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Sunday, 17 January 2010

Sony Sound Forge 10

[Image: Jpg.jpg]

I edited this whole posts and made it lovely and then before I put the image in, Firefox crashed and I lost everything. Not doing it again. Sorry. I'm pissed. I did save one thing in a txt file though:

What's new in version 10?

  • Event-based editing.
  • Disc-at-once CD burning.
  • Enhanced timestretch and pitch shifting with the élastique Timestretch plug-in.
  • Support for processing musical instrument files (.dls, .sf2, .gig).
  • The Global media cache setting on the Editing tab of the Preferences dialog allows you to reserve RAM for media recently read from or written to disk.
  • Metadata windows.
  • Floating window docks.
  • Enhanced window layout management — save, recall, and share custom window layouts.
  • Tabbed browsing for maximized data windows.
  • iZotope MBIT+ Dither bit-depth conversion and 64-Bit SRC sample rate conversion.
  • Resonant Filter plug-in.
  • Custom selection grid lines.
  • You can now set default fade types for effects on the Editing tab in the Preferences dialog.
  • Enhanced Broadcast Wave Format (.bwf) support.

One thing I will mention is the new event editng. Pretty cool feature. Check it out.

Tested and working. Have either the package or just the keygen and you can grab the demo from Sony's site and Patch and Register.

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Anonymous said...

NFO is non exsistant?

Would be helpful

Anonymous said...

man, what is wron i am doing? i downlaoded .txt file and downloaded the keygen. i have downloaded s.s.f 10 pro from another site. after installation, when ever i try to provide activation code, it says the number u have entered is invalid. Please help me out. my email address is

Unknown said...

Dowloaded the audiopiate versions, but it happens the same... the authorization code is invalid...
any help ??
thanks !