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Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Acon DigitalMedia Time/Necessities

[Image: acon.jpg]

All Plug-Ins

■Accessible from DirectX compatible host applications
■Supports multichannel formats up to 8 channels, including 5.1 and 7.1 surround formats
■Supports 8, 16, 24 and 32 bit sample format
■Supports IEEE 32 bit floating point
■All internal processing in 32 bit floating point


■Time scale modifications in the range from 50% to 300% of the original duration
■Unsurpassed audio quality regardless of input material
■Maintains the original phase coherency in stereo or multichannel recordings


■Pitch shifting in the range from one octave down to one octave up
■Optional preservation of original tempo
■Optional preservation of timbre
■Unsurpassed audio quality regardless of input material
■Resampling using sinc interpolation table for superb quality without aliasing artifacts



■Six band full parametric equalizer
■Accurate visualization of frequency response
■Filter Types:
◦Peak filter
◦Low shelving filter
◦High shelving filter
◦Low pass filter
◦High pass filter
◦Notch filter


■High quality simulation of natural rooms
■Smooth reverberation decay without coloration
■Adjustable input low and high shelf filter gain and cut-off frequencies with visualization of the frequency respons
■Adjustable parameters:
◦Reverberation time
◦Input high and low shelving filter cut-off frequencies
◦Room size
◦High frequency damping
◦Dry, early reflections and reverb level


■High quality brick wall limiter

■Adjustable limiter threshold and output gain


■Versatile dynamic processor

■Arbritrary level-mapping curve

■Soft-kneeing independently adjustable for each point in the level-mapping curve

■Numerical entries for the points in the level-mapping curve


■Three different effects in one:




■Four different modulator functions:






■Multi-tap delay with up to eight taps

■Supports delays up to 5 seconds

■Visualization of the echogram

■Delay time, feedback, gain and low pass filtering independently adjustable

■Tempo synchronized mode with delay given in beats

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