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Independent Music Network

Independent Music Network
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Sunday, 31 May 2009


reFX presents VANGUARD, a new breed of virtual analog synthesizers. VANGUARD is the long awaited replacement for your old 19" hardware gear which you will never use again after you have tried VANGUARD.

VANGUARD is a complete new product. reFX has put all its knowledge and experience collected over the years into this project, and the result is audible: virtual analog synthesis has just made a big step forward.

VANGUARD combines the good old analog synthesizer idea with the latest technology. All analog devices of classic synthesizers are emulated by high-quality DSP (digital signal processing) functions. reFX spent a lot of time programming the synthesis functions, and the result is a warm and rich sounding synthesizer plugin with all the benefits of todays digital technology.

VANGUARD is more than just a simple synthesizer. It is equipped with 31 different type of oscillators, including uncommon digital oscillators with fresh modulation options. There is also a huge selection of filters. 13 filter types are onboard with different slopes and including a new kind of combined dual-filter variations.

In need of inspiration? No problem for VANGUARD - the trancegate and arpeggiator can help you out! The trancegate is a 16-step stereo-gate to create rhythmic gated patterns and the arpgeggiator comes with inspiring patterns and several play modes. In addition to these creative tools VANGUARD is equipped with a delay and reverb.

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Cakewalk Beatscape

Beatscape is a one-of-a-kind loop performance instrument that features 16 pads, 16 step generators, and 48 effects. Trigger loops, create fresh remixes, or get an original beat going for your song.

As far as I know, this is ONLY included with Sonar 8 PDR. Please note that this is JUST the VSTi and updates and does not include contect. If I get enough reqs, I will post the content (4.2gb uncompressed on disc). I have included Sonar 8 serials, in case you get prompted. I never installed Standalone without Sonar, so I can't say for sure if you need them or not.
Cakewalk Beatscape Including Updates

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D16 - DRUMAZON v1.0.3 incl. Keygen AIR

D16 - DRUMAZON v1.0.3 incl. Keygen AIR
Drumazon synthesis emulates all the sounds of the original 9O9. All the instruments are synthesized in exactly the same way as the original. All the nuances and detail of the original are captured perfectly. In addition, all Drumazon instruments have enhanced controls. This extra functionality allows the user to adjust the sounds further than on the original unit. This opens up a whole new world of sound creation.


* Emulated instruments' synthesis.
* Perfectly scaled knob ranges with few modifications enlarging spectrum of the sounds.
* Enhanced control of instruments' sound.
* Dynamic signal routing from instruments to outputs.
* User defined plugin output settings.
* Mutes/solos for each instrument (affect triggering not just the signal).
* Fully controllable via MIDI CC.
* Quick MIDI CC assignation with MIDI Learn function.
* Many ways of controlling the device:
1. External mode (note mode):
o MIDI map equivalent with the classic drum machine's map.
o MIDI tune and velocity controls instruments' levels and tunes.
2. Internal sequencer (pattern mode) with 3 sub modes:
o 8 banks with 12 patterns per bank.
o Each pattern up to 16 steps of length.
o Each pattern defined with one of four available measures.
o Each step can be defined normal or flamed and accented or not.
o Shuffle mode.
o Flam mode.
o Tap mode.
o Chain mode.
o Shuffle, Flam and TotalAccent values defined globally and per pattern.
o Scale function and intelligent Rescale (automatically stretches pattern to the chosen measure).
o Built in Randomizer (selection of instruments to random, steps to be affected, frequency of the randomized notes and more).
o Patterns import/export via human readable xml files.
* Two modes of synchronization:
1. Precise synchronization to the host tempo.
2. Synchronization to internal clock - tempo controlled in the range 30-303 BPM (+-0.1).
* Individual presets per instrument with preset manager to easy control.

