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Sunday, 24 January 2010


What is BoostX^(TM)?

BoostX^(TM) is a completely transparent upward-compressor, also known as

parallel compression, based on the Non-Linear Sample Remapping technology

developed for LimitX^(TM).

As a bonus, BoostX^(TM) also provides limiting!

What is Upward Compression? While traditional (downward) compressors

reduce the volume of levels over a certain threshold, Upward Compressors

increase low levels while not increasing the high levels. The simplest way

to think of it is that downward compressors push down on the signal from

above. Upward compressors push the signal up from below, so the softer parts

get louder without affecting the loud parts. To most people's ears, this

sounds much more natural than downward compression.

BoostX^(TM) Non-Linear Sample Remapping Technology

Building on the non-linear algorithm developed for LimitX^(TM), I was able

to allow upward boost of 0db to 9.5db while keeping control of the top end.

It does this while preserving the frequency content, and without any pumping

or noticeable artifacts. Others claim their plugins are transparent, but

BoostX^(TM) actually is transparent!

Like LimitX^(TM), BoostX^(TM) works so well, that I have been using it for

some time now. And I have been continually refining it to the point that that

this new enhanced version is now available.


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