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Monday, 18 May 2009


REAKTOR ANIMATED CIRCUITS provides a world of new sounds from the outer reaches of the sonic universe. Based on five exceptional REAKTOR 5 ensembles including the unique, new Spiral sequencer, this KORE SOUNDPACK explores the world of endless, self-generating ambient soundscapes, textures and rhythms. Perfect for various electronic music styles, movie and game scoring, art projects, and more, REAKTOR ANIMATED CIRCUITS invokes a future that ranges from dystopian paranoia to abstract, meditative electronic states.
REAKTOR ANIMATED CIRCUITS contains 200 new sounds that take full advantage of the unparalleled sound generation capabilities of the REAKTOR 5 engine embedded in KORE 2 and KORE PLAYER. Four outstanding sound generators from the REAKTOR 5 library - SpaceDrone, Metaphysical Function, Skrewell and Newscool - are complemented by the intriguing new Spiral sequencer. Spiral introduces a unique, intuitive approach to music, with concentric sequencing lanes and advanced algorithms that create fluctuating, kaleidoscopic melodies.

REAKTOR ANIMATED CIRCUITS is unlike anything else - each "instrument" plays itself, generating evolving sounds and endless patterns in a unique way. The user focuses on manipulating parameters and shaping the direction of the piece, with the most important parameters mapped to the KORE PLAYER and KORE 2 interface. Some ensembles contain a "random" button that randomizes certain parameters, resulting in highly unusual results.

Owners of REAKTOR 5 and KORE 2 can dig even deeper into REAKTOR ANIMATED CIRCUITS, with full access to the interface panels of the individual ensembles. The Spiral ensemble itself is also available as a free download for all REAKTOR 5 owners in the NI Service Center or Update manager....

Number of KoreSounds: 200
Sound Categories: Soundscapes, effect sounds, drones, melodic sequences, drumloops
KORE integrated engines utilized: REAKTOR, KORE effects
Download size: 25MB
System requirements: KORE 2 or KORE PLAYER
Additional info: Contains SpaceDrone, Metaphysical Function, Skrewell, Newscool, and new ensemble Spiral Sequencer. REAKTOR 5 users can download Spiral for free via the Service Center.

Get it here:

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Anonymous said...

hmm, i followed the branches and it is asking for a cd-key?

Anonymous said...

I can't install it. It's asking a serial number.

Vej said...

Did you read the dynamics.nfo file? I'm betting you didn't....

Anonymous said...

file is dead