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Sunday, 17 January 2010

Samplitude is purely native PC software and therefore independent of proprietary audio hardware. Basically, that means the program works just as well on a laptop as on an audio workstation with dozens of inputs and outputs.

Even the standard version offers you everything you need for your productions: Up to 128 tracks and 64 busses at a sample rate of up to 384 kHz.

Samplitude provides all of the freedom you need to choose your own system. MME, ASIO*, and WDM support all important driver models.

Workflow improvements
The new version 11 also features improvements to workflow and operation suggested by users to make Samplitude even more intuitive and easier to customize.


Manager, visualization, audio quantization, icon bars, and the time display window may now be coupled/docked with different areas of the project interface, or freely arranged on the screen.

Track colors

Tracks may be colored directly via the track header. These colors are then displayed in the mixer for faster orientation within the project .

New skins & GUI adjustments

The version of Samplitude also features and improved interface with two new skins. The darker "Camo" skin and the brighter "Canis" skin are perfect for customizing the program's appearance.

The Hybrid Audio Engine includes a combination of a Low Latency and High Latency Engine.

The Low Latency Engine reduces response times when calculating track effects and enables Live Monitoring at lower latencies.
The integrated High Latency Engine, on the other hand, brings about more effective system utilization, which allows for the integration of sophisticated object effects, object auxiliaries & surround functions.

The Hybrid Audio Engine is based on the ASIO driver system and, thanks to its low input/output delay at the same performance levels, optimizes the system especially when working with software instruments and other plug-ins.

The combination of the two operating styles (with latency compensation of course) is also possible. This makes the software perfectly suitable for current requirements of the production process.

Object-oriented editing
As well as the classic track-related editing options, Samplitude also provides object-level editing. This provides new opportunities for mixing and sound design.

The audio material may be split into any number of objects and moved on the track freely. Every object can be edited with fades and effects, e.g. equalizer, timestretching, pitchshifting, or VST plug-ins. Even aux sends are possible at object level. This means that the aux send is only active for this object, making complicated automation unnecessary. The object editor offers real-time access to an object's settings.

All settings at the object level are calculated in real-time during playback; no new files are written to the hard drive. This saves space on the hard drive and allows settings to be changed again at any time.

For example, you may discover that individual words from a vocal track require a pitch adjustment, so you could split each word, even every syllable into a single object.

Each of these individual objects may be corrected with the real-time pitch correction function or edited in terms of volume and panorama or with fades and crossfades. Every object even features a complete range of effects and inserts for DirectX and VST plug-ins.


essentialFX provides a complete suite of new, alternative basic effects for dynamics, modulation, and other frequently used sound processes on a single screen. A lot of attention has been paid to modern design, effective display of the individual parameters, and as such to the simplicity of overall operation. This appearance of "understatement" conceals high-quality algorithms developed for daily work in the studio.


"sMax11" is a new limiter/maximizer that provides must-have services for mastering tasks. Basically, the function is a hard/brick wall limiter with input amplification.

Specification of input amplification allows the loudness of the audio signal to be increased easily. At the same time, the sMax11 ensures that the signal does not exceed the flexibly set output level.

The control at the basis of the modification may also be configured by setting the release time and a specific mode like "Hard Clipper", "Aggressive", or "Balanced".


The "EQ116" in Samplitude 11 provides a 6-band equalizer that works with either oversampling or phase-linear algorithms.
Filters on up to six freely selectable frequency bands may be activated to adjust the sound of the sample or of an object.

This also enables broadband elevations in high and bass values as well as narrowband corrections to the frequency response to be carried out.
Three different filter setups may also be selected to make settings directly during monitoring, without loading or saving complete presets.

New VST instruments

Do you like experimenting with sounds? Revolta 2 is your sound laboratory! This high-performance analog synthesizer makes everything possible, from grainy bass lines to lead sounds and complex sound patterns! Underscore your personal musical style with sound developments that have never been heard before. Thanks to the video tutorials included, you can get started right away even without any prior skill.

