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Saturday, 28 March 2009

Singing Tutor Duet v2.2.2.2

Singing Tutor Duet v2.2.2.2
Language:English OS:Win2000/XP/
Singing Tutor - is the interactive software for improving your singing skills and tuning musical instruments. If you want to learn singing or check your singing skills, you canꊰ find better assistant than Singing Tutor. Impartial Singing Tutor will help you to estimate your abilities and develop your singing skills.

Speciality Unlike usual karaoke program which just show your rate at the end of song. Singing-Tutor shows your rate during singing, also it visually shows your voice-line and song melody notes so you can immediately correct your voice.

Singing Tutor idea is simple. Each note has a defined pitch frequency. The higher note has the higher frequency and vise versa. Singing Tutor allows to measure the pitch frequency of the voice or music, with high precision, and to compare it with pitch frequency of the reference note.

Interesting fact: Not everyone knows how to sing well. But peoples without musical training can not understand what is wrong. Among musicians it called by mysterious word - ear for music. This "musical ear" provides some subculture divide everyone into people who have it or not. Nevertheless, ear for music can be evolved. Actually musical ear is just an ability to distinguish sounds of close height. Singing Tutor is wonderful voice tone measurer. Its measure accuracy more than enough to discern sounds, which very close to each other. From that standpoint, he has a great musical ear. It immediately displays your voice tone, and the nearest musical note. So you can adjust your voice, making it slightly above or below. Also it can sing in harmony with you, playing nearest note your voice. In such a way Singing Tutor discover mystery musical ear. And giving you an excellent opportunity to learn sing better.

With Singing Tutor you can:

Measure your voice tone.
Sing karaoke songs (.kar files) or any MIDI files.
Sing with mp3 song background and see your singing accuracy.
Play on your keyboard like on musical synthesizer.
Tune guitar or other musical instruments.
Listen your voice interpreted as a MIDI instrument.
See the nearest music note to your voice tone.
Sing some known melody, and Singing Tutor will show you how to play this melody with a piano or other keyboard instrument.
Record and listen your own voice in wav format.
Select several notes from the pitch range and test your singing in the selected diapason.
serial included

link: h**p://


Anonymous said...

the registration key doesnt work. it says you have type spaced character in the license code.

jiivaneshvar said...

This one works great! I just follow the instructions to unrar and then installed it. The key is inside one of the text files.

thank you very much.