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Sunday, 31 May 2009

D16 - DRUMAZON v1.0.3 incl. Keygen AIR

D16 - DRUMAZON v1.0.3 incl. Keygen AIR
Drumazon synthesis emulates all the sounds of the original 9O9. All the instruments are synthesized in exactly the same way as the original. All the nuances and detail of the original are captured perfectly. In addition, all Drumazon instruments have enhanced controls. This extra functionality allows the user to adjust the sounds further than on the original unit. This opens up a whole new world of sound creation.


* Emulated instruments' synthesis.
* Perfectly scaled knob ranges with few modifications enlarging spectrum of the sounds.
* Enhanced control of instruments' sound.
* Dynamic signal routing from instruments to outputs.
* User defined plugin output settings.
* Mutes/solos for each instrument (affect triggering not just the signal).
* Fully controllable via MIDI CC.
* Quick MIDI CC assignation with MIDI Learn function.
* Many ways of controlling the device:
1. External mode (note mode):
o MIDI map equivalent with the classic drum machine's map.
o MIDI tune and velocity controls instruments' levels and tunes.
2. Internal sequencer (pattern mode) with 3 sub modes:
o 8 banks with 12 patterns per bank.
o Each pattern up to 16 steps of length.
o Each pattern defined with one of four available measures.
o Each step can be defined normal or flamed and accented or not.
o Shuffle mode.
o Flam mode.
o Tap mode.
o Chain mode.
o Shuffle, Flam and TotalAccent values defined globally and per pattern.
o Scale function and intelligent Rescale (automatically stretches pattern to the chosen measure).
o Built in Randomizer (selection of instruments to random, steps to be affected, frequency of the randomized notes and more).
o Patterns import/export via human readable xml files.
* Two modes of synchronization:
1. Precise synchronization to the host tempo.
2. Synchronization to internal clock - tempo controlled in the range 30-303 BPM (+-0.1).
* Individual presets per instrument with preset manager to easy control.

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Anonymous said...

careful on D/L
multiple trogens

Anonymous said...

Hey there love the blog. Cant seem to get this one registered but. I have the keygen and it says i 'created a key' but wen i go into ableton it still says that the program is unregistered. Is there somewhere within the program i can just type in a key?

Anonymous said...

you have to copy the key to the program's directory - probably:

C:\Program Files\Steinberg\VstPlugins\D16 Group

copy the Nepheton.key file to that direcory ans all is well.

and an up-to-date Norton A/V found -NO- infections in this download.