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Monday, 28 September 2009

IK Multimedia Miroslav Reason Refill Volume 2 Choirs

IK Multimedia Miroslav Reason Refill Volume 2 Choirs

Miroslav Refills Vol. 2: Choir - Legendary Choir Samples
Classical male and female human voice choirs with performance articulations and individual syllables for the ultimate in expression and tonal variation. From ohs, ahs, uhs to syllables like Po, Do, Re, Mi, Si, glissandos and other performance variations, these choirs cover a wide range of colors and are the ideal companion to the Miroslav orchestra. Includes additional bonus symphonic textures and powerful interactive orchestra combis.

This library contains:

* Multisamples for Combinator
* Multisamples for NN-XT
* 2.14 GB
* 305 sounds

Miroslav Refills.
Plug-in every sound within Reason.
6 volumes and 1 collection of new orchestral and choir sounds for the new Reason® 3.0. The widest range of sounds available from a single source to cover virtually any sounds needs for Reason users.

The Miroslav Refills™ from Sonic Reality are a series of dynamic orchestral sound collections featuring the legendary symphonic samples of Miroslav Vitous in Reason 3 Refill format. Each Miroslav Refill comes on a DVD and includes additional articulations, ensembles and performance elements designed for use with Reason 3's Combinator module and NN-XT sampler.

Miroslav orchestral samples are considered to be some of the most lush and beautiful ever created. Now these sounds are available specifically for Reason Users with a custom Combinator module to shape and craft the sound with! 6 new titles from the Sonic Refill series contain collections of instruments recorded by the legendary Miroslav Vitous, with emotional quality and true acoustic spatial positioning in the Prague’s Dvorak Hall.
Collapse Specifications and additional product information

Miroslav Reason Refill Vol 2 Choir Specifications and Requirements

* Reason 2.5 or higher.
* Reason 3.0 is necessary to utilize the Combinator modules.

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