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Tuesday, 19 May 2009

EMagic Logic 5.3 PC version

EMagic Logic 5.3 PC version


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Mellowmuse Mellowhead VST/RTAS 1.2

Mellowmuse Mellowhead VST/RTAS 1.2

Mellowmuse's Mellowhead amplifier and effects suite has decided to separate itself from the competition by focusing on key areas of amp simulation. The emphasis here is on creating the raw organic sound of a mic'd tube amp. There are 10 convolution based speaker cabinets and 10 different pre-amp/tone settings, ranging from clean to brutal distortion, as well as 3 band tone controls. The 5 effects pedals, reverb and cabinet bypass allow further creative shaping of your guitar sound. CPU has been kept as low, so multiple instances wont bring your DAW to its knees, Mellowhead produces no additional latency to hamper your playing.


* 10 pre-amp/amp settings.
* 10 convolution based guitar cabinets.
* 5 effects pedals, Tremolo, Delay, Chorus, Phaser and Tone Booster.
* CPU efficient design.
* Capable of a wide range of tones from clean to heavy overdriven tube amp sounds.
* Bass, Mid, Treble tone controls.
* Separate master and pre-amp gain controls.
* Reverb.
* Cabinet bypass.

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Monday, 18 May 2009



New program banks for Mono/Poly, MS-20 and Polysix by Korg

These fresh and eclectic new sounds take the MS-20, Polysix
and Mono/Poly to a new level:

* Mono/Poly: 128 new programs/1 bank (Load into either
C or D bank)
* MS-20: 32 new programs/1 bank
* Polysix: 32 new programs/1 bank


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REAKTOR ANIMATED CIRCUITS provides a world of new sounds from the outer reaches of the sonic universe. Based on five exceptional REAKTOR 5 ensembles including the unique, new Spiral sequencer, this KORE SOUNDPACK explores the world of endless, self-generating ambient soundscapes, textures and rhythms. Perfect for various electronic music styles, movie and game scoring, art projects, and more, REAKTOR ANIMATED CIRCUITS invokes a future that ranges from dystopian paranoia to abstract, meditative electronic states.
REAKTOR ANIMATED CIRCUITS contains 200 new sounds that take full advantage of the unparalleled sound generation capabilities of the REAKTOR 5 engine embedded in KORE 2 and KORE PLAYER. Four outstanding sound generators from the REAKTOR 5 library - SpaceDrone, Metaphysical Function, Skrewell and Newscool - are complemented by the intriguing new Spiral sequencer. Spiral introduces a unique, intuitive approach to music, with concentric sequencing lanes and advanced algorithms that create fluctuating, kaleidoscopic melodies.

REAKTOR ANIMATED CIRCUITS is unlike anything else - each "instrument" plays itself, generating evolving sounds and endless patterns in a unique way. The user focuses on manipulating parameters and shaping the direction of the piece, with the most important parameters mapped to the KORE PLAYER and KORE 2 interface. Some ensembles contain a "random" button that randomizes certain parameters, resulting in highly unusual results.

Owners of REAKTOR 5 and KORE 2 can dig even deeper into REAKTOR ANIMATED CIRCUITS, with full access to the interface panels of the individual ensembles. The Spiral ensemble itself is also available as a free download for all REAKTOR 5 owners in the NI Service Center or Update manager....

Number of KoreSounds: 200
Sound Categories: Soundscapes, effect sounds, drones, melodic sequences, drumloops
KORE integrated engines utilized: REAKTOR, KORE effects
Download size: 25MB
System requirements: KORE 2 or KORE PLAYER
Additional info: Contains SpaceDrone, Metaphysical Function, Skrewell, Newscool, and new ensemble Spiral Sequencer. REAKTOR 5 users can download Spiral for free via the Service Center.

Get it here:

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If you listen to 1 preset, every second, 24 hours a day, it will take you over 136 years to complete this task. It’s clear you will need backup, and you have it, your fellow Autogun users. Every Autogun is set to start from a unique preset number, so that each member of the team is assigned a personal starting address, ready to explore. However, you can at any time, jump to a new location in the preset-space by simply entering a preset number.

Once a prized sound is discovered, and it’s preset number logged, share them with other Autogun users or import them into Ogun, for detailed study or further development.

With so many presets Autogun needs no programming, every sound is already somewhere 'out there' you just need to locate it, and you will, Autogun's sonic landscape is a sonic adventure.