Polish your beats however you like. The new version of the popular BeatBox features revised and improved features to make it a flagship drum computer. Besides the completely new sound engine, even more drum kits, innumerable options for sound formation, and high-quality effects, the plus version of BeatBox 2 has even more to offer: bonus drum kits, full automation of all parameters for exciting sound envelopes, and an integrated effects section!

In addition to Revolta 2, the virtual analog synthesizer, and BeatBox 2, Vita provides a complete array of sample-based instruments at your service. The tools found in Vital Instruments offer various sound tests and playing methods for e-piano, acoustic guitar, bass as well as brass and string instruments.

Groove Extraction

This function expands the standard quantization options by enabling rhythm and phasing to be extracted from recordings and loops.

These groove templates with the pattern of peaks and transients bring other recordings into swing and can also solve timing problems creatively and appropriately to the arrangement.

OMF / AAF Support (Optional)

Exporting between various interfaces can cost lots of time and nerves.

Samplitude Pro now offers optional OMF/AAF support to simplify exchange of data between programs and platforms.
Together with the EDL export for Video Pro X and compatibility to other products from the Samplitude/Sequoia family, Samplitude can be seamlessly integrated into almost every form of digital audio editing, without slowing down the work flow.

Cleaning & Restoration Suite (optional)

The Cleaning & Restoration Suite offers youan entire series of cleaning effects as well as real-time effects and offline effects.

Declicker / Decrackler

The De-clicker removes crackling and clicking noises, which are typical on scratched records, and which was also developed especially for louder individual clicking sounds.

The De-crackler, on the other hand, may be used to apply consistent correction of popping noises.


De-clipper is useful for correcting overmodulation. the audio material is used as the basis for applying interpolation to the location where the overmodulation, or "clipping", takes place.

The De-clipping algorithm is suitable for audio material with clearly audible overmodulation, e.g. distorted piano or vocals.


Free wave projects/objects of unwanted noise without any noticeable reduction in the quality of the source material. The algorithm carries out a pure noise test. This is especially useful for consistent, continuous noise like power humming or ventilation noise, or even feedback.

Brilliance enhancer

Use this tool to compensate losses in high frequency ranges, which occur during MP3 compensation or tape recordings.
In contrast to an equalizer, which only raises existing frequencies, the brilliance enhancer recalculates new overtones from the remaining signal and markedly refreshes the sound.
The brilliance enhancer is also available in the mastering area for increasing the transparency and brilliance of the sound

An outstanding strength of Samplitude and Sequoia the absolute sound neutrality featured. Highly developed digital algorithms, absolute phase stability, and continuous application of floating point calculations ensure that the sound maintains its special nuances during even the most intense digital processing. This results in transparency, neutrality, maintenance of transients, and space. Different audio formats from 16-bit to 32-bit floating point and sample rates up to 384 kHz are possible in the same arrangement.

Up to 999 tracks (Samplitude Pro and Sequoia) or 128 tracks (Samplitude) are possible in a single project. The maximum number of physical in and outputs is 256. This makes even the biggest and most demanding projects a snap to manage

System requirements
Intel® Pentium® 4 oder AMD Athlon™ 1,5 GHz and higher
Windows XP / Windows Vista / (Windows 7 compatible)
512 MB RAM for Windows XP
1 GB RAM for Windows Vista (32-bit)

2 GB RAM for Windows Vista (64-bit)
500 MB hard disk space for minimum installation (full installation requires 5,5 GB free hard disk space)
DVD drive for program installation
Graphics card with a screen resolution of at least 1024 x 768
ASIO and / or WDM compatible sound card

Note: Sampltiude & Sequoia are compatible with Windows 7.

Burn CD/DVDs with CD/DVD Recorder

Thanks to Union for this fine release: The nfo indicates the installer had to be stripped. Here's what Vej found to be stripped from it: "AutoJamTemplates, FxPresetRoomSim, MxSynthVita1, MxSynthVita2, ObjectSynth, SoundLoops ". I've installed it but have barely had time to use it. The install took a bit of time, it did install quite a bit. I doubt if much of what is missing is relevant. Btw: you can change the menu icons.

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