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Independent Music Network

Independent Music Network
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Thursday, 30 December 2010


Native Instruments has introduced The Mouth, a new Reaktor effect that can create melodies and sounds based on an audio signal:

Sing, beatbox or send a drum loop into it and The Mouth comes to life as a tweakable synthesizer, bass, vocoder or talkbox-like effect. A playful interface provides you with plenty of room to shape your results as you go.

118 synthesizer & multi effects.
4 generators: Input (with a choice of the raw input audio, or a ‘tuned’ version), Synth, Bass and Vocoder.
Each generator comes with numerous different sounds easily selectable via a preset matrix in the interface.
5 faders in a simple mixer section, which also includes a master FX section for coloring the final mix.
8 Performance Control knobs alter both sound and amplitude envelopes at once, for easily shaping the character of the sound, and adding additional harmonies.
‘Beats Mode’ will process incoming drum patterns into interesting arpeggiated melodies.

Native.Instruments.The.Mouth.v1.0.for.Reaktor-ASSiGN.rar (6.7 MB)



LinPlug.Albino.VSTi.v3.1.1.Incl.Keygen-AiR.rar (10.2 MB)


Focussed on the essential modules of an analogue synthesizer Alpha 3 offers true hands on operation. Everything is where you would expect it, nothing is more complex as it needs to be. Nothing is less powerfull as it needs to be. Alpha 3 is the sum of all our experience in synthesizer manufacturing.

Just when you get tired about the many over-complex synthesizers of today, when you want to return to the roots, the beginning of all synthetic sound, the times when a Synthesizer could be fully programmed, then the Alpha 3 is the right synthesizer for you. Get the synth that you can control. Completely.

AU and VST plug-in instrument for Mac and PC
2 Oscillators with numerous waveforms
PWM (symmetry of all waveforms modulatable)
Switchable freerun for both oscillators
Extended Ringmodulation (modulatable Off-AM-RM)
Noise Oscillator
Spread (5 detuned oscillators per voice, adjustable)
Rich sounding multimode filter with saturation
dedicated filter ADSFR envelope
Amplifier section with dedicated ADSFR envelope
7 slot Modulation Matrix, 19 sources, 18 destinations

3 individual LFOs with tweakable attack time, speed (syncable), multiple shapes, switchable freerun
Portamento / Glide with various modes
adjustable Chorus, no other effects (intentionally)
Adjustable analogness
Global tuning and Microtonal support
Powerfull ECS (MIDI learn for almost all Controllers)
sample accurate processing, total recall
all controls automatable
direct access to all banks and presets
32 voice polyphonic (adjustable), true mono mode

Alpha 3 allows Frequency Modulation of the Filters Cutoff, a feature only found in very few Synthesizers. The source of the Filter FM can be any oscillator, even noise. Together with the Ring Modulator which can be gradually morphed from pure Oscillator 2 over Amplitude-Modulation to Ringmodulation this is a guarantee for some of very finest and most exotic sounds a classic subtractive synth can produce.

Alpha 3 has two oscillators with each producing a continuously adjustable mix of 2 from 30 waveforms. Taking into account that both basic waveform can have a different pitch already allows for thousands of resulting waveforms. But don’t worry, our concept of handling is dead easy, pick the waveforms and adjust the mix. Done.

LinPlug.Alpha.VSTi.v3.1.2.Incl.Keygen-AiR.rar (2.3 MB)


Additive synthesizer, able to import WAV and bitmap files into two morphable layers, each with up to 256 oscillators.

DiscoDSP.Vertigo.VSTi.v2.6-AiR.rar (131.1 MB)

Sunday, 26 December 2010




From the Artist fender...

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Keyboard Magazine - January 2011

True PDF | 76 pages | English | 22.98 MB

Keyboard Magazine is a magazine that originally covered electronic keyboard instruments and keyboardists, though with the advent of computer based recording and audio technology, they have added digital music technology to their regular coverage, including those not strictly pertaining to the keyboard related instruments.

Download Here:
Password: ozmosis

Computer Music Special - January 2011

English | 100 pages | PDF | 24.7 Mb

Computer Music Special - January 2011 "REASON - The Expert Guide"
Download Here:

Logic Pro 9 Power!: The Comprehensive Guide

Publisher: Course Technology PTR | 2010 |ISBN: 1435456122 | PDF | 689 Pages | 17.7 MB

LOGIC PRO 9 POWER! provides a complete introduction and reference for Logic Pro that covers the things that you are most likely to run into while using Logic to make music, using simple, thorough, and complete explanations. The book also explores why Logic works the way it does, so you'll not only learn the mechanics of how to do something, but you'll really understand what you are doing so that when you're ready to explore on your own, you'll be fully prepared and successful.
Download Here:
Password: ozmosis

Computer Music - January 2011 UK

PDF | 132 Pages | English | 54.7 Mb

Computer Music's goal is to help its readers create great music with a PC or Mac. Each month find easy-to-follow tutorials for all sorts of music software, unbiased reviews of the latest products and answers to technical questions.
Download Here:
Password: ozmosis

EQ Magazine - January 2011

True PDF | 70 pages | English | 32.66 MB

EQ Magazine is the definitive source for audio and home recording studioequipment and software.
Download Here:
Password: ozmosis

Guitar & Bass - January 2010 (UK)

English | PDF | 148 Pages | 55 MB
Download Here:
Password: ozmosis

Soundminer Ripper v4.0.19 MacOSX [UB]

File Size: 167.8 MB

Soundminer Ripper contains a large metabase of the most popular SFX libraries complete with advanced metadata and artwork. It makes quick work of converting Audio CDs to enriched broadcast wave or aiff files with all the metadata and artwork embedded.

Soundminer Ripper v4 is the ultimate CD digitzing tool for professional sound effect libraries. Ripper v4 extracts out both track and index, pre-builds the audio waveform and injects all the manufacturer enriched metadata from the Soundminer metabase into the resulting files. Make light work of preparing your sound effect CD libraries by digitizing with Ripper. Over 200 sound effect libraries are supported and the major content creators like Sound Ideas and Hollywood Edge now ship their own new libraries pre-ripped by our tools on their DVDs!! Just pick your library, CD, the desired format and naming convention and gp.....
What about Music libraries? No need to rip these as Production Music libraries are moving towards digital delivery using our toolset, so an investment in Soundminer remains sound and future proof. Just contact your production music representative and ask for a hard drive or DVD or their enriched audio files. Get yourself organized and save yourself time and money.
Ripper v4 requires Apple Macintosh operating system 10.4.x or higher.
Download Here:
deposit files
Password: ozmosis

Propellerheads Refill Packer v4.1.1 PC/Mac OSX

TEAM AiR & ArCADE | 12/2010 | 6.6MB
ReFill Packer is a utility program that lets you create your own ReFill sound libraries for use in Reason. ReFills can contain samples, loops and all of Reason's patch and song file formats.
Release Info:
DATE ......: 12/2010
Download Here:
Password: ozmosis

Audio Mulch v2.1.1 Mac OSX INTEL

File Size: 26.8 MB [k] by NOY
AudioMulch is software for live performance, audio processing, sound synthesis and music composition. AudioMulch has been designed to be adaptable. For some, AudioMulch is a unique and powerful tool that performs tasks that you can't quite do as easily with other audio software. For others, AudioMulch is their all-in-one environment for composing, performing and producing music. Other ways people use AudioMulch include:
* As a sound mangling tool. Creative audio processing using granulators, shifters & shapers, delays and filters.
* As a multi-track recorder. Record the stems of your improvisations and performances for remixing later in the studio
* Composers and sound designers create sound textures in AudioMulch to use as source material for their work in multi-track editors
* Keyboardists use AudioMulch to host their software instrument plug-ins (VSTis) and effects
System Requirements
Macintosh OS X
* Intel processors only
* OSX 10.4 (Tiger), OSX 10.5 (Leopard), and OSX 10.6 (Snow Leopard)
Download Here:
Password: ozmosis