Key features:
Based on the Ogun synthesis engine
Enhanced by the Soundgoodizer, maximization engine
4294967296 amazing presets to explore


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Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Mr Sax-T v1.0 DXi VSTi RTAS

Mr Sax-T v1.0 DXi VSTi RTAS
Sample Modeling Mr Sax-T v1.0 DXi VSTi RTAS-DYNAMiCS
The Tenor Saxophone

Mr. Sax T. employs an entirely new technology, developed by Stefano Lucato when it became clear that all the previously applied approaches simply could not do. The technical name is Synchronous Wave Triggering. It uses samples as a base material, chromatically performed by a professional sax player over a very wide dynamic range, and recorded with state-of-the-art technology. The resulting timbre is therefore that of the real instrument. But the analogy with a sample based library ends here. The underlying, proprietary technology allows continuous interpolation among different vectors like time, dynamics, pitch and formants. Advanced real time processing techniques yield realistic legato/portamento, vibrato, ornamentations & trills with phase continuity, constant-formant pitchbends, subharmonics, growl and flutter tongue to be performed in real time.

Link: h**p://

Monday, 11 May 2009

PSP Audioware sQuad VST RTAS v1.1.1

PSP Audioware sQuad VST RTAS v1.1.1 + Keygen AiR
PSP sQuad is a bundle of four high-quality equalizer plug-ins.PSP sQuad equalizers are inspired by the best features and characteristics of classic analog hardware-musicality and simplicity. Although these EQs are easy to use we expanded their functionality by several features including variable high pass filters or switchable steepness for the shelving filters.These EQs are CPU efficient enough to be used at every stage of the creative process, from composition to tracking to final production/mixing/mastering.

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Thursday, 7 May 2009


Get your mack on with this collection of fine plugs.For more info visit:


Note: Introduced more host compatibility with this repack, ie: now works
in FL Studio =) The acuma plugs have also been made more compatible
(DSR & FinalMix) so there are no more GUI redraw exceptions.

These are the VST Plugins included with Mackie Traktion v2, however,
they have been unlocked so they are usable in any VST compatible host.
Normally these plugins are only usable by Mackie Traktion users.

The following plugins are included:

Final Mix

Final Mix enables you to master your sessions like a pro,
printing directly to hard disk or DAT, without having to
rely on expensive mastering houses or outboard gear.
Final Mix can dramatically elevate the quality of your
mixes and help you to create your own professional


The DSR-1 is a highly accurate, frequency controlled,
3-band dynamics processor. It enables you to quickly
isolate and correct unwanted sibilance in vocal recordings
of singers and speakers.

Mono Compressor

A high-quality plug-in for compressing and limiting mono
tracks like bass guitar and kick drum.

Mono Sidechain Compressor

The Sidechain allows the compressor to takes its cue from
a separate mono input, and apply its action to another.
For example, a vocal track can drop the level of a music
track (ducking), such as when an announcement is made over
background music.

Stereo Compressor

A great-sounding plug-in for compressing and limiting
stereo tracks including keyboards and overhead mics.

Stereo Sidechain Compressor

The Sidechain allows the compressor to takes its cue from
a separate stereo input, and apply its action to another.
For example, a vocal track can drop the level of a music
track (ducking), such as when an announcement is made over
background music.

Stereo 3-Band Compressor

This handy plug-in lets you compress three different
frequency-controlled bands independently for maximum
control and flexibility on recorded material that requires
transparent and unobtrusive compression. It's great for
accentuating a specific EQ range in a drum loop.

13Mb(1 rar)

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Awave Studio 10.1.iNViSiBLE(PC)

Awave Studio 10.1.iNViSiBLE(PC)
Awave Studio is a multi-purpose audio |:
:| tool that reads 260+ different audio |:
:| file formats from different platforms, |:
:| synthesizers and trackers. It can be |:
:| used in a variety of ways: as an audio |:
:| file format converter, an audio editor, |:
:| an audio and midi player, and, last but |:
:| not least, as a wavetable synthesizer |:
:| instrument editor and converter. |:
| :| |:.
:| h**p://

2Mb(1 rar)



Tuesday, 5 May 2009



ValveMaster, a fresh new design addressing realtime management of up to 2GB audio files with up to 32bit resolution. Unlike most common sofware on the market, based on evolutions of older sample editors, ValveMaster is completely new and takes advantage of DSP and disk-streaming engines from the award winning ProStationAudio non-linear editor for PowerPC platforms.

