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Sunday, 20 December 2009

Sonicfire Pro v5.5.1 Scoring Network Edition Mac OSX UB

File Size: 124.1 MB
Release Description:

Sonicfire Pro 5 ignites your creativity like no other music solution in the world. Effortlessly mold music from the largest fully-customizable music library to custom-fit any production. The fusion of patented music editing technology, intuitive design and prolific music production makes Sonicfire Pro 5 and the SmartSound Music Library the most innovative way to add a custom music score to your productions.
Express Track Edition
The fastest way to find the best library music, customize it to your needs and put it to use in your projects. It's as easy as 1, 2, 3...
Scoring Edition Includes Express Track
Turn SmartSound Music into a custom music score with an incredible feature set.
Fixes in this version:
* Improved functionality for HD installs (5.5.1)
* Corrects issues on Mac Tiger 10.4 OS (5.5.1)
* Support for website downloads (SSDLs) (5.5.0)
* Adds support for new Hit File packs (5.5.0)
* Support for SmartSound Music hard drive installs (5.5.0)
* Mac OS 10.6 Snow Leopard support (5.1.2 - Mac)
* Corrects a problem with Sequence names for Final Cut Pro Plugin (5.1.1 - Mac)
* Final Cut Pro Plug-In option (5.1.0)
* Ring Out Window in Express Track (5.1.0)
* Corrects a problem that caused Express Track to crash when auditioning (5.1.0)
* Edit Smoothing (5.0.3 - Windows)
* Corrects a problem with special characters in file paths. (5.0.2)
* Corrects MP3 playback issues for Windows (5.0)
* Fixes default sound file folder issue. (5.0.1)
* Corrects duplicates for new albums. (5.0.1)
* Correctly associates Breakaway demo without making "Core Session" owned. (5.0.1)
* Applies Compatibility Mode checkbox to playback in Express Track. (5.0.1)
* Fixes WMV exports(5.0.1)
* Tempo/pitch/stretch file naming correction.(5.0.1)
* Fixes typing issue in spotting window. (5.0.1)
* General bug fixes.
Just unpack & install. Register with the serial in serial.txt.
Download Here:
Password: ozmosis

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