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Tuesday, 23 June 2009


Sawer is a vintage modeling synthesizer, that cuts through the mix to deliver precisely articulated and punchy sounds.

Sawer pays homage to the envelopes and filters of a rare 1980's Soviet analog synthesizer, Polivoks. Maxx has devoted meticulous attention to the detail of Sawer's filter and envelope designs, ensuring Sawer delivers a unique sonic character reminiscent of the Polivoks hardware. But Polivoks, like all analog synthesizers, wasn't without its problems. Keeping the oscillators stable and in tune has been likened to 'moving a pile of live frogs, by wheelbarrow', impossible! As Sawer is algorithmic, this solves the problems of tuning and stability, however, in the same way electrical component instability makes analog gear unique (if not cranky), Sawer benefits from the 21st century equivalent, a coding error.


* Main oscillator for subtractive synthesis: SAW shape with Sync frequency.
* Sub oscillator (-2 to +2 octaves) with level, phase & detune controls.
* 1 NOISE Oscillator.
* Variable polyphony (1 to 24 voices).
* SYNC & RING frequency modulation.
* 8 voice UNISON with user-adjustable stereo panning, detune and ‘Octaver’.
* 2 ADSR envelope generators (one user-assignable to modulation parameters).
* 4 FILTER modes - low pass (24 & 12 dB/Oct), band pass and high pass.
* Chorus, Phaser, Delay & Reverb effects
* Muti-mode Arpeggiator.

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Anonymous said...

the file has nothing in it?

Vej said...

There is a text file with a pretty cool little ascii tube and some text...
Open that text file in notepad and you will find the links you are after.

Anonymous said...

Does it work for mac or not ?


Anonymous said...

Does it work for mac ?


Vej said...

PC only...

Anonymous said...

I like this one thaaaanxxx

Anonymous said...

how do you enter the crack to make it a registered version?

i keep getting a dropdown screen that silences everything for a few seconds.


Anonymous said...

I replace de .dll in the \vstplugins folder, but the soft still is a demo :(

Anonymous said...

you're doing better... i don't even know how to install it
: P
setup requires a fl studio folder, but... what is that? another software?

thanx, anyway : )

-Jim- said...

Copy n paste the .dll file into C:\Program Files\Image-Line\Sawer and into your VST directory and the job is done.

@ Alex.L.C.

At the start of the installation (the thrid dialog) you need to uncheck 'FL plugin'.

Anonymous said...

Ya still demo version for me do you crack it?