Studio Devil Virtual Bass Amp Pro VST, AU Mac OSX UB

Bass Amp Modeling Plug-In and Effects for Mac
File Size: 11.9 MB [k] by TEAM AIR

* 2 Discrete Channels each with independent compressor, gain, tone, and limiter controls modeled using Studio Devil’s patented digital vacuum tube modeling technology!
* A/B Switch and MIX Control to switch between channels or blend both channels together!
* Bi-Amp Mode with tunable crossover lets you send lows to one channel, highs to the other, and then process and mix them independently!
* Tube Preamp Controls: Dual tube preamps with Gain, Boost, Bass, Tunable Mids, and Treble controls that interact with your tone just like on real tube amps!
* Power Amp Limiters: Dual power amp limiters with Drive and Variable Clipping controls!
* Channel B Phase Switch lets you add or subtract harmonics and tone from your mix!
* 5 Cabinet Emulation Modes: 8x10, 4x10, 1x15, DI Emulator, and Bypass Modes featuring cabinet models from the Red Wire Impulses® collection!
* 12-Band Graphic EQ for precision tone sculpting!
* 2 Studio Quality Effects: Custom Bass Chorus and World-Class Reverb!
* Built-In Chromatic Tuner to stay in tune.
* Master Volume control.
* Import and Export Presets and Banks via XML files to share your tones with everyone via the Internet, email, and blogs!
Download Here:
Password: ozmosis

Spectrasonics Omnisphere Patch Library 1.3.1 Update

File Size: 31.5. MB Expands to 170.8 MB

Note: This is the Mac and PC patches updates only
Omnisphere Patch Library 1.3.1 Update
Installs the following:
• 121 New Omnisphere patches!
(v1.3 Factory library = 7,234 total sounds)
• 8 New Latch Mode Example Multis
• Updated "Taste of Omnisphere" demo library
• Revised 1.3 edition of Omnisphere Reference Guide
• FIX: Moved "Electrophonik" to VIP Library
• New Default patch image for Atmosphere Library
• New Default patch images to Human Voices
• Various fixes and enhancements
Omnisphere software version 1.3.0 or higher is REQUIRED to use this Patch Library or the patches will not sound correct.

Download Here:

Sunday, 19 December 2010



The Final Go-To EQ.
EQuality has been designed to be the perfect EQ to let your mixdowns shine. Something for every track of your session. For it to sound at least as good as any high-end console or rack gear, and with all the features and functionality that digital brings.

This is the best mix EQ ever built - test the claim.

DMG.Audio.EQuality.VST.VST3.RTAS.v1.10.x86.PROPER-ASSiGN.rar (5 MB)


The QUODfm is a VSTi, a softwaresyntheziser for windows based on FM synthesis, with some new concepts for song developing and live use

Eska.QUODfm.VSTi.v1.511-ASSiGN.rar (7.7 MB)


The Beat Thang is unique in many ways but very simple for you to understand. When it comes to hip hop beat production, we guarantee you the Beat Thang beat machine software to be the easiest hip hop beat maker software on the market. The days of paying $2000 - $4000 on a quality beat machine are over! You are about to be surprised at what you get with the New Beat Thang Virtual and what it can do for YOU!

BeatKangz.Virtual.Beat.Thang.Pro.VSTi.v2.0.1-AiR.part1.rar (200 MB)

BeatKangz.Virtual.Beat.Thang.Pro.VSTi.v2.0.1-AiR.part2.rar (200 MB)

BeatKangz.Virtual.Beat.Thang.Pro.VSTi.v2.0.1-AiR.part3.rar (118.7 MB)



ChordPulse is a handy virtual backing band for music practice,
inspiration, improvisation, and pure fun with music. Play and sing
along with ChordPulse. Use it as a full accompaniment, a drum
machine with bass, a metronome with chords, and more.

Enjoy your practice
Improve as an instrument player or singer while having fun.
Choose a simple chord progression, click a music style, and just
start playing. ChordPulse motivates anybody to practice more.

Be inspired
Experiment with musical ideas quickly and easily. Click to turn a
pop song to reggae, a rock ballad to swing, change chords,
tempo, and song key in no time.

Test your fantasy by playing along with different music styles and
chord progressions. Use ChordPulse as a configurable background.

Relax & have fun
Play or sing along for your own enjoyment. Relax with a delicate
ballad, recharge with some blues, or raise your pulse with rock & roll.

Micronissimo.ChordPulse.v1.509.Incl.Keygen-AiR.rar (3.2 MB)

Friday, 17 December 2010

Thursday, 16 December 2010

01 A Little Closer

A smooth song added by FMLFML.
sign up for Raidio its free



Cakewalk.SONAR.X1.Producer.x86.x64-ASSiGN.part01.rar (200 MB)


Cakewalk.SONAR.X1.Producer.x86.x64-ASSiGN.part02.rar (200 MB)


Cakewalk.SONAR.X1.Producer.x86.x64-ASSiGN.part03.rar (200 MB)


Cakewalk.SONAR.X1.Producer.x86.x64-ASSiGN.part04.rar (200 MB)


Cakewalk.SONAR.X1.Producer.x86.x64-ASSiGN.part05.rar (200 MB)


Cakewalk.SONAR.X1.Producer.x86.x64-ASSiGN.part06.rar (200 MB)


Cakewalk.SONAR.X1.Producer.x86.x64-ASSiGN.part07.rar (200 MB)


Cakewalk.SONAR.X1.Producer.x86.x64-ASSiGN.part08.rar (200 MB)


Cakewalk.SONAR.X1.Producer.x86.x64-ASSiGN.part09.rar (200 MB)


Cakewalk.SONAR.X1.Producer.x86.x64-ASSiGN.part10.rar (200 MB)


Cakewalk.SONAR.X1.Producer.x86.x64-ASSiGN.part11.rar (200 MB)


Cakewalk.SONAR.X1.Producer.x86.x64-ASSiGN.part12.rar (200 MB)


Cakewalk.SONAR.X1.Producer.x86.x64-ASSiGN.part13.rar (200 MB)


Cakewalk.SONAR.X1.Producer.x86.x64-ASSiGN.part14.rar (200 MB)


Cakewalk.SONAR.X1.Producer.x86.x64-ASSiGN.part15.rar (200 MB)


Cakewalk.SONAR.X1.Producer.x86.x64-ASSiGN.part16.rar (200 MB)


Cakewalk.SONAR.X1.Producer.x86.x64-ASSiGN.part17.rar (200 MB)


Cakewalk.SONAR.X1.Producer.x86.x64-ASSiGN.part18.rar (200 MB)


Cakewalk.SONAR.X1.Producer.x86.x64-ASSiGN.part19.rar (200 MB)

Cakewalk.SONAR.X1.Producer.x86.x64-ASSiGN.part20.rar (200 MB)


Cakewalk.SONAR.X1.Producer.x86.x64-ASSiGN.part21.rar (200 MB)


Cakewalk.SONAR.X1.Producer.x86.x64-ASSiGN.part22.rar (200 MB)


Cakewalk.SONAR.X1.Producer.x86.x64-ASSiGN.part23.rar (200 MB)


Cakewalk.SONAR.X1.Producer.x86.x64-ASSiGN.part24.rar (200 MB)

Cakewalk.SONAR.X1.Producer.x86.x64-ASSiGN.part25.rar (200 MB)

