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Wednesday, 19 August 2009


All Stillwell Plugins Bundle including:

Bad Buss Mojo
Event Horizon
Major Tom
The Rocket
Transient Monster
Psycho Dither

more info at:


Anonymous said...

Thank you!

can someone refresh me on how to work the keygen/reg entries?

thank you

Vej said...

You need to use the keygen to generate a license file(one for each plug). It will be in the same folder as the keygen after you generate it.

After that you need to move those licence files into your VST plug in directory. Usually thats:
C:\Program Files\Steinberg\VstPlugIns

Anonymous said...

Umm.. I think you accidentally deleted the fix before repacking the archive when you added the freeware "Bitter" VST in the pack. There is NO fuggen kgn inside! LOL!! I think you are overworked. Get some rest dude (not b4 posting the fix).

Vej said...

Umm "Anonymous",

Look again... When you unrar the files you will have many folders, one for each plug. Below all those folders is a file called "keygen.exe" what do you suppose that is?
Also I packed the "fuggen" files released by Team AiR. I didn't add or leave anything out.
BTW~ I work quite well on little sleep ... I have to. Because I waste so much time dealing with people like you who seem to think I owe them something?
Look again and how about you post using your name? So everyone can see who it is thats wrong...

Vej said...

Sorry for being a little harsh...
Perhaps you AV is quarantining the keygen. When you open the archive (before actually decompressing it), within winrar look inside the folder. You will see the file keygen.exe listed along with the plug in folders. The keygen is clean. No virus. But I wont tell you to use it if your not comfortable with it.
But please... I'm not anywhere even close to being new at this stuff. I can make mistakes but it's rare. Please dont be a smart ass when your getting something for nothing.

Anonymous said...

"After that you need to move those licence files into your VST plug in directory. Usually thats:
C:\Program Files\Steinberg\VstPlugIns"

I don't need to enter them in my registry? Just whatever folder the plugins are in?

Vej said...

Sorry I wasn't very clear before..

1. Generate a license file for each plugin with the keygen.
2. Each file you make with the keygen needs to go in the folder for that plug.
3.Copy all the plugin folders into your vst folder. Usually that is "C:\Program Files\Steinberg\VstPlugIns"
4. Run your VST host (DAW) and the plugs should be ready to use.
I hope that makes it more clear.

Anonymous said...

Thanks! Stillwell makes awesome plugins.

Anonymous said...

thanks vej! these are great and loaded fine. anywhere i might find waves-tony maserati bundle or chandler limited-abbey road?
Keep-up the good work!&thanks again!

Vej said...

Maserati is not available cracked. Some stuff we just have to buy...

And I find only "Abbey Road TG 12413 Limiter v2.0 VST - AiR" when I searched

Anonymous said...

thanks vej. plan to buy once i settle on a few. good to try before you buy. would have been upset if i had paid for some of these before i got to give them a go. most of my go-to plugins were out there as freeware. comp, eq, etc. appreciate the search.

Lenno said...

Sorry for being a little bit slow, but what is the pass for the rar file found in the txt file?

Anonymous said...

thank you but the password for unzip is not correct.