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Friday, 12 June 2009


Designed in the early 1950s, the Fairchild is a variable-mu tube limiter. It features an unusual form of vacuum tube that is capable of changing its gain dynamically.
This means that in addition to featuring a tube audio stage like an LA-2A, the Fairchild actually achieves gain reduction through the use of tubes.
Bomb Factory's no-compromise replicas try to capture every detail of these legendary pieces of studio gear.



Blowjohn said...

You'd better specify this is RTAS-TDM only.

Anonymous said...

can it use with Cubae?

Anonymous said...

Fine shit, best Fairchild plug !!!
If you have the Focusrite Forte Suite WITHOUT clicks and crackles...

Thanks !

BigDropz said...

I nedd a better copy. the installation folder was empty. Can someone help me out?

Anonymous said...

no key?

Anonymous said...

These are good, however no replica plugin of the fairchild even comes as close as UAD's version...believe me guys! I've tried them ALL.... Every single one out there and to compare....UAD's is worth every cent..and No I am not affiliated with the company...

BigDropz said...

How do i authorize this plugin. wher do i put the files

Mr. M said...

it asked for iLok authorization... any suggestion?
i'm on a pc