Cakewalk.SONAR.X1.Producer.x86.x64-ASSiGN.part26.rar (200 MB)

Cakewalk.SONAR.X1.Producer.x86.x64-ASSiGN.part27.rar (200 MB)

Cakewalk.SONAR.X1.Producer.x86.x64-ASSiGN.part28.rar (199.6 MB)

Tuesday, 14 December 2010



Minimal.System.Instruments.SSi.Pro.Expander&Gate.VST.v1.0-ST3RE0.rar (3.2 MB)


Friday, 10 December 2010

Dump of things

Dump of things I had no time to post...
all good :)

DMS - NI Massive Heavy Bass Soundset.rar (107 KB)

Image-Line.Pitcher.RC1.VST.v0.0.1.3-ASSiGN.rar (4.8 MB)

Loopmasters.Atjazz.Deep.and.Analogue.LiVE-DYNAMiCS.part1.rar (200 MB)

Loopmasters.Atjazz.Deep.and.Analogue.LiVE-DYNAMiCS.part2.rar (100 MB)

Loopmasters.BOP.Minimal.Drum.n.Bass.MULTiFORMAT-DYNAMiCS.part1.rar (200 MB)

Loopmasters.BOP.Minimal.Drum.n.Bass.MULTiFORMAT-DYNAMiCS.part2.rar (200 MB)

Loopmasters.BOP.Minimal.Drum.n.Bass.MULTiFORMAT-DYNAMiCS.part3.rar (168.4 MB)

Loopmasters.DJ.Pierre.Afro.Acid.House.MULTiFORMAT-DYNAMiCS.rar (200 MB)

Loopmasters.DJ.Pierre.Afro.Acid.House.MULTiFORMAT-DYNAMiCS.part1.rar (200 MB)

Loopmasters.DJ.Pierre.Afro.Acid.House.MULTiFORMAT-DYNAMiCS.part2.rar (200 MB)

Loopmasters.DJ.Pierre.Afro.Acid.House.MULTiFORMAT-DYNAMiCS.part3.rar (48.1 MB)

Prosonic.Studios.Chord.Progressions.4-Voices.Common.Time.Signatures.MIDI-SoSISO.rar (109.7 MB)

Prosonic.Studios.Chord.Progressions.4-Voices.Complex.Time.Signatures.MIDI-SoSISO.rar (85.5 MB)

SmartMedia.Systems.Power.Audio.Editor.v7.4.3.238-Lz0.rar (9.8 MB)

soadbyob_multitrack.rar (154.6 MB)

ToonTrack.EZ.Player.PRO.VSTi.AU.RTAS.v1.0.7.MAC.OSX.UB-ArCADE.rar (5.8 MB)

ToonTrack.EZ.Player.PRO.VSTi.RTAS.v1.0.7.x86.x64.Incl.Keygen-AiR.rar (14.2 MB)

Audio.Editor.Master.v5.4.1.226.WinAll-LAXiTY.rar (13.3 MB)

Funkmaster.part1.rar (200 MB)

Funkmaster.part2.rar (45 MB)

Thursday, 2 December 2010



Bela.D.Media.Vocal.Tools.Native.Voice.KONTAKT-DYNAMiCS.part1.rar (200 MB)


Bela.D.Media.Vocal.Tools.Native.Voice.KONTAKT-DYNAMiCS.part2.rar (133.7 MB)



Ableton Suite is a complete software studio. Suite 8 gives you all of the features in Live 8 plus SOUND, with a radically new Library packed with beautiful new sounds and a wealth of useful resources. Suite 8 contains 11 Ableton instruments and effects including synths, a sampler, electric and acoustic drums, mallets, numerous sampled instruments, the new, reworked Operator and amp modeling effects. Two completely new instruments, Collision and Latin Percussion, round off the set. Ableton Suite 8 is a complete package: the tools AND the sounds

Ableton.Suite.v8.2-AiRISO.part01.rar (200 MB)


Ableton.Suite.v8.2-AiRISO.part02.rar (200 MB)


Ableton.Suite.v8.2-AiRISO.part03.rar (200 MB)


Ableton.Suite.v8.2-AiRISO.part04.rar (200 MB)


Ableton.Suite.v8.2-AiRISO.part05.rar (200 MB)


Ableton.Suite.v8.2-AiRISO.part06.rar (200 MB)

Ableton.Suite.v8.2-AiRISO.part07.rar (200 MB)


Ableton.Suite.v8.2-AiRISO.part08.rar (200 MB)

Ableton.Suite.v8.2-AiRISO.part09.rar (79.7 MB)




to busy for proper post..

Blue.Cat.Audio.Blue.Cats.All.Plug-ins.Pack.DX.VST.RTAS.11.2010.x86-ASSiGN.rar (92.8 MB)




LinPlug.Albino.VSTi.v3.1.1.Incl.Keygen-AiR.rar (10.2 MB)


Friday, 26 November 2010

Mix Magazine December, 2010

Format: PDF | File Size: 30MB
Distributed in 94 countries, Mix is the world's leading magazine for the professional recording and sound production technology industry. Mix covers a wide range of topics including: recording, live sound and production, broadcast production, audio for film and video, and music technology.
Your December issue of Mix magazine is here!
Inside you'll find:
Mastering: The Finishing Touch – Top engineers on mastering today.
Music News:
Bruce Springsteen – Revisiting ‘Darkness’, keeping his promise to fans.
Maroon 5 – Five-piece adds live edge to shows.
Product hits of AES 2010
Much more can be found in the table of contents!
Spend some time with your new issue of Mix!
Download Here:
Password: ozmosis

Keyboard Magazine - December 2010

PDF Format | 78 pages | English | 20.1 MB

Keyboard Magazine is a magazine that originally covered electronic keyboard instruments and keyboardists, though with the advent of computer based recording and audio technology, they have added digital music technology to their regular coverage, including those not strictly pertaining to the keyboard related instruments.
Download Here:
Password: ozmosis

Korg Legacy + Korg Digital updates Nov 2010 + Keygens

File Size: 137MB
Each software title within the KORG Legacy Collection series has been updated to improve performance and stability.
- MS-20 v1.2.4
- Polysix v1.2.4
- Mono/Poly v1.0.3
- LegacyCell v1.2.3
- M1 v1.6.3
- MDE-X v1.2.8
Starting on November 17th 2010, the components of all KORG Legacy Collections series will now be offered for sale as individual virtual instruments including: "MS-20", "Polysix", "Mono/Poly", "M1", "WAVESTATION", "MDE-X". Also available is the new "KORG Legacy Collection - Special Bundle", which is the complete bundle of all of the Korg Legacy Collection software titles at the KORG USER NET SHOP.
With this change, we will no longer offer the packages of software titles like "ANALOG EDITION 2007" and "DIGITAL EDITION". From now on, individual software will be provided instead of them. For details, please visit "Change of product line-up".
We appreciate your continued support for the KLC series products.
KORG Legacy Collection team
Tested by me and working. If you have previous installations, there is no need for running the [k]s. The SN#s hold for these new updates.
Download Here:
Password: ozmosis

iZotope Nectar v1.0.0 Mac OS X UB

File Size: 57 MB
Nectar is a complete set of 11 vocal production effects combined in one plug-in that's designed to give you immediate results. Built-in Styles get the grunt work out of the way so you can focus on the creative finishing touches.
Features include automatic pitch correction, manual note editor, breath control, gate, compressors, saturation, EQ, de-esser, doubler, limiter, reverb, delay and tons of built-in Style presets.
Quickly get the 60s Motown sound, the early 90s grunge rock sound, a radio-ready podcasting sound, a subtle jazz vocal or a modern pop sound -- everything from delicate improvements to highly-produced robotic pitch effects.
Start by selecting one of Nectar's dozens of Styles. Unlike typical presets, Styles configure a professionally-designed effect chain with producer-level controls like Clarity, Warmth and Sparkle. From there, narrow in on the vocal sound you want or experiment with the advanced modules to create a new sound. Either way, Nectar is designed with both the beginner and professional in mind - you choose the level of detail you want to control.
Creative Workflow. With Sweet Results.
You want your vocals to shine, and Nectar has all of the tools you need to work intuitively for immediate results. Start by polishing the vocal with the De-Esser, Breath Control, Gate and Pitch Correction controls. Next, craft the sound with the Levels, Space and Style-specific controls like Presence, Drive, Grit and more. From there, dive into the details in the Advanced View.
Further, use the Mixing/Tracking option for each step of vocal production.
Track with low-latency. Mix with the highest possible quality.
Advanced View Modules.
11 Modern Tools and Vintage Effects.
The high-level controls on the Main View drive parameters inside the individual modules. Each Style designer carefully chose one or more underlying module parameters to map to intuitive controls like Presence and Drive. In the Advanced View, you can access the power of all 11 effects, each with quality and detail that surpasses individual plug-ins that sell for hundreds more.
Plug-in Formats:
Pro Tools 7+ (RTAS/ AudioSuite), VST, MAS, Audio Unit, DirectX
Mac OS X 10.5 or later (Universal Binary)
1. Run the iZotope_Nectar_v1_00.dmg and open the iZotope_All_keygen.exe with Crossover.
2. Select "Offline Authorization" with Challenge/Response
3. Type in your codes, done!!!
[k] by TEAM Billa
Download Here:
Password: ozmosis

Nodal 1.6 Mac OSX UB [k'd]

File Size: 15.9 MB
Nodal is a generative software application for composing music. It uses a novel method for the notation and playing of MIDI based music.
How does it work?
This method is based around the concept of a user-defined graph. The graph consists of nodes (musical events) and edges (connections between events). You interactively define the graph, which is then traversed by any number of voices. These voices play the musical events as they encounter them on the graph. The time taken to travel from one node to another is based on the length of the edges that connect the nodes. Nodal allows you to create complex, changing sequences using just a few simple elements. Its unique visual representation shows a structural representation for generative systems that you can edit and interact with in real-time as the composition plays.
Thanks to The One Byte Wonder
System Requirements:
Mac Os X 10.4.9 +
Mac Os X 10.5 or 10.6 recommended
Download Here:
Password: ozmosis

Thursday, 25 November 2010

Featured Artist

0"> Featured Artist Lebowski -> Your Music



Toontrack Music announces the next product in the Toontrack Software Tools line, EZmix.

For all the track and songwriters with tight deadlines and a mobile work situation out there, Toontrack, in collaboration with DSP developers par excellence Overloud, has developed EZmix.

EZmix is a simple (EZ), yet powerful, mixing tool that gives you access to a huge array of mix presets for the whole gamut of mixing needs. Whether you need to mix drums, vocals, guitars, bass or keyboards this is your tool.

Simply connect EZmix to a channel strip in your sequencer like you would any plug-in, pick a preset for the instrument or sound on that strip. Done. For demo purposes or in full on production EZmix will cut your studio time, speed up and enhance your creative process from the initial hook to the final track.

Toontrack.EZmix.VST.RTAS.v1.0.2.x86-ASSiGN.rar (10.2 MB)


bx_XL is a low latency M/S mastering limiter. Its main purpose is to help you get your mixes loud while keeping them clear (undistorted). “As loud” as any major label production and less “squashed” than many of them.
bx_shredspread is a stereo processor to be used on any stereo guitar subgroup or stereo guitar channels.
bx_shredspread’ s main purpose is to make sure your stereo (“doubled”) guitar signals sound “wide and phatt” - as easy and fast as possible. ;-)

bx_control V2 is a control listening tool and an M/S matrix with built-in Mono Maker & Stereo Width control. bx_control also features hi resolution metering for Peak and RMS levels in AES 17 and square wave formats.

Mastering class EQ sound for your mixing sessions. Finally: a MONO version of bx_digital!
The concept of the bx_dynEQ is a truely NEW approach to dynamic EQ-ing, using innovative M/S features to allow for results not possible with any other EQ.

The original sound and all of the features of bx_digital.
Brainworx.BX.Control.VST.RTAS.v2.0.1-AiR.rar (3.1 MB)


Brainworx.BX.Digital.VST.RTAS.v2.1.2-AiR.rar (4.2 MB)

Brainworx.BX.DynEQ.Bundle.VST.RTAS.v1.2.0-AiR.rar (11.4 MB)

Brainworx.BX.Shredspread.VST.RTAS.v1.0.3-AiR.rar (19.7 MB)

Brainworx.BX.XL.Mastering.Limiter.VST.RTAS.v1.0-AiR.rar (7.9 MB)



Tube Saturator is the world’s most accurate real time tube amp plug-in. Unlike other tube simulators, which use radically simplified models, Tube Saturator uses state of the art circuit simulation technology to capture every nuance of an analog circuit. With circuit simulation, the analog schematic (consisting of the individual resistors, capacitors, tubes, and so on) completely defines the signal processing. The schematic is converted into a system of non-linear differential equations which is solved at each sampling period, in realtime. That’s mathematical talk for “it sounds exactly like the analog circuit”.

The circuit simulation technology is extremely CPU intensive, and hence we are only able to simulate very simple circuits at this time. A fast computer is highly recommended to run the plug-in. Tube Saturator is in fact a basic circuit consisting of a Baxandall type three-band EQ feeding two 12AX7 triode preamp stages. It’s similar to preamp stages you’d find in a guitar amp, but it is by no means a complete guitar amplifier model— that would be way too expensive to simulate even with today’s fast CPUs. However, it is extremely accurate, and hence you can get the same distortion and tonal characteristics that you’d expect from a real tube preamp.

Use Tube Saturator to add a bit of analog warmth to recordings, or increase the drive for some distortion. You can use it as a saturating peak limiter too.

Increasing the Drive control increases the (digital) input gain while decreasing the (digital) output gain, so you can easily adjust distortion levels. The FAT switch changes the bias circuit of the first preamp stage to increase gain.

WaveArts.TubeSaturator.VST.DX.RTAS.v1.01.Incl.Keygen-AiR.rar (5.33 MB)


Welcome to Studio One

More Muscle. No Bloat.

Artists of all levels, from beginner to seasoned professional, will find Studio One a serious alternative to the intimidating, bloated offerings currently considered the standards. It’s a groundbreaking music creation and production application for Mac OS X and Windows XP/Vista/7 that makes audio recording, MIDI sequencing, and audio mastering ridiculously simple right out of the box.
Studio One changes the rules of the game with fresh code, innovative drag-and-drop MIDI mapping and plug-in management, auto-configuration with PreSonus hardware, insanely good audio quality, unlimited tracks and plug-ins per track, and a powerful, inventive Start page.

And although Studio One Pro hit the scene just months ago we’ve already added even still more pro chops with   From tracking to mixing to mastering and distribution, it’s the creative environment built for intuitive use, speed, and efficiency–and yet it’s robust enough for the most complex productions.
Presonus.Studio.One.Pro.v1.6.1.x86.x64.Incl.Keygen-AiR.rar (86.9 MB)


Presonus.Studio.One.Pro.v1.6.1.MAC.OSX.UB-ArCADE.rar (76.9 MB)


Monday, 22 November 2010

COXCO products

COXCO-Zaeon XS 1 virtual synthesizer v 1.0

It's a 2 osc. driven synth with moog and state filters and special fx

It comes as a vst and standalone version

It has been tested in FL studio,Cubase.

