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Saturday, 28 March 2009


ÝÛÛÞ n-Track Studio is a complete ÝÛÛÞ
ÝÛÛÞ recording studio in your PC: all you ÝÛÛÞ
ÝÛÛÞ need is a card and some free space ÝÛÛÞ
ÝÛÛÞ on your hard disk to store audio data. ÝÛÛÞ
ÝÛÛÞ n-Track Studio supports simultaneous ÝÛÛÞ
ÝÛÛÞ recording from multiple 16 and 24 ÝÛÛÞ
ÝÛÛÞ bit soundcards, and real-time audio ÝÛÛÞ
ÝÛÛÞ effects can be applied ÝÛÛÞ
ÝÛÛÞ non-destructively to each track, ÝÛÛÞ
ÝÛÛÞ allowing the user to listen ÝÛÛÞ
ÝÛÛÞ immediately to the result of a ÝÛÛÞ
ÝÛÛÞ change in the parameters of an ÝÛÛÞ
ÝÛÛÞ effect: up to 25 combinations of ÝÛÛÞ
ÝÛÛÞ effects per track are allowed. ÝÛÛÞ
ÝÛÛÞ n-Track Studio is a multitrack ÝÛÛÞ
ÝÛÛÞ recording and editing program. ÝÛÛÞ
ÝÛÛÞ Built-in effects include Reverb, ÝÛÛÞ
ÝÛÛÞ AutoVol, Echo, Pitch Shift, Chorus ÝÛÛÞ
ÝÛÛÞ and Track EQ. The program can use ÝÛÛÞ
ÝÛÛÞ third party DirectX and VST plug-ins ÝÛÛÞ
ÝÛÛÞ to process in real-time audio ÝÛÛÞ
ÝÛÛÞ signals in a number of different ways. ÝÛÛÞ
ÝÛÛÞ Effect can also be used to process ÝÛÛÞ
ÝÛÛÞ the recorded signal in real-time so ÝÛÛÞ
ÝÛÛÞ that the computer can act as a ÝÛÛÞ
ÝÛÛÞ multi-effects device. ÝÛÛÞ
ÝÛÛÞ n-Track Studio uses 24 bit (32 bit ÝÛÛÞ
ÝÛÛÞ floats) resolution for mixing and ÝÛÛÞ
ÝÛÛÞ effects processing. Various wave ÝÛÛÞ
ÝÛÛÞ files formats are supported, mono & ÝÛÛÞ
ÝÛÛÞ stereo tracks are can coexist in the ÝÛÛÞ
ÝÛÛÞ same song and wave editing ÝÛÛÞ
ÝÛÛÞ operations can be performed from ÝÛÛÞ
ÝÛÛÞ within the program. ÝÛÛÞ
ÝÛÛÞ MIDI tracks can be imported end ÝÛÛÞ
ÝÛÛÞ exported to regular MIDI files, and ÝÛÛÞ
ÝÛÛÞ edited using the built in piano-roll ÝÛÛÞ
ÝÛÛÞ based MIDI editing. ÝÛÛÞ
ÝÛÛÞ All the audio tracks are saved as ÝÛÛÞ
ÝÛÛÞ standard wave files and mixed "on ÝÛÛÞ
ÝÛÛÞ the fly" during playback. Volume and ÝÛÛÞ
ÝÛÛÞ pan evolution can be programmed by ÝÛÛÞ
ÝÛÛÞ drawing on the timeline window. ÝÛÛÞ
ÝÛÛÞ When all the tracks have been ÝÛÛÞ
ÝÛÛÞ recorded and all the settings are ÝÛÛÞ
ÝÛÛÞ correct, it's possible to mix-down ÝÛÛÞ
ÝÛÛÞ all the tracks to a single wave file ÝÛÛÞ
ÝