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Saturday, 18 April 2009

VST Collection for Guitar and Bass

VST Collection for Guitar and Bass
Here's a collection of some lesser known, high quality VST plugins guitar and bass.
Included are:

CM Soldano SLO X-88
Overloud's first product, a simulation of the Soldano SLO X88R preamp.
(Hitherto only available from a Computer Music magazine CD, as well as scattered locations across the net, it's now available at AudioPirate)

Mason Software Dammit Distortion
A distortion effect designed to give the "Metallica sound" using a single plugin (A job that it does quite well). It features 4 distortion algorithms, as well as adjustable Pre Lo, Pre Gain, and Post Gain controls

D16 Group Redopter
A tube/transistor distortion simulator, is among the most realistic simulations available.

Studio Devil Virtual Guitar Amp
A guitar amp simulator that includes Marshall, Laney, Peavey, Matchless, Fender, Soldano, Vox, and Mesa Boogie amp simulations, as well as an excellent noise gate

Studio Devil Virtual Bass Amp
A bass amp simulator that covers all of the sounds from Motown to Metal, and everything in between. It has, in my opinion, the best sounding overdriven bass tone available in a plugin.

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ki said...

i cant get the studio devil virtual guitar amp to work, no seriels

Anonymous said...

hey, i play guitar - thank you so much for this! the guitar amp sims vst's and vsti's are getting so much better - they are a hot item! amazing post - thanx!

Anonymous said...

The noiziest - no serial for gui amp

soulsweet said...

I downloaded the studio devil amps which have asterisks by their rars indicating they need a password...I looked around your section of the page and cant seem to locate....Sorry if you put one their and I just missed it...

kirk said...


the password is in the word file that contains the real links, but there's no serial for the guitar amp by studio devil, everything else works fine though

Demian said...

This one has the reg file, put it on the installation folder and you got it unlocked.
(virtual guitar amp)


HowwL said...

cool thanks