COXCO-Zonax-WSS1-Pro is a wavsampler synth, for musicians who like to tweak sound. In various shapes. It is a wavplayer with built-in synth with 2 Osc, special FX, it loads only wavfiles

COXCO-Audio Organista STANDALONE VSTi 1.0
Virtual organ. Want a nice little organ?. It contains 6 draw functions, special fx, and 12 ready to use presets.

COXCO-Audio.Zaeon.XS1.STANDALONE.VSTi.v1.0-ST3RE0.rar (9.1 MB)


COXCO-Audio.Organista.STANDALONE.VSTi.v1.0-ST3RE0.rar (5.8 MB)


COXCO-Audio.Zonax.WSS1.Pro.STANDALONE.VSTi.v1.0-ST3RE0.rar (11 MB)


SPL.Analog.Code Products

Another kind of drum replacement: simple and safe.

The name of the DrumXchanger is self-explanatory: it replaces drum sounds. But when it comes to processing it relies on a unique approach: it uses the Transient Designer technology for sound recognition. That way the DrumXchanger can faithfully recognize even the faintest ghost notes — regardless of their dynamic level.


Analog Code® component modeling, passive circuitry replication, compatible with all major DAWs
The EQ Ranger plug-ins are based upon the EQ modules for the SPL RackPack series. They combine the amazing sound of passive fliters with extremely efficient operation.

This EQ package provides Bass Ranger, Vox Ranger and Full Ranger. While Bass Ranger and Vox Ranger are specialized to process their specific frequency ranges, the Full Ranger complements the specialists with a set of filter bands that covers the whole frequency range.

An extremely easy to use, powerful set of wonderful sounding EQs.
The most powerful passive EQ ever. Now as Analog Code® plug-in.

The outstanding quality of our Analog Code programming now faithfully transfers the sound of passive EQ filtering into the digital domain.
Reproduction of all interactions between the passive filters

72 filters on three bands per channel

Emulation of input and output transformers

Two graphical user interfaces: dual-channel and space-saving single-channel view

Switchable M/S mode for independent processing of mid and side information

This Analog Code® plug-in is based upon the original analog Transient Designer from SPL which established the revolutionary concept for level-independent dynamic processing.

Only two controls allow to completely reshape the attack and sustain characteristics of a sound: Attack can be amplified or attenuated by up to 15dB while sustain can be amplified or attenuated by up to 24 dB.
Working with the Transient Designer is very simple, however, the possibilities for studio and live application are seemingly endless.

• SPL-modeled plug-in version of the original analog Transient Designer

• Increase or decrease the impact of percussive sources

• Reduces or increases room sound or preexisting reverb on virtually any source

• Great gate substitute, minimizes mic bleed in seconds

• An essential mix tool endorsed by the world’s finest professional engineers


As with all Analog Code plug-ins, the TwinTube plug-in is modeled after an SPL analog hardware processor. In this case the TwinTube processor of SPL's RackPack modular system has been the paragon. The TwinTube combines the two main artifacts that can be produced with tubes: harmonics and saturation effects.
Our programmers did a great job in creating a very good sounding tube simulation. The special qualities of the analog TwinTube are in enhancing in fact nearly any signal with the classic analog sound attributes. Now we can fully transfer those amazing results to the digital domain. And where could the warm, transparent and smooth sound of analog tube and coil filtering make more sense than in DAW productions?
SPL modeled plug-in version of a world-class tube effect processor, the TwinTube for saturation and harmonics processing
Tube saturation effects can be compared to the benefits from tape saturation
SATURATION for more warmth, loudness, subtle to heavy harmonic distortions
HARMONICS for more presence, clarity without boosting levels; puts signals in front of a mix
Versatile processor for all sorts of signals and sounds, excellent for vocals, acoustic guitars, drums, brass ...

the Vitalizer applies psychoacoustic and audiometric principles to achieve a verifiable improvement while enhancing the sound. The Vitalizer processes only the original signal and generates no artifacts. Patented filtering techniques highlight the richness of the audio signal in all its detail, while the interactive parameters make it possible to alter the sound in a musical and effective way. This unique combination of precise filtering and intuitive usability enable you to instantly make any music production more stimulating and natural. Music and speech are made clearly distinguishable and comprehensible, loudness more intense, and the whole soundscape becomes wider.

SPL.Analog.Code.DrumXchanger.VST.RTAS.v1.0.3-AiR.rar (5.1 MB)


SPL.Analog.Code.EQ.Rangers.Volume.One.VST.RTAS.v1.3-AiR.rar (4.3 MB)

SPL.Analog.Code.Passeq.VST.RTAS.v1.0-AiR.rar (7.6 MB)

SPL.Analog.Code.Transient.Designer.VST.RTAS.v1.3-AiR.rar (3.4 MB)

SPL.Analog.Code.TwinTube.Processor.VST.RTAS.v1.3-AiR.rar (3.5 MB)

SPL.Analog.Code.Vitalizer.MK2-T.VST.RTAS.v1.3-AiR.rar (3.3 MB)

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Reaktor Spark

Native Instruments (NI)  Reaktor Spark. The soundpack is based on the "Spark" performance synthesizer designed by NI founder Stephan Schmitt.

According to Native Instruments, Spark combines powerful subtractive synthesis with an array of internal feedback loops and various other special sound shaping features. Reaktor Spark is accessible for users of Kore 2 and the free Kore Player, providing 200 presets.
Native.Instruments.Reaktor.Spark.R2.v1.0.for.Reaktor.REPACK-ASSiGN.rar (5.7 MB)


Reaktor Prism

Native Instruments Reaktor Prism is a polyphonic instrument for Reaktor 5, based on physical modeling synthesis.

Prism produces a sound that can be dramatically modified via internal or external sources. The result is a wide-ranging synth, equally powerful for hard basses and digital leads as organic soundscapes, percussive keys, flutes and bells.
Native.Instruments.Reaktor.Prism.v1.0.for.Reaktor.REPACK-ASSiGN.rar (6.2 MB)


The Mouth


Native Instruments has introduced The Mouth, a new Reaktor effect that can create melodies and sounds based on an audio signal:
Sing, beatbox or send a drum loop into it and The Mouth comes to life as a tweakable synthesizer, bass, vocoder or talkbox-like effect. A playful interface provides you with plenty of room to shape your results as you go.
118 synthesizer & multi effects.

4 generators: Input (with a choice of the raw input audio, or a ‘tuned’ version), Synth, Bass and Vocoder.

Each generator comes with numerous different sounds easily selectable via a preset matrix in the interface.

5 faders in a simple mixer section, which also includes a master FX section for coloring the final mix.

8 Performance Control knobs alter both sound and amplitude envelopes at once, for easily shaping the character of the sound, and adding additional harmonies.

‘Beats Mode’ will process incoming drum patterns into interesting arpeggiated melodies.

Native.Instruments.The.Mouth.v1.0.for.Reaktor-ASSiGN.rar (6.7 MB)



Native Instruments have announced details surrounding The Finger, their unique keyboard-controlled effects processor.


Designed in collaboration with Tim Exile, The Finger is the brand new keyboard controlled effects processor that allows users to "play" effects in real-time using their MIDI keyboard. The software runs on all levels of the Kore platform, as up to 40 effects are mapped across the keyboard's octaves, letting you get stuck into samplers, transformers, filters, gaters, delays, reverbs, distortion, wave shapers and ring modulation. Up to six effects can be routed into one another simply by pressing keys in combination, allowing for some seriously far-out sonic wackiness. The Finger operates as a standalone effects unit and can also be slotted neatly into any host DAW or full featured Kore 2 system.