Design is based on a single full-screen window (no pop-ups) with extensive drag and drop capabilities and allows to operate on sounds in realtime as if working with real fx gear. No need to preview effects, no need to setup parameter windows, no need to navigate your hard-drive to load/save files. Extreme productivity boost.

A built-in database engine takes care of tracking, storing, recalling any kind of object generated on the fly (new recordings, new dsp settings, new presets, etc..) removing the need for deciding for file names, folders, remembering file locations on disk, etc. The database loads/saves automatically, so that all you have to do is dedicate yourself to producing sounds and let the software take care of the whole housekeeping.

For easily handling enormous amounts of audio files, ValveMaster supports audio-friendly searches and returns results in realtime thanks to advanced indexing and text keywords marking.

link: h**p://

Monday, 4 May 2009



MixMeister Fusion
The next step in digital DJ creativity

MixMeister Fusion set the standard for combining live DJ performance with the pinpoint precision of the best music production software. Version 7.2 includes breakthrough new features like an enhanced timeline, improved time-stretching and support for Mac OS X.

MixMeister Fusion doesn't limit you to simply combining a few loops and grooves together; Fusion is designed to mix complete DJ sets from full-length songs. You get the functionality of a loop editor or digital audio workstation, but you can blend songs together to create stunning DJ performances.

MixMeister Fusion frees you from monotonous tasks like beat matching, setting cue points, and counting beats in your head. It gives you the power to unleash your creativity and shape your music in a million ways, with live looping and remixing, VST effects, harmonic mixing and more.

You can manipulate tempo, volume, and EQ in real time, on-the-fly. It even records all your actions (not just the resulting audio), so you can go back, listen to your mix, and make precise adjustments with studio-style editing capabilities.

Fusion's live performance capabilities can be expanded via connectivity with MIDI hardware controllers. Export your completed mix as an MP3 or burned to a CD using the integrated burning tools. Whether you use it for live gigs or mix CD production, Fusion lets you achieve true performance perfection.

Highlights :: New with version 7.2

* Native Mac OSX version is universal binary for PowerPC or Intel processors
* Improved time stretching accurately matches beats with fast or slow tempos
* Enhanced timeline display provides clear division of measures
* Effect automation via MIDI controllers – External hardware can now manipulate effect parameters
* Support for stored EQ settings in transition templates for advanced users
* Fade and Cue Next feature fades and pauses your mix then starts at the next track – prefect for voice over announcements
* New master volume control for preview output – headphone and main out can be controlled independently

Other Fusion Highlights

* Play a live set while you preview any moment in your upstream mix
* Manipulate your mix in real time with a wide range of MIDI hardware controllers
* See your music take shape with an advanced timeline view
* VST audio effects (included) to process part of a track or your entire mix
* Mix up to 8 songs simultaneously with perfect sync
* Play with on–the–fly looping and remixing functions
* Change the tempo of a song without changing key
* Burn a flawless copy of your set to CD
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Ethnosphere vsti

Ethnosphere vsti
Packed as a convenient VST Sample Player, Ethnosphere is the rich source of ethnic sounds every musician has been waiting for. No more hassle looking through dozens of CD-ROMs looking for sounds the way you would with an ordinary soft sampler.

Ethnosphere comes with over 300 pristine quality sound banks and every sound is always instantly retrievable and perfectly accessible. Ethnosphere includes several kinds of Buzouki, Sitar, Koto Shamisen, Santur, Dulcimer, Psaltry, Harp, Zither, Saz, Mandolin, Banjo, Guitar, Pipe, Ethnic Orchestral Ensemble, Accordion, Musette as well as tons of percussion instruments and loops.

Ethnosphere can generate up to 64 voices of polyphony
(CPU dependent) at 24 BIT/96Khz quality and it really works magically thanks to 32 bit internal processing.

It just doesn't get any better than this! Ethnosphere, along with your VST midi sequencer, is all you'll ever need to inject a convincing ethnic flavour into your tracks.


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Saturday, 2 May 2009


(Imagine an impressive picture here)


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