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Thursday, 2 April 2009



ABSYNTH TWILIGHTS contains 200 additional ABSYNTH sounds including 1,600
sound variations that range from ethereal, enchanting pads to dark and
foreboding soundscapes.
You will find both tonal and atonal evolving atmospheres conjuring up
everything from heavenly to nightmarish ambiences. Perfect for game
designers, score producers and ambient electronic musicians. All sounds
make extensive use of ABSYNTH's flexible multi-stage envelopes and out-
standing sound shaping features, giving you truly unique sonic textures
for your productions.

Designed by Camel Audio / Biolabs
All the ABSYNTH TWILIGHTS sounds are created by renowned ABSYNTH expert Biomechanoid from Biolabs and are originally taken from the Camel Audio ABSYNTH Sounds Vol. 1-6 series. Exclusive to ABSYNTH TWILIGHTS, every sound comes with added controller assignments plus eight Sound Variations for KORE 2 and the free KORE PLAYER, making tweaking and morphing these outstanding presets an enticing experience. ABSYNTH TWILIGHTS can also be used with the ABSYNTH 4 full version.
All ABSYNTH TWILIGHTS sounds encompass up to 8 sound variations - 8 articulations of one sound enabling you to emphasize varying settings and nuances as part of the musical flow. The real innovation is the ability to morph sounds between their respective sound variations

Number of KoreSounds: 200 (+ 1,600 sound variations)
Sound Categories: Pads and soundscapes of various types
KORE 2 integrated engines utilized: ABSYNTH 4
Download size (Mac / PC): 360 MB / 360 MB
System requirements: KORE 2, KORE PLAYER or ABSYNTH 4
Additional info: These KoreSounds are derived from Camel Audio /Biolab's "Absynth Sounds" series, but cannot be found in the KORE 2 or ABSYNTH 4 factory libraries.

Get it here:



Anonymous said...

Works great!
FANTASTIC UPLOAD! So ubercool ethereal ambient soundscapes/pads/atmospheres/etc. Just what i so badly needed! THANKS! *Applause*

PS: Dont let mainstream s**t like britney spears lobotomize you!

jay said...


Bob said...


Anonymous said...

What's the pass for the 4 rars?

Anonymous said...


GWIZSKI said...

I grabbed this to try out, and it unzipped fine but I can't find a serial number, and it won't let me load further, without it.Thanks again for the countless posts of great ish for my studio,if you can help with....

HowwL said...

First download ALL of the rar files listed in the post. All files listed are required to decompress the software. Usually named like this: example.rar, example.r01, example.r02 ect. ect.
Once you have all the files(in the same folder) open the first file in the set. You only need to open the file with the .rar extension. You may be prompted at this point to enter a password. If so enter the password listed with the links to the files (See note on passwords below). This should open Winrar. Now click the “Extract To” button at the top of the window. You will be prompted to give a location to extract the files to. Give one. I always extract to a folder I created called “winrar temp” but you can put the files anywhere you want. –Hint: You can right click the first file in the set and just click “extract files”or “extract files here”.
Once you have done this you most likely have some more compressed files….

Sometimes it will be a folder with several zip files in it. If so, just select(highlight) all the zip files, right click them and click “extract here”. You may get a prompt about overwriting files with the same names(fileid.diz). Say yes or no. It really doesn’t matter. You can now delete all those zip files. You don’t need them anymore.
Now your getting close! Extract the files one more time (Uhg!) and you’ll have something you can work with!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

seems as tho this isn't working now. DL'ed the main file, it won't extract the text file properly. is this not MAC compatible?

Anonymous said...

sorry for the retareded question :
i have unzipped all files to 2 folders in - and in the last folder im left with file exstentions saying setup..ro1 , setup.ro2 etc all the way upto 72. my question is what do i do now do i have to further unzip if so what do you use to unzip that file exstenion i use 7zip and that opens most things i take it its the same with all the kore packs on here howwl your good at this stuff can you help me please.

Anonymous said...

dis- regard my last message if i took even 2 secs to properly read what you had posted im such a nooblet thanks guys :)

Bob said... are you trying to keep this a secret? How are we supposed to find an Absynth Twilight key generator? If its the same serial as the program itself then that's one story but I don't see how we are supposed to install this without one....theres not exactly an abundance of twilight key generators around...someone explain. My first post from almost a week ago hasn't been answered

Anonymous said...

what's the pass for the 4 rars...Uploaded_by_vej doesnt work??????

HowwL said...

setup..ro1 , setup.ro2 etc all the way upto 72

put all 72 in the same folder and extract .. you will be done..

things are ofton rar-ed (compressed/ziped) and split into several peices...
then the peices are put in a folder and compresses again..

and somtimes even a third time
its a pain but it really is the best way to package things.

HowwL said...

pass sould work fine.. copy/paste it to note pad first... then copy
the p[ass from note pad.. if you read other comments you will see it works for others...
somtimes things c/p funny.

sorry for no response.. we get busy... and of course somtimes we take vacations and stuff..

Ill look into the serial /kg

HowwL said...

when I read the info doc
the little icon that says dynamics
(open with note pad if you dont have a veiwer)

it says
1. Unpack
2. Install
3. Use 36599-09178-31401-51719-73179 for serial.

Christof said...

downloaded all parts.
and i am getting an (incorrect password?) message from WinRAR.
i have attempted, typing, copy/paste, copy/paste into notepad and back out from as well, and still nothing has worked.

thanks for any input!

Anonymous said...

Works great in The pc, but this is not for for MAC...
Don't bother getting it.
Just so you know

Bob said...

thanks howwL...didn't mean to be rude but i had no idea how to open .nfo's...thanks for clarifying that..yall are the best blogspot music site on the net....i wouldnt be able to be a producer without yalls resources ill be making a donation soon