Native.Instruments.The.Finger.R2.v1.0.for.Reaktor-ASSiGN.rar (6 MB)


Saturday, 13 November 2010

Getting Great Guitar Sounds: Book Of Guitar Effects

Author: Michael Ross | English | PDF | 80 pages | 17.2 Mb

The first edition of Getting Great Guitar Sounds has helped thousands of guitarists get a basic handle on shaping their sound. This second edition had been expanded to cover modern multi-effectors, amp simulators, and advanced effect rigs in the same easy-to-understand language. To make getting started even simpler, Ross now lists his favorite effects and tells why they will provide most of the sounds guitarists will need.
Download Here:
Password: ozmosis

EQ Magazine - December 2010

English | True PDF | 70 Pages | 38.13 MB

EQ Magazine is the definitive source for audio and home recording studio equipment and software.
Download Here:
Password: ozmosis

GForce Minimonsta VSTi AU RTAS v1.1.1 MAC OSX UB

TEAM ArCADE - File Size: 25.6 MB
Minimonsta is an emulation of the classic Minimoog that was at the forefront of the analog synth revolution and made famous by artists like Jan Hammer, Rick Wakeman, Keith Emerson, Chick Corea, Gary Numan and Kraftwerk.
Every component of the triple-oscillator vintage synth has been faithfully modeled with "stunning realism - and then some".
The Minimonsta is fully programmable, ships with over 2500 presets and can even morph between presets within a bank for unprecedented control. There's also an additional LFO and ADSR that can be applied to just about any parameter, as well as delay. You can even play the Minimonsta in monophonic, polyphonic or unison modes.
Expertly crafted analog model of the classic Minimoog synthesizer.
All original features including 3 VCOs and 4-pole 24dB/octave VCF.
Additional LFO & ADSR for matrix modulation of almost every parameter.
Monophonic, polyphonic, legato and unison trigger modes.
Fully programmable with over 2500 factory patches.
Real-time morphing between up to twelve patches via keyboard control.
External input allows filter to be used as plug-in effect.
Full automation support with MIDI learn with storable Continuous Controller maps.
Changes in v1.1.1
See included > WhatsNew.txt
1) Unzip, Unrar
2) Check \ArCADE dir
3) Enjoy
Download Here:
Password: ozmosis

Thursday, 11 November 2010



ultimate collection of currently 43 effects, that will convert your computer into a top-class professional sound studio. It contains all of our effects covering all required tasks, composing, mixing and mastering. With our unique free for life updates once you purchase it, any effect we release will be free for you! And it takes just a few clicks using our update system...

The bundle contains traditional plug-ins as well as our revolutionary technologies, which give you the power to make your recordings sound incredible even if you didn\'t spend last 50 years as an audio engineer. High speed, simplicity, crystal clear sound and minimal noise level is standard in MeldaProduction.
MeldaProduction.MTotalBundle.VST.VST3.v4.02.x86-ASSiGN.rar (53.8 MB)


Tuesday, 9 November 2010


Drumagog is a plug-in that automatically replaces drum tracks with a vast array of other samples. Engineers and producers worldwide use Drumagog to fix and enhance existing drum tracks. Drumagog is extremely easy to use. Just insert it onto a drum track and select your favorite sample. Drumagog does the rest. For advanced drum replacing, Drumagog is packed with powerful features for the ultimate in control. Drumagog comes complete with a drum sample collection containing hundreds of samples to get you going.

Cutting-Edge Triggering Technology

Drumagog's advanced triggering engine makes drum replacing a breeze. It accurately tracks the incoming audio and replaces even the most detailed drum nuances with ease. In addition to the basic controls to adjust input, output, and triggering parameters, Drumagog features several controls on its advanced page for custom tuning of the overall triggering process. Drumagog 4.0 introduces a totally new, re-designed triggering engine for un-paralleled triggering accuracy. The following modes are available:

Simple Triggering Mode: This mode is recommended if minimizing CPU usage is a priority. It works well for all but the most difficult tracks.

Advanced Triggering Mode: The advanced triggering mode provides the best triggering performance Drumagog has to offer. It features a smart algorithm which minimizes false triggering and maximizes sensitivity. It's particularly useful on difficult tracks.

Live Triggering Mode: This zero-latency mode is designed for use in a live Drumagog setup. For example, when using Drumagog as an insert on the main console in a live concert performance, or using Drumagog as a "drum brain" for drum trigger pads. However, it doesn't offer the same triggering quality as the other modes, and is only recommended for use in situations that demand zero latency.
The Advanced and Live Triggering Modes are standard in the Pro and Platinum versions only.

Multisample Support

Drumagog supports dynamic, random and positional multisamples for the ultimate in acoustic realism. Each instrument can contain several dynamic multisamples, representing distinct volume levels. Drumagog will automatically choose from one of these samples to match the incoming audio volume perfectly. Random multisamples are also supported, allowing Drumagog to randomly choose between two or more sets of samples of the same volume. Using random multisamples allows a level of realism previously unattainable with other samplers. In addition to dynamic and random samples, Drumagog also features positional multisamples, where different areas of a drum or cymbal are represented by different samples. All three of these sample types can be combined for a single sound resulting in a very complete representation of a drum or instrument. With Drumagog's advanced multisample support, even complex drum rolls sound realistic.

Visual Triggering

Drumagog includes a visual triggering feature that simplifies the adjustment of the triggering controls. A scrolling, real-time waveform display is shown, with the triggering controls (sensitivity, resolution) superimposed on top of the waveform. This provides a visual indication of exactly which incoming hits will trigger Drumagog. For example, the sensitivity control is represented as a horizontal line that can be moved up or down, while the audio waveform scrolls from right to left. As the incoming audio scrolls past, it's easy to see which audio impulses will trigger Drumagog and which won't. All the audio above the line will cause a trigger and the audio below it will be ignored. The incoming audio that scored a "hit" is displayed as a white dot, making it easy to see a history of which hits caused Drumagog to trigger.

BFD Triggering (only available in Drumagog Platinum)

If you own a copy of Fxpansion's BFD or BFD2, Drumagog has the ability to directly trigger BFD, without the need for midi or other complicated setups. This powerful feature enables you to harness the power of BFD directly from the Drumagog interface.

Stealth Mode

Stealth mode is a powerful feature that allows all the original audio to pass through unchanged until the trigger threshold is reached. This is especially useful in tracks that contain both a snare and a hi-hat on a single track. Drumagog will pass the hi-hat through, quickly crossfade into the replaced snare sample when the snare drum is heard, then crossfade back into the hi-hat again. The whole operation is so seamless that often it's hard to tell Drumagog's actually on.

Positional Multisamples

Drumagog introduces a new feature called positional multisamples. Drums can now be multisampled at different stick positions. This allows the user to "dial in" the perfect stick hit position when replacing drums. For instance, if a part of the song calls for a bell sound from the ride cymbal, the user simply adjusts the position control to achieve the perfect stick position.
MIDI Input and Output (on supported hosts)

Drumagog's MIDI feature allows triggering of external drum machines and virtual instruments like EZ Drummer, Battery, Addicitive Drums, Halion, and GigaStudio. The midi input can allow you to use Drumagog as a "drum brain" (for triggering from live drum pads/triggers).

The MIDI features are standard in the Pro and Platinum versions only, and are available on supported hosts.

