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Sunday, 20 December 2009



Yesterday we released Steinberg Cubase v5.1.1.UPDATE. Unfortunately this release contained a major bug on startup in both the StudioManager and also with VST3 plug-ins on some Windows Vista/Seven operating systems.

This issue was not a result of our crack!!!

It's a classic example of the poor betatesting team steinberg has :(

The official comment from Steinberg:

"... bug in a version of the Intel compiler used for creating the plug-in Set ... "

more info at:

Steinberg silently renewed their existing update and left a message in the cubase forum without promptly informing all customers about the problem and the re-issued update.

If a case could be made for Steinberg to introduce a public beta testing policy this would be a prime example of it's validity, if such a policy were introduced these errors and, most likely many others, would be captured prior to release.

Enjoy this fixed update, use it alongside our eLicenser emulator, to fix these urgent problems.


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Anonymous said...

It seem that it is ONLY the 5.1.1
and not the 5.1.2

After searching the web many 5.1.2 are the same 5.1.1 update.

So if someone have the real 5.1.2 tel us!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Team Air and Audio-Pirates!!!

Really great, Cubase works totally fine! But Halion can't get installed... it says that it can't find some files..
so i miss halion cause it seems to be really great but i'm very happy to being able to work with cubase 5 now!!! THANK YOU GUYS!!!

abductedchild said...

hello guys i have some problems installing cubase, it says "you must enter a full path with drive letter; for example C:APP or \\sever\share" but it doesn't allow me to enter either of those at any point :S can you help me?