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Saturday, 14 November 2009

Sugar Bytes Sugar Bundle VST AU (7 Plugins) OSX UB

File Size: 66.5 MB
Consequence - The Chord Synquencer. Innovative combination of a chord based stepsequencer with a powerful sound engine.
Effectrix - The Effect Sequencer. Create grooving sound mutations and unheard breakbeats with this innovative tool!
Artillery2 - The Effect Keyboard. MIDI controlled Multi FX with a lot of algorithms and super versatile modulation. The number one performance effect.
Unique - The special synth with that supermighty sound. Includes juicy vowel filtering, crazy modulation possibilities, two multi effects and a lot of new thinking.
WOW - The talking Filterbox. 10 innovative first class sounding filters, with VOWEL MODE and versatile modulation system.
Vogue - The ultimate Channel Strip. Gives your records the touch of expensive hardware devices, signals appear shiny and with more presence immediately and receive the final polish from first class virtual analog processors like Gate, Preamp, Overdrive, Compressor, Dynamic EQ, Multimode Filter, Delay and Reverb.
Robotronic - The Super Vocoder. Crispy Sound, easy to handle and packed with features like Channel Strips, Sampler, Synthesizer, Eq, Compressor and Multieffect.
Read RTF file for install instructions.
[k]'d by The One Byte Wonder
*Instruments Library not included with Consequence.
Consequence v1.0 + SN
WOW v1.0 + SN
Artillery2 v2.0.6 + SN
Effectrix v1.2 + SN
Robotronic v1.2 + SN
Unique v1.0.3 + SN
Vogue v1.2 + SN
Download Here:
Password: ozmosis


Anonymous said...

it seems no instruments, other than the from the missing library, can be loaded into consequence.

is this version therefore useless?

any idea where the instrument library can be had?

ps. thanks for all the cool stuff.

Anonymous said...

first of all, thanks for all. but I can't get it working. It just asks for the libary or a file called "Locate me"?

Help anyone?