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Friday, 27 November 2009

Progress Audio Kinisis AU VSTi v1.02 Mac OSX

File Size: 33.9 MB
We think that making a better synth involves more than adding more LFOs and endless controls. We developed the Timeline feature which lets you 'animate' controls over the course of a note, so that you can create sounds that move and change in incredible ways. With such flexibility, it might just be the only synth you need.
Here are some of the benefits of the Timeline system:
Detailed control: Gives you detailed control over how a parameter changes over the course of a note in an easy, intuitive and powerful way
Easy to learn: Once you learn how to create a simple filter sweep with the Timeline, you can go on to create complex sounds using the same method in the Timeline. Simple or complicated, the Timeline does it all.
Stay on one screen: You can do most of your sound design work from the main screen. No need for lots of extra screens and hidden menus. Everything you need is at your fingertips, making it a quick and efficient user interface.
Make sounds as complex as your imagination: Up to 2 billion breakpoints can be created in each section of the Timeline, so if you need intricate movement in your sounds, Kinisis will make it happen.
Visual feedback: The on-screen controls animate as you play notes, showing you how they are changing over time. You can see how the sounds you are hearing are being made.
'Time freeze' feature for sound design and as a performance tool. Freeze the action at a single point in time in the Timeline. Great for fine-tuning a part of your sound. Or, sweep through the Timeline with the mouse or a MIDI controller for a unique real-time performance tool.
Multiple parts
- 4 parts or 'voices' per note for complex layered sounds.
- Each voice is a complete synthesiser engine with its own Timeline, oscillators, filter, modulation options and effects routing. Oscillators
- Vector synthesis oscillators which mix between 4 waveforms
- 4-part unison.
- Noise oscillator can be mixed into the main waveform.
- Import waveforms from WAV files.
- Use the additive editor to change individual harmonics for ultimate control.
- Waveform editor allows you to draw in a waveform, great for experimenting. Filters
- 12dB/octave resonant filter.
- Low pass, band pass and high pass modes.
- All parameters controllable by the Timeline for great filter effects. Modulation
- Per-note modulation matrix and LFOs. Each note plays its own modulation effects independently of other notes.
- All LFO parameters can be animated in the Timeline.
- Modulation amount in each slot of the modulation matrix can be animated over the course of a note using the Timeline. Effects
- Delay, reverb, and distortion global send effects.
- Effects send amount is controllable for each note by the Timeline. Each note's effect sends can be controlled over the course of the note.
- Global low-pass and high-pass filters for general shaping of your sound. Real-time performance controls
- 6 assignable X-Y pads with MIDI learn and host automation support.
- Time freeze: sweep through the Timeline with the mouse or MIDI controller to control which part of the Timeline is being played.
Install Directions:
1.Unrar and install
2.Input supplied Serial Number
Download Here:
Password: ozmosis

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