Advanced Sample Management

Drumagog's Samples page features a visual sample management scheme that simplifies importing and organizing of samples. Adding a sample is as simple as dragging and dropping it onto the sample box in the center of the page. Each multisample being used is represented as a colored rectangle within this sample box. During playback, the individual colored rectangles flash, indicating which multisample is being used for replacement. An "add from track" button allows the user to grab existing drums from the current audio track and import them into the sample box. Up to 48 multisamples are supported, and any combination of dynamic or random multisamples is possible (previous versions of Drumagog allowed only specific combinations of multisamples).
Dynamic Tracking

Drumagog automatically tracks the incoming drum hits and adjusts the volume of the samples it plays according to the volume of the original hits. Sometimes however, it's desirable to control the dynamics. Drumagog provides a dynamic tracking control that allows adjustment of how Drumagog tracks the dynamics. This feature can be used to add a solid feel to an overly dynamic performance without the side effects imparted by traditional audio compression.
Virtual Drum Display

The virtual drum display, or drum movie, presents a sophisticated means of representing a triggered response from Drumagog. Going beyond the standard simple blinking LED, a small window displays a movie of an actual drum being played in perfect synchronization with the incoming audio. This feature is particularly useful when triggered samples are being blended with the original source track. The image of a drum being struck is often more intuitive to the user than a flashing light, thereby making it easier to visually catch missed triggers when the sensitivity control is set too high. The virtual drum display does not adversely affect CPU usage since the movie is on a separate very low-priority processing thread. Audio playback always maintains priority.

WaveMachine.Labs.Drumagog.Platinum.VST.RTAS.v5.0-AiR.rar (60.4 MB)




Soniformer is a spectral mastering dynamics processor plug-in for professional music production applications. During its operation, Soniformer splits incoming sound signal into 32 spectral bands. This makes Soniformer a powerful and precise tool for mastering and sound restoration purposes.
Every parameter in Soniformer is defined by means of a graphic envelope which is freely-modifiable and which may contain unlimited number of control points. Beside usual threshold, attack, release and compression/expander ratio parameters Soniformer offers you control over “stereo width” and “panning” parameters making Soniformer an effective tool for stereo field adjustments.

Not only Soniformer offers you an easy-to-use parameter envelope editing interface, it also features a comprehensive set of spectral metering tools: you can switch between input, output, stereo correlation and stereo balance spectrums. The spectral gain change meter which always presents on the user interface gives you an outline of the overall signal power change applied by the plug-in’s processing chain.

Voxengo.Soniformer.VST.v3.0.x32.x64-ST3RE0.rar (11.7 MB)




Master Restoration Suite is a comprehensive set of restoration plug-ins for cleaning up tape, vinyl, and acoustic recordings. The tools give extremely high quality results with minimal tweaking, hence they sound great and are easy to use.
These plug-ins run Windows (DX/VST/RTAS) based music production or audio editing application.
The MR Suite consists of 5 plug-ins:
MR Noise – Stellar sounding broadband noise reduction

MR Click – Click and crackle filter for vinyl or digital sources

MR Hum – Precise hum and buzz removal

MR Gate – Expander/gate for quick and simple background attenuation

Master Restoration – The ultimate all-in-one cleanup tool
WaveArts.Master.Restoration.Suite.VST.DX.RTAS.v5.5.3.x86.x64.Incl.Keygen-AiR.rar (15.7 MB)


Saturday, 6 November 2010


Drum Synthesizer

Drum Sampler

Audio Loop Modules (Slicer & Player)

Drum Librarian

Available for PC and for Mac OSX

64-voice polyphony

Multiple instances of the RMV can be opened.

48 polyphonic Pads for the universal or specialized Drum Synthesizers or Drum Samplers

Six independent Audio Loop Modules with up to 64 slices each

Each PPad and each Slice features its own controls for



Output Selection

Tune (+- 24 semitones in 10 cent intervals)

two independent Effects Send

Each Pad and Slice can belong to one of 10 Edit Groups (parameters for all Pads or Slices in a Group can be adjusted simultaneously)

Each Pad and each Slice can have additional modules

a 12x12 Modulation Matrix

3 independent LFOs

a Distortion and BitCrusher

a multimode AHDSR-controlled filter

a four-band parametric equalizer

three insert effects racks each of which can be set to one of nine different effects units

a "Varizer" for unbeaten realistic humanizing.

Each Pad additionally features its own controls for loading and saving Pad files, Choke Group (12 groups are available including prev/next and self-mute), Trigger Key, Polyphony (mono...8, full), Mute and Solo

Almost all instrument parameters are MIDI controllable

LinPlug.RM-V.Drum.Addiction.VSTi.v5.0.3.DVDR-AiRISO.part01.rar (200 MB)


LinPlug.RM-V.Drum.Addiction.VSTi.v5.0.3.DVDR-AiRISO.part02.rar (200 MB)

LinPlug.RM-V.Drum.Addiction.VSTi.v5.0.3.DVDR-AiRISO.part03.rar (200 MB)


LinPlug.RM-V.Drum.Addiction.VSTi.v5.0.3.DVDR-AiRISO.part04.rar (200 MB)

LinPlug.RM-V.Drum.Addiction.VSTi.v5.0.3.DVDR-AiRISO.part05.rar (200 MB)

LinPlug.RM-V.Drum.Addiction.VSTi.v5.0.3.DVDR-AiRISO.part06.rar (200 MB)


LinPlug.RM-V.Drum.Addiction.VSTi.v5.0.3.DVDR-AiRISO.part07.rar (200 MB)


LinPlug.RM-V.Drum.Addiction.VSTi.v5.0.3.DVDR-AiRISO.part08.rar (200 MB)


LinPlug.RM-V.Drum.Addiction.VSTi.v5.0.3.DVDR-AiRISO.part09.rar (200 MB)

LinPlug.RM-V.Drum.Addiction.VSTi.v5.0.3.DVDR-AiRISO.part10.rar (200 MB)

LinPlug.RM-V.Drum.Addiction.VSTi.v5.0.3.DVDR-AiRISO.part11.rar (200 MB)

LinPlug.RM-V.Drum.Addiction.VSTi.v5.0.3.DVDR-AiRISO.part12.rar (126.3 MB)

LinPlug.RMV.Drum.Addiction.VSTi.v5.0.5.UPDATE-AiR.rar (28.5 MB)


Friday, 5 November 2010

Little Endian SpectrumWorx VST v2.0.2

Little Endian SpectrumWorx VST v2.0.2

SpectrumWorx is the ultimate sound mangler пїЅ a very special kind of audio effect you probably havenпїЅt experienced before! Read onпїЅ
SpectrumWorx is a modular effect processor that works exclusively in the frequency domain. Two things make SpectrumWorx vastly different from other effects processors: its ability to manipulate the frequency domain and its modularity.
Working in the frequency domain lets us reach the very heart of the sound. Every single frequency is available for examination and modification. When we say пїЅmodularпїЅ, we mean modules пїЅ individual small, simple (and not so simple!) self-contained boxes (effects), which we can combine, arrange and re-arrange in so many ways пїЅ and of course, every arrangement gives us a new and totally different sound. With over fifty modules, there is a nearly infinite number of combinations available. Once the modules are set up пїЅ the game isnпїЅt over. Every module has a number of its own controls which can easily be twisted and turned until the last drop of sonic power is squeezed from the input sample. When at last sonic perfection has been achieved, users can save their masterwork as a SpectrumWorx preset file for future use and even share it with friends.

This combination of versatility, usability and, of course user creativity, is just perfect for anything from cinematic sound design and exploratory experimentation to original compositions and game music пїЅ or anything that fits in between.

Attractive user interface

A lot of musicians tremble with trepidation when they hear the term пїЅmodularпїЅ. It brings to mind towering monolithic synthesizers festooned with hundreds of knobs, patch points and obscured by dozens of dangling cables. Fortunately, the SpectrumWorx GUI is a study in user-friendliness. Everything you need at any given moment is right in front of you, and there are only a few (and rarely needed) bits tucked away where they wonпїЅt interfere with your work until you need them.

