


SI-1 is a spatial processor designed for stereo image balancing. It is very

simple to use but powerful. Infact it can change the proportion between

center and side information to widen (or narrow) the stereo image of

recordings without phase cancellation artifacts caused by delays and

frequency operations common in other stereo enhancers based on primitive


In stereo recordings of acoustic music, side information is often related

to ambience, while center information gives an idea of the distance between

the listener and the sound source. For example, with SI-1 it is possibile to

improve mono compatibility or attenuate the reverberation to focus on central

image by lowering the side control slider. On the opposite, to widen the

stereo image of a stereo recording, lower the center control slider.

SI-1 will be also useful to video makers that use a camcorder with a stereo

mic and need to reduce lateral noises and ambience, for example, to focus on

a dialog that is taking place in front of the camera.


* Center image control

* Side information control


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