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Friday, 17 July 2009

Crysonic nXtasy V2-pc and mac

Analog based multi-Octave Harmonic saturation Audio DSP
plug-in. 64-Bit internal precision nXtasy can be used through
out the entire chain of music production from tracking, live use
to mixing & final mastering. The primary ability of nXtasy is to
add multi-octave harmonics and en-duce tube like saturation
effects. It is especially potent for enhancing and adding punch
and clarity to any audio material as well as enhancing any sound
lacking in harmonic content. nXtasy V2 is ' Extremely CPU'
efficient & can easily be applied to many tracks at once without
straining system resources and thus opening many creative uses.
Comprising of a very user friendly interface with an LCD Panel
layout, nXtasy V2 enables rapid tweaking to establish the right
sound for your requirements.

nXtasy V2 Key Features:

• Multi-Octave Vintage Harmonic Adjustment
• Analog Saturation induction
• Tape Saturation induction
• Separate Left and Right Channel control
• Linking of Harmonics Channels
• Graphical LCD Panel
• Mouse Over Help / Hint per control
• Wet / Dry Mix Dial
• Full automation for all parameters via the host
• Extremely efficient CPU usage
• 64-bit internal precision
• 24bit/96Khz audio support
• Highly optimized assembly DSP code with Vectorization
on the Mac OS X Platform

• nXtasyV2 Manual (included)


• Mastering, Mixing, Tracking, restoration,
audio post productionand track sweetening

Brought to you by.........didjital


Anonymous said...

what's the password??

Vej said...

"what's the password??"

In the text file, where you found the download link, look directly below the link... It says "Password: ********"

Anonymous said...

This software downloaded without a hitch on my mac . But It hasn't Played nice with logic pro 8 very well. the Au nor the Vst. They are in the right folders. The Au crashes the audio unit validation and gives a unexpected quit prompt, but the plugin still works as far as i can tell. The vst doesn't show up at all in logic under the vst plugins even though I have the vst wrapped in au format. They work fine In other editors such as peak pro and audacity etc. Just thought id let you guys know. The Do work But just problematic for logic users. In my experience with it.
Thanks for all the other great plugins. would love to see more mac osx plugins posted on this site

su7a7s said...


join the forum, we have a mac section with lots of mac users who'll discuss and share great plugs with you

Gorra said...

I downloaded the file perfectly and I have both .vst and .component files but there is no sign of a nXtasy.dpm . do you know how can I make the plugin run on pro tools if I don't have de .dpm file?

thanks for all the magic in this place.
Gorra, Diego, Argentina.