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Thursday, 25 June 2009

T-RackS 3 Singles-DYNAMiCS

T-RackS 3 Singles
Single Effects Processor series

T-RackS 3 Single Effects Processor series offers each of the 10 modules included in the award-winning T-RacKS 3 Deluxe Mastering & Mixing Suite, available as individual processors that operate as native VST, AU, or RTAS plug-in, for more convenient usage inside any popular DAW when mixing individual tracks.

In addition to being used as a plug-in on individual tracks, all T-RackS 3 singles can be integrated into the the T-RackS 3 Standard Mastering & Mixing Suite as a user’s needs expand. For example, a user who owns the T-Racks 3 Standard suite can add the Vintage Compressor 670 module and integrate it into the 12 slots in the series/parallel chain for sophisticated routing and parameter recall.

The T-RackS 3 Single Effects Processor series includes these 10 plug-ins:

* Vintage Tube Compressor/Limiter model 670
* Vintage Tube Program Equalizer
* Opto compressor
* Intelligent, multi-algorithm Brickwall limiter
* High precision, high definition Linear Phase Equalizer
* Classic T-RackS Compressor
* Classic T-RackS Multi-band Limiter
* Classic T-RackS Clipper
* Classic T-RackS Equalizer
* High quality, high precision, complete metering suite


* 10 individual mixing/mastering processors series comprised of 3 analog and vintage emulations (including models based on the Fairchild 670 and the Pultec EQP-1A), 2 digital processors as well the 4 classic T-RackS processors plus metering suite with Peak, Perceived Loudness, Phase, and RMS meters, plus a Spectrum analyzer with Peak, RMS and Averaging indicator
* VST, Audio Unit and RTAS plug-ins for any compatible DAW on Mac or PC
* New high-fidelity oversampling with crystal clear transparency, for high quality audio processing
* A-B-C-D quick comparison settings allow to compare various processor set-ups with one click
* New SCC™ technology coupled with IK’s unique DSM™ technology provides the most realistic software emulation of vintage gear to date
* Can be integrated within T-RackS 3 Standard Mastering & Mixing Suite plug-in or standalone
* Presets can be read within module presets in T-RackS 3 Deluxe or Standard Mastering & Mixing Suite
* Extremely affordable: each plug-in are available for a fraction of what comparable sound quality plug-ins cost
* Current owners of T-RackS 3 Deluxe or Standard suites will be given the individual modules (included in the package they purchased) as a FREE download in their IK User Area

T-RackS 3 Single Effects Processor series has all the tools you need to create superb, tube-toned or digital-tuned, mixes and masters on you DAW.

Its rich, warm sound combines new tube-modeled and state-of-the-art digital processors on top of its classic top-notch analog classics. The complete metering section keeps all the most important variables of your sound under control. A truly superior set of processors that will put a polish on your tracks you may have never thought possible. All this, while adding the beautiful warmth and space of the tube devices it emulates. No other plug-in series offers this kind of dedicated environment for such an important task, and nothing sounds like T-RackS 3.

Download PC:

Download Mac:

Brought to you by:
Mac - Aussie
PC - Me


Anonymous said...

Password please.....

Vej said...

Read the text file.

Anonymous said...

won't open once I download it. Says can't open

Dave said...

Thank you! No problems, everything works great.

Vej said...

"won't open once I download it. Says can't open"

Sorry I cant help much there as I'm not a Mac user. If you join the forum we have a Mac help section...

Anonymous said...

version please

Vej said...

"version please"

Miguel said...

For mac users:

Use the programm "The Unarchiver" for unzipping.

This works!

Thanks for uploading!

Dave said...

On Mac - Archive Utility won't open it but Stuffit Expander will. Try that.

Anonymous said...

PC link is dead. :/

Vej said...

link will come back up... ifile is having trouble...

Gizotti said...

the password on the textfile is not working.
could anyone help me pls?

Vej said...

"the password on the textfile is not working.
could anyone help me pls?"

Can you be a bit more specific? The Mac or the Pc release?

There is no passwords on the rar files with the txt inside...

Gizotti said...

oh, im sorry, its for PC.
the text file with the links has a password, but its not working when i try to extract it.

Vej said...

I just tested the password and its works on my end.


Anonymous said...

what is the authorization code

NECKSTEP said...

Les lien dans le text sont mort !

The Links in the Text are dead !!
(For PC)