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Tuesday, 20 October 2009


Cubase 5 - Advanced Music Production System

Cubase 5 comes with fully integrated new tools for working with
loops, beats and vocals, such as LoopMash and VariAudio,
combining with new composition features and the first VST3
convolution reverb to take musical creativity to new heights.
With stunning innovations and additional enhancements that boost
productivity and performance, Cubase 5 represents the absolute
cutting edge in digital audio workstations.

New Features in Cubase 5

Cubase 5 adds even more creative possibilities and new
technologies to the worldÆs premier music production software
developed by Steinberg ù providing the finest tools to
producers, composers and musicians in any musical genre.
VariAudio and PitchCorrect provide integrated intonation editing
for monophonic vocal recordings. Groove Agent ONE and Beat
Designer change the game for beat creation, while the
revolutionary LoopMash seamlessly blends loops, creating
unimaginable variations. VST Expression tools for composers
combine with the first VST3 convolution reverb and improved
automation for more dynamic mixes. And an array of additional
enhancements and 64-bit technologies boost performance ù all
designed to inspire further musical creativity and productivity.

Beat Creation and Loop Mangling

Cubase 5 features outstanding new tools for creating beats,
generating exciting new rhythms and working with loops.

Mash it up

LoopMash is a revolutionary virtual instrument that offers a
unique and innovative way of creatively working with loops and
beats to create stunning new rhythms and grooves. Seamlessly
blendable variations of both the included loops and any loop
from your library open up myriad new creative possibilities.
LoopMash is based on a new audio analysis/synthesis engine,
developed in collaboration with Yamaha, that matches similar
elements across loops and beats, generating fresh and inspiring
"mash-ups" from any rhythmic audio material.

* Brand-new, first-of-its-kind interactive loop synthesizer

* Creates entirely new and unique variations on the fly by
simply dragging existing loops from MediaBay or the Project
Window onto LoopMash

* Entirely synced to the Cubase Tempo

* Integrated editing tools and powerful live performance mode
with user-definable scenes

Drum sampling deluxe

Groove Agent ONE pairs powerful drum sampling with detailed
sound shaping ù seamlessly integrated into Cubase. Not only does
it boast sliced loop and MPC-import but rocks right out of the
box with its own custom library of only the finest acoustic,
urban, hip hop and dance drum kits! Each of its virtual pads
features a complete sound processing section that gives full
control of textures, timbres and expressive qualities of each
drum sound. Creation of custom kits with drag and drop from the
MediaBay allows an extremely fluid and easy workflow.

* Support for WAV, AIFF and the legendary MPC format

* Easy-to-use interface ù the perfect fusion of functionality
and simplicity

* Powerful editing section for each drum sound

* Automatically maps sliced Cubase audio parts or multiple audio
events across the pads by simply dragging them directly to
Groove Agent ONE

* Convert sliced audio loops to MIDI by dragging them back to a
MIDI track

Beat it!

Beat Designer is a hot new beat construction plug-in that allows
you to get hands-on with beats for step programming and
designing drum patterns in an easy yet powerful way, working
hand in hand with Groove Agent ONE. Getting really interactive
with different grooves and variations has never been easier:
Beat Designer organizes several patterns at once in customizable
banks and can trigger each of them in real time and synced to
Cubase with a MIDI keyboard.

* Supports up to 64 steps per pattern

* Customizable resolution and time signature

* Support for flam hits and rolls

* Individual volume settings for each element in a beat allowing
full control of the dynamics of any groove

* Comes with dozens of beats in various styles perfectly
matching the Groove Agent ONE kits

(PC Only)


Dongle EMU fix:

Cubase brought to you by: Sp33dy


jayjay said...

Yes, finally, I was waiting for too long !!!! Great Job!!
Thanks you very very much!!!!

Anonymous said...

And the password?

Anonymous said...

whats the pass???

Anonymous said...

What's the password?

Vej said...

My bad, pass is

Princewill said...

will we ever have a things of this kind for mac users in future? jayjay waited patiently and hes just got it for his win setup...

do something for mac users too Audiopirate, we count on you.

mstrpig said...

please re-up rar13, it's the only one not working. thanks very much for everything

Anonymous said...

Can anyone tell me if ithis is a stable version allready ? Thanks
Good job by the way
Ras B

Anonymous said...

Is is working? No bugs, no crashes etc?? Did anyone test it?
Holy shit, that would be very nice, if that crack really works!! Thanks alot!

Anonymous said...




seb said...

have used it for several hours now, seems to work perfectly!!

Leroy said...

please re-up rar14, it's the only one not there. thanks very much for everything

Anonymous said...

Hi All,

This version is 100% working, just follow the instructions.
The Guys of Air did a great job, where would we be without them :-)

Anonymous said...

I use IT For 3 DAy, No cRash, Trust Me iT's ReaL, Team air ! BIIIIIIIIIGG THanks

Sp33dy said...

mstrpig, please try downloading part 13 again. I'm pretty sure it's not currupted. Nobody else has been having any troubles with it. I can re-up it if needed but I think its working fine.

Anonymous said...

why do I need the extra dongle emulation, there is one included in the setup of C5?! is there an Difference between the two?

Anonymous said...

any feedback on this release? been waitin a long a time for this... anyone tested it yet? any comments greatly appreciated... still #1 mr.pirate... cheers


HowwL said...

