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Tuesday, 30 June 2009


Voxelay is a diverse effect plug-in designed explicitly to enhance vocals. Traditional chorus, delay, or reverb effects are possible with Voxelay, but more esoteric delay effects are a prime possibility - dub style echos, micro-burst comb-filtering, soprano choirs, and much more are easily obtained with Voxelay.

Voxelay consists of five independent delay layers which can be turned on and off individually. Each layer has the following self inclusive components:

* Pitchshift with audio-buffer setting (plus LFO).
* Vowel Filter for harmonic overtones.
* Delay unit with timing-buffer offset.
* Modulation with feedback setting.
* Stereo Pan (plus LFO for Auto-Pan).
* Stereo Width Offset.
* Analog Filter with Cut-Off and Resonance controls.
* Volume.
* Wet/Dry mix.

Voxelay also has global volume and wet/dry settings, plus global clipping control, and a fully stereo global reverb.

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Anonymous said...

you idiot, its freeware!

Vej said...

nobody said it wasn't... did they?

Anonymous said...

don´t badmouth audiopirate, it´s a sin!

su7a7s said...

these fuckin' cunts make me laugh... relax u little twat, we're here to help each other make better music in the didgal age, not for a smarmy one upmanship tournament. if you're so fucking smart why don't you go form your own blog? Oh right, i forgot, it's cos you got no connections in the warez underworld. if you want to be a leech, then at least be a polite leech. mothersucking cockfuckers!!!!

Vej said...

We will always get trolls like that guy coming to the blog... I only approved the "idiot" comment so people can see the kind of bs we put up with to bring this stuff to you all.
On another note just because it's free dont mean it's not worth having here. I would think we would all enjoy the chance to have a plug thats not pirated. "God forbid" we take the chance to be honest every now and then...