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Sunday, 24 January 2010


"Digital recording and mixing isn't "like" math... it is math!"

Digital recording and mixing is math.

24 bit has 144db dynamic range (24 x 6 = 144) (6db = 1 bit)
16 bit has 96db dynamic range (16 x 6 = 96)

Non-Linear Sample Remapping Technology

So, I developed a non-linear algorithm that "maps" peaks back into the

upper digital range from -6db to 0db. It does this while preserving the

frequency content, and without any pumping or noticeable artifacts. Others

claim their limiters are transparent, but LimitX^(TM) actually is


LimitX^(TM) works so well, that I have been using it for years now. And I

have been continually refining it to the point that this new enhanced version

is now available.


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