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Saturday, 31 October 2009

DirectGuitar v.2.1 (for Kontakt)

Pettinhouse has released version 2.1 of DirectGuitar, an innovative 9Gb electric guitar sample library for NI Kontakt 2-3 direct recorded for amp simulator.

DirectGuitar 2.1 introduces three new articulations:

2.Tapping Maj scale.
3.Unison Bends.

Brought to you by................Oltos


Anonymous said...

holyfcuk this thing suckssh1t like it was rimming an elephant with diarrhea ... flubbed notes, not normalized, background noise, weak and thin sounding samples, etc. it literally sounds like it was recorded in someone's bedroom on a laptop with a realtech soundcard while watching tv, surfing the net for pr0n and playing the axe with his d1ck.

Vej said...

Well "Anonymous",
First your an idiot.
Second do you even bother to learn how something was intended to be used?
Why do you suppose it's called DirectGuitar?
This is a guitar signal sent directly into the input of a sound card. No amp sims, no FX, NOTHING.
It was intended to route Kontakts output into Amplitube or Guitar Rig, or TH1...
That way you can get a realistic sounding guitar from your keyboard.

So please, spare us your foul mouthed rant. You only show yourself to be a fool.

Vej said...

Anonymous said...

Everytime I load this in Kontakt 4 I can only use it for 15 minutes before Kontakt turn the sound of. Apparently, I nedd to register this Pack, but how do I do this without a serial number? Thanks!