This is finally the real deal...
Doctor tested .. mother approved

A Legit AiR release..
the second dongle is an update for the first..

Anonymous said...

Burning suggestions for the >4.3G file, please?

Anonymous said...

Had first Proplems!!! When I open C5 the BAIOS (don´t know what it is, do you?) can´t get load. When I choose "continue" the App works great at the first view. Then I tried to refresh the Media bay while playing around with this great app at the same time. After some time it crashed down totaly! Any ideas???

Anonymous said...

thx howl and thanx to all who run the best audio site on the net... keep it up guys...


Vej said...

"Burning suggestions for the >4.3G file, please?"

Dual layer burner and dvd's?
Or just mount the image with a virtual drive and install from that. No need to burn it at all.

Anonymous said...

Hello, will this work with WIN XP 64 bit systems?

Anonymous said...

You guys keep thanking audiopirate, what the hell?. Thank the fucking geniuses of the one and only *TEAM AIR* This is finally working after so many attemps by wanna be crackers> Team Air you guys are the fucking best!!!!

Anonymous said...

K, nevermind about the 64bit, just read the NFO. 32 bit only but will run as such on a 64bit system.

h said...

it's christmas time already !!!

Anonymous said...

i Dloaded all the files..burnt the iso image to a disc...and when i try to install it a message pops up sayin' "this installation package could not be open"...anyone else have this problem?please help

Anonymous said...

I need some help finding the original dongle emulator from team AiR, anyone have a link they can post. It would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.


P.S Audio Pirate ROCKS!!!

Anonymous said...

This is something i just MOST have.

I will buy this program if it is just as good as it seems to b.

Thanks so much for this.
And dont you ever stop.

Anonymous said...

"Burning suggestions for the >4.3G file, please?"

Use a burner. That was easy.

Anonymous said...

Can't get the dongle fix work. Please help!!!!!!!! :-|

Anonymous said...

on "Windows 7" i have to use it in compatibility mode "windows xp sp3", otherwiese it crashes..... onyone to confirm?

Anonymous said...

This is working perfect..!! Thanks a loottt to the AiR Team, and also,to AUDIOPIRATE..!! \m/

Anonymous said...

i have the same problem with the c5emu...the screen just pops up for a second. any ideas?

tom said...

How do you install this? I downloaded all of them and its an iso file .. i ead that you have to burn it on cd DVD but its 6 TGB... any ideas?

Vej said...

Look up about 13 posts above yours...

Use a virtual drive.

Daemon tools or Alcohol 120% or Nero even...

tom said...

Vej said...
"Burning suggestions for the >4.3G file, please?"

Dual layer burner and dvd's?
Or just mount the image with a virtual drive and install from that. No need to burn it at all.

Thank Vej .. I dont think i have a virtual drive though... hmmm any other ideas sorry to be a pain.

Vej said...


Get daemon tools, Alcohol 120% or even Nero has a virtual drive built into it. There are lots of virtual cd drives available...

Try searching Google for "how to use an iso file".

tom said...

Ok Vej .. I got the virutal drive working and comes up to run it like a normal DVD drive ... nothing happens after i do this though...

When i unzipped the original rar contents there were 21 parts but it seems that the first one is the only one that unzipped and the rest want to overrdie files... is this correct? do i override them or unzip them and replace?

Vej said...

When you open the first rar file if it asks to overwrite files you can say yes or no, just dont cancel. After it extracts all the files you should have an iso file at least 4 - 4.5 gb in size. Mount that then run the installer from the disk in the virtual drive.

tom.spinelli said...

Got It! Thanks! Sorry to be a hassle. It would run from the insaller i had to manually go into the virstual drive and clock setup. Thanks! seems to be running good so far.

Anonymous said...

"Had first Proplems!!! When I open C5 the BAIOS (don´t know what it is, do you?) can´t get load. When I choose "continue" the App works great at the first view. Then I tried to refresh the Media bay while playing around with this great app at the same time. After some time it crashed down totaly! Any ideas???"

I have this problem too... any suggestion?¡? help me pls =(

razia said...

i have tried all day long to get the synsoacc.dll.
has anyone the same problem as me? cuas ethat same stuff happened to me in 2 computers with cubase 4 long time ago. Can my prblem be solved???

razia said...

Any answer?

HowwL said...

not sure what BAIOS is.. if it thinks its a vst etc, and is not .. remove it from the list..

dont know how to help you razia ..
I do know this version works

razia said...

its not vst synsoacc.dll
uts the one entering to the system folder
do you have it separately?

Anonymous said...

hm...cubase 5 works fine, but the old h2O emu isn´t working after the installation...i´ve tried to reinstall, but don´t working...can somebody help?

Anonymous said...

I unzipped all the files, mount the iso and when I try to install it does nothing at all. Can someone help!

global said...

AVG told me that the dongle emulation fix is a virus!!!

a backdoor.hupigons5.ARZS trojaner!


Anonymous said...

hmmm i think number 5 might need re uploading cuz it wont let me DL i tell me my DL limit is reach but ive been able to DL everythink else fine its just part 5 thats playin up can some 1 please help??

spinnny said...

could some 1 explain how to extrack i un rar it and i keep gettin errors please soem1 help me

Anonymous said...

Rapidshare Link is dead.