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Sunday, 22 November 2009

AudioMulch v2.0.3 Update Mac OSX UB

File Size: 30.1 MB
This update resolves a number of bugs and user interface glitches. A crash when loading some version 1.0 documents has been fixed. The problem with the display of the help files on some Windows systems has been resolved. See below for the full list of changes.
What's New:
* Fixed crash bug when loading AudioMulch 1.0 documents that contain Drums contraptions with MIDI-controlled or automated channel volumes.
* Fixed bug where you wouldn't be prompted to save changes before closing the document if the only change you made was renaming contraptions.
* Fixed bug where VSTs with a MIDI output and no audio output would receive incoming MIDI messages twice.
* Windows: Fixed "cannot load sqlite database driver!" error while trying to access the help file on some machines.
* Mac: Fixed bug where Save a Copy with Sound Files command would display "An error occurred while creating a directory in which to save the referenced sound files" when trying to overwrite a previously saved document and sound files directory.
* Mac: Fixed bug where contraption names were not displayed on small contraption editors such as those for MGain, SGain and OGain.
* Fixed bug where LoopPlayer, FilePlayer etc would sometimes not show the question-mark icon when AudioMulch could not find the sound file.
* Fixed glitch where the sound file name in LoopPlayer, FilePlayer would sometimes be abbreviated with "..." even when there was space for a longer name.
* Fixed bug where the Notes window was given focus after loading a document, so you couldn't immediately use transport key-shortcuts (because they would type in the Notes window instead).
* Fixed bug where you couldn't close the Set Value dialog box by pressing the Enter key.
* Fixed bug where triggering Clock.GoToStart via MIDI didn't update the transport position on the GUI if the clock was stopped.
* Fixed document switcher to scroll back to top when a new document set is Opened, on New, and on Clear All.
* Fixed patcher display glitch where some ports would remain incorrectly colored after reconnecting patch cords.
Download Here:
Password: ozmosis

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