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Sunday, 21 June 2009


Aether is an "Auto Randomizing Algorithmic Reverb Software plug-in".

Features and specification:

* Extreme precision floating-point engine - claimed to rival the best hardware reverb units available.
* "Impeccable" specifications in Space, Time, and Frequency response.
* Unique pervasive Auto-Randomizing scheme throughout the entire algorithm which keeps mixes sounding alive.
* Non-Exponential Decay curves for "lush" sound.
* Discrete Early Reflection and Late Reflection Engines.
* 33 Space Type Models.
* Over 250 factory presets ranging from sublime acoustic emulations to extreme sound-design ambiences.
* Reverb Decay Time range from 0.10sec to 120sec plus an Infinite Decay Mode.
* Frequency Dependant Decay Time Scaling.
* True Stereo and Hybrid Stereo modes.
* Coded in assembly and optimized with SSE for extreme efficiency.
* 4 sample latency. Suitable for use in tracking and performance.
* Supported Sample Rates of up to 192K.
* Intuitive futuristic GUI designed for maximum control and ease of use.

Brought to you by... CapnCrunch & didjital


Anonymous said...

what's the password???

Vej said...

I know you read some of the text file because you have the rar... below each link there is a password...

Megaupload link: pass:AuDiOpIrAtE

RS link: pass:

There is no pass on the text file...

Abiodun said...


Anonymous said...

I'm having trouble installing this one. I double click the setup.exe file in the rar but nothing happens.

Any ideas?

Anonymous said...

Love you!!!

Anonymous said...

please, I've got the Serial, but I don't know where can I register...

Please please please...

Sorry, I'm french