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Friday, 7 August 2009

ToonTrack.DrumTracker.v1.0.2 (Mac & PC)

Drumtracker is a stand alone, host independent, multi-track audio to MIDI converter. Specifically designed to convert drum session audio recordings to MIDI files for drum replacement purposes, Drumtracker will grant your drums a new lease of life.
Feed > Convert > Replace, three easy steps to bring your drum tracks into the 21st Century!
The built-in filters in Drumtracker allow you to quickly detect the most common instruments and specify the velocity threshold for each section of your song. In addition, you may, of course, save your own filter presets to gain valuable time when sound replacing.
Best of all, Drumtracker lets you select which part or parts of a drum audio track to convert, down to each single hit. You can change the velocity, delete, add or move trigger points to your requirements, giving you manual control of tracking and converting audio to MIDI, to supplement automatic detection.
Audition the triggered parts using Drumtracker built-in sample library, then, when you are happy with the result, convert the MIDI rendered by Drumtracker to the mapping system of your favorite drum sampler.
A journey back in time
I started playing in my first serious band just when the record format shifted from vinyl to CD. With that first band we even managed to release a vinyl EP before CD took over.
After we made that EP, we made a bunch of recordings, both for a CD that we released and just some demos in the studio with the songs of the original EP in new versions. Every time we re-recorded those songs we tried capturing the feel of the first cut on that EP. We never succeeded. The new recordings always came out more competent than the originals but also a lot less emotional.
Before this turns into an article in any well-known rock mag where the thirtysomething rock journalist tries to delve into the mysteries of lost youth, I know you're asking yourself: in which way does this relate to presenting a software tool designed for converting audio recordings of drums to MIDI?
Well, back then, if only I (or we) had the means to capture both the sound and emotion of the original 8-track recordings of that EP, it seems obvious I could just have used this tool to regain the feeling of the moment caught on tape. By solely replacing the sounds, we could have achieved what we were looking for - a better sounding recording... at least for one part of the track.
With the tools that Toontrack Music and others have developed to make digital instruments sound like they came out of a full-on studio, when in fact they were produced on a laptop computer, the improved sound quality is easily achievable, undoubtedly.
The feeling is another thing. For that you need to go back to the original multi track recordings. Toontrack has endevored and will keep on striving in a direction where we can offer all components that a writer, performer, or producer might need to make better music.
Drumtracker is another step in that direction. So, whether you're a seasoned pro that works with replacing drums on an every day basis, or somebody who wants to update the sound but not the feeling of their classic garage recordings, go catch the feeling! (includes Both pc & mac links)

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