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Tuesday, 17 March 2009


DEEP TRANSFORMATIONS is the first effects-only KORE SOUNDPACK, harnessing the power of KORE’s integrated audio engines to turn KORE 2 and the free KORE PLAYER into a highly creative and unconventional multi-effects plug-in. Simply insert KORE 2 or KORE PLAYER on an audio or software instrument track and use the DEEP TRANSFORMATIONS effect patches to radically process vocals, drum loops, guitar, synth lines and more into something completely new and different. You’ll have to look elsewhere for standard effects; this SOUNDPACK provides highly creative and morph-able effects not found in any other software or hardware unit.
Alien Radionizers and Wah Wah Cloud Makers
The 150 effects come with a total of 1,200 sound variations and are based on intricate combinations of the GUITAR RIG, ABSYNTH, FM8 and REAKTOR sound engines, plus 30 internal KORE effects. This powerful setup delivers unique and inspiring effects that could be described as FM-sound-generators, talking ring modulators, tube pumpers, artefact creators, enveloped distortion, formant delays, wah wah cloud makers, alien radionizer, vinyl FX and so on.
FX Morphing and Innovative Control
DEEP TRANSFORMATIONS’ inventive multi-assignments for individual knobs and complex internal routing allow you to control multiple effects as one unit, letting you play your effects like an instrument. Subtly color your audio or take it into completely new sonic territory by seamlessly morphing between multiple settings in an intuitive and musical way. DEEP TRANSFORMATIONS offers practically limitless real-time sound tweaking potential for the adventurous producer.

Number of KoreSounds: 150 (1,200 sound variations)
KORE engines utilized: GUITAR RIG, ABSYNTH, FM8 and REAKTOR
Download size: 11 MB
System requirements: KORE 2 or KORE PLAYER
Additional info: For use as a plug-in within a sequencer host

Get it here:


Anonymous said...

I guess the link on this is cut a bit short as it doesn't seem to work :)


the password is wrong ¡

Anonymous said...

I can't get the pass to work. I even tried copy and paste. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Nevermind. I found it. Sorry

Anonymous said...

The link gives an error. Is there another link or does it need to be reupped? Thanks for all the good work here!

HowwL said...

copy the link to notepad .. include all of it..
/after pasting in notepad
copy link to browser..

pass works
.. read the info file for serial

HowwL said...

I down loaded.. unrared (with pass)
read text file for pass and links..

down loaded app unrared it ,,
right clicked on info file opened with note pad and read install serial.

all worked for me..

Anonymous said...

can someone post up the serial for this please?

i didnt seem to get one with my d/l...

Vej said...

password is in the text file.
As HowwL stated... Open the dynamics.nfo file with notepad. The serial is included there.
If anyone doesn't know *.nfo(INFO) with warez releases tells us all what we need to know to install an app. It should be the first thing we check when we go to install a release.
HowwL is gone for a few days so help will be slow coming but we will be doing our best...
If you need help right away go to and post questions there. I'll do my best to answer them.

Anonymous said...

after installed i tried loadin the samples and all the tones are comming up as invalid or corrupted

Anonymous said...

The last post from Vej was very helpful. Extract the nfo file, right click and open with "notepad".

The serial is written there, can´t miss it.

Thanks for the great upload Vej :)

Anonymous said...

nope tried both passwords uploaded_by_??? and audiopirate.blogspot.??? and neither work what so ever the uploader must have changed the link and password

Anonymous said...

the password is wrong

Anonymous said...

please upload it again! thanks!