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Sunday, 10 January 2010

FXPansion BFD v2.1.0.47 VSTi RTAS AU MAC OSX UB

File Size: 37 MB
BFD2, an acoustic drum production environment for your computer with unprecedented power and flexibility. Extreme realism and sound quality, fast and easy set up, total plug-in integration to your digital audio workstation.
Customized 10, 18 or 32 piece kits are at your fingertips, with full control over tuning, damping, ambience levels, velocity response and more. Layer parts of the kit for powerful hybrid sounds perfect for modern productions and flick through preset kit-piece profiles for quick access to dry, damped and other useful settings. BFD2 lets you configure your sounds like a real drum kit instead of pushing buttons on a sampler.
You can even import your own stereo sample-sets with multiple velocity layers so you can mix and layer your own sounds with BFD2's for experimental kits and 'drum-replacement' production tricks.
* Totally redesigned intuitive interface
* Quick and easy configuration
* Improved kit and preset management
* Reworked engine resulting in better performance and startup speed
* User import of stereo multi-velocity layer samples
* Built-in studio-grade mixing, routing, EQ, dynamics and effects processing
* Diverse range of mix and kit presets tweaked for you by experienced engineers
* Route audio from 8 stereo and 16 mono outputs into VST, RTAS and AU hosts
* Advanced Groove authoring, editing and performance environment for realistic drum parts
* Over 5000 Grooves: a huge library of instant drum patterns covering many styles
* Synced Groove previews
* Comprehensive keymapping and automation support
* Easy setup for electronic drum trigger systems, including support for snare positional sensing
* Built-in multi-channel audio export
* A massive range of other new features and workflow enhancements improve on FXpansion's best-selling BFD software to make BFD2 the most advanced acoustic drum workstation yet
Recommended for best results
* 2 GB of RAM or more
* Fast, multi-core modern Intel or AMD CPU
* Dedicated hard drive
* VST, RTAS or AU compatible plugin host
* Low latency audio interface
v2.1.0.47 Changes:
Refer to bfd21_whatsnew.pdf
Install Notes:
Unpack, install
Thanks to Team DYNAMiCS
Download Here:
Password: ozmosis


attack filters said...

Hi guys

Thank you for this nice soft but I can't find the data Patch ...
impossible to load the sound bank it include with the soft ???
thank you for your reply
bye bye

Anonymous said...

Me too.

Anonymous said...

I've had this also, and also with previous FXPansion BFD releases. Please advise... Thanks!!

Anonymous said...

Same here. Help please!!!

Anonymous said...

Me too. It's such a great program, but where are the sounds ? ?

orangeMVK said...

help me!!

orangeMVK said...

help me