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Sunday, 19 April 2009

Imageline Megapack Bundle(PC) v1.0

TeAm AuDiOpIrAtE Imageline Plugins Megapack (PC)

I constructed this pack to try to get them all in one place to save anyone the hassle of looking for each one seperately.This pack has a few plugins known to set off false positives in your AV program.Included is the latest version of Malwarebytes Antimalware AV program that has a 100% accuracy rating for any/all infections and will not tell you that you are infected when you are not.I suggest you install it and use it atleast while installing this bundle and perhaps in the future when installing scene warez so you can disable your nameband AV programs before installing as many people are reporting viruses in clean programs.Even the retail version of Toxic Biohazard has been reported as containing a virus on the Imageline forums.This goes to show just how reliable AV programs are now.I have been using Malwarebyte exclusively for over a year now without any infections or false positives.I started using this because the namebrand AV's I was using were killing my uninfected programs and telling me that 50% of my software was infected.So please,do not post here that any of these plugins have viruses(unless Malwarebyte tells you) because I already know your AV is going tell you that.Included in this Megapack is:

Malwarebytes Antimalware 1.34 (newer versions now avalable)
Deckadance Club Edition
Direct Wave
Grossbeat 1.0.1
Poizone 2.1
Simsynth Live 1.1.0
Toxic Biohazard 1.0 with factory and slymaster presets
Toxic III 1.4
Maximus 1.0
Morphine 1.1
Outsim Synthmaker 1.1.1 with analog kit
Sytrus 2.5 with 3 preset packs(timmy techno)
ReFX Slayer 2.6

Releases from all groups here
219Mb total(5 rar's)

Enjoy this fine TeAm AuDiOpIrAtE Release


CapnCrunch put this together for us...... thank him........ this rocks


HowwL said...

these have all been tested scaned and played .. over and over..

avast and many avi will show these as positive..

but if you wanted to try these here is your chance to try them pretested on AP members pc's

By the way...I have not had a virus on any of my pc's in over 10 years... enjoy

k0m said...

Having trouble with the password,
i've tried 'AuDiOpIrAtE' a number of times and it's not working!

even tried lowercase and uppercase versions.

Anonymous said...

Great post, thanks. Wish there was a torrent though.

Anonymous said...

Thanx for this. Only prob is when i install DX10 & try to load it up in fl, it crashes fl. Any idea whay?

HowwL said...

pass problem is prolly this..

open note pad... copy the pass and paste to note pad...
watch the blinking courser..
you will see extra blank after the pass...that is the problem..

so now copy the pass from note pad with out the blank space.


k0m said...

thankyou Howwl, you ROCK!

millie said...

you could have done 1 link on megaupload.

HowwL said...

he knows millie....

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


gg said...

Cheers Capn Crunch many thanks for your damn fine work...



Anonymous said...

give thanks, this is uber super

CapnCrunch said...

I uploaded with multiple parts because my megaupload manager was not wanting to complete the upload as 1 giant file....hence the division into parts