Instead of only classical frequency domain representation, where the signal is decomposed into magnitudes and phases, SpectrumWorx is also capable of transforming signal into the so-called Phase-Vocoder domain, where signal is represented with magnitudes and пїЅtrueпїЅ frequencies. The new domain opens up a whole new frontier for effect creation.

Little.Endian.SpectrumWorx.v2.0.2-UNION.rar (4.1 MB)

BBE Sound.Sonic.Sweet-stompware

BBE Sound.Sonic.Sweet-stompware



BBE Sound has announced the release of two new software packages: the Sonic Sweet and Stomp Ware plug-in suites..
Developed in collaboration with Nomad Factory, the Sonic Sweet plug-in suite consists of three easy-to-use plug-ins useful for every facet of digital audio production:

D82 Sonic Maximizer: Heralded as the 'magic black box', the D82 Sonic Maximizer naturally restores clarity and depth to any instrument's sound.

H82 Harmonic Maximizer: Multi-band enhancer/harmonics generator for adding emphasis to frequencies; from low-end punch to top-end sizzle.

L82 Loudness Maximizer: A simple yet effective mastering/dynamics limiter that fattens up tracks for a polished and professional finish.

The MSRP is $149 and is available now. If you already own the D82 Sonic Maximizer V2, you can upgrade to the BBE Sonic Sweet for $50.00.

The Stomp Ware plug-in suite is a digital toolbox consisting of eight plugins modeled from BBE's own line of boutique analog stomp boxes:

Free Fuzz: '70s fuzz.

Green Screamer: Vintage overdrive.

Mind Bender: Vibrato/chorus.

Opto Stomp: Optical compressor.

Sonic Stomp: Sonic Maximizer.

Soul Vibe: '60s rotary speaker simulator.

Tremor: Vintage tremolo.

Two Timer: Analog delay.

BBE.Sound.Sonic.Sweet.VST.RTAS.v1.2.x86-ASSiGN.rar (7 MB)

BBE.Sound.Stomp.Ware.VST.RTAS.v1.1.x86-ASSiGN.rar (13 MB)

Thursday, 28 October 2010

Premier Guitar - November 2010

PDF | 283 pages | English | 69.9 mb
Premier Guitar has the latest in guitar information and equipment along with music interviews, product reviews, and much more.
Download Here:
Password: ozmosis

reFUSE Software Lowender AU VST RTAS v1.1.2 MAC OSX UB

-TEAM ASSiGN File Size: 1.4 MB
The Lowender plug-in is a subharmonic synthesizer reminiscent of classic analog dual-band bass enhancer circuits. More than a simple EQ, the Lowender creates new bass content from your existing audio material.
* Gate, drive, and output filter controls
* Operates in three different frequency ranges to match program material
* Analog modeling - no FFT shenanigans!
Download Here:
Password: ozmosis

Pentacom ARPG8R VSTi v0.9.5 MAC OSX UB

File Size: 1.9 MB
ARPG8R is a VSTi MIDI Arpeggiator.
+ 32 Steps on/off pad.
+ 5+1 Arpeggio mode (up, down, up/down, manual, poly and custom).
+ "Custom" is programmable arpeggio mode.
+ Shuffle and Gate length control.
+ Insert note function.
+ Internal oscillator.
[k] by TEAM VIP
1. Unzip, unrar
2. Install software (copy plugin to VST dir)
3. Copy "arpg8r.lic" to VST dir
4. Try it
5. Buy it!
Download Here:
Password: ozmosis

Elysia Niveau Filter Native AU VST RTAS

Get the Niveau filter section of our famous mpressor plugin. Add punch to muffled snares, reduce the harshness from active pickups, create some wonderful Dub and LoFi sounds... there are so many ways to benefit from this little tool. It's fast, efficient, and most important: it sounds great!
This filter is a specialist in changing the overall sonic character of a signal with ease. It features two comprehensive controllers and is capable of producing convincing results in no time at all. Whenever a classic shelving filter would be too limited and a fully parametric filter would be too much, the niveau filter is the perfect tool.
Its main function is to change the proportions between high and low frequencies. The principle is quite similar to a pair of scales: Dependent on the gain setting around a variable center frequency, the high frequencies are boosted whereas the low frequencies are attenuated (or vice versa) at the same time.
The center frequency can be shifted continuously between 26 Hz and 2.2 kHz or between 260 Hz and 22 kHz respectively (when the x10 switch is activated). The characteristics of the filter change in the extreme positions of the EQ Gain controller: the fully counter-clockwise setting will give you a low pass filter; fully clockwise position will result in a high pass filter.

Includes manual in PDF format.
Download Here:
Password: ozmosis

Voxengo Soniformer 3.0 AU VST MAC OS X UB

File Size: 26MB
Soniformer is a spectral mastering dynamics processor that splits the incoming sound signal into 32 spectral bands. This makes Soniformer a powerful and precise tool for mastering and sound restoration purposes.
During its operation, Soniformer splits incoming sound signal into 32 spectral bands. This makes Soniformer a powerful and precise tool for mastering and sound restoration purposes.
Every parameter in Soniformer is defined by means of a graphic envelope which is freely-modifiable and which may contain unlimited number of control points. Beside usual threshold, attack, release and compression/expander ratio parameters Soniformer offers you control over "stereo width" and "panning" parameters making Soniformer an effective tool for stereo field adjustments.
Not only does Soniformer offer you an easy-to-use parameter envelope editing interface, it also features a comprehensive set of spectral metering tools: you can switch between input, output, stereo correlation and stereo balance spectrums. The spectral gain change meter which always presents on the user interface gives you an outline of the overall signal power change applied by the plug-in's processing chain.
Soniformer Features:
32-band dynamics processor
Envelope-driven parameters
32-band "analog" spectrum analyzer
Stereo balance and correlation meters
Multi-band panning
Narrow-band sweeping
Stereo and multi-channel processing
Internal channel routing
Channel grouping
Mid/side processing
Up to 8x linear-phase oversampling
64-bit floating point processing
Preset manager
Undo/redo history
A/B comparisons
Contextual hint messages
All sample rates support
11-millisecond processing latency
Important! > READ text file for the working serial number!
Thanks to "superfreak" for sharing the serial.
This audio plugin can be loaded into any audio host application that conforms to the AudioUnit or VST plugin specification.
This plug-in is compatible with Mac OS X (10.4.11 and later versions, Intel and PowerPC) computers (2 GHz dual-core or faster processor with at least 1 GB of system RAM recommended). A separate binary distribution file is available for each target computer platform for each audio plugin specification.
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Password: ozmosis

EnergyXT v2.5.4 MAC OSX UB

File Size: 6.2 MB
EnergyXT2.5 is competing for welterweight champion of the world, and while it's arguably the most laptop-friendly, cross-platform DAW out there (including Linux with Netbooks), desktops can also apply
With energyXT you will be creating tracks faster than with any other music application out there. Launch energyXT and you are ready to make tracks in a split second
No need to enter a project name or sample rate before recording
You dont have to wait for it to scan all your VST plugins
Use the "quick-add" track feature for adding new drum, instrument and audio/loop tracks in one click
Highlighted features
Lightning fast startup
Create your own loops of drums, instruments and audio
Multi-track export to other music applications
Tabbed editor views makes it perfect for laptops
Drum-machine track
Cross platform on Windows, Mac OSX and Linux
What's new in version 2.5.4?
New MIDI processing features
New drum popup editor
Improved Share with SoundCloud
Cross delay in multi-fx
Duplicate track
Thanks to TEAM UNION
Download Here:
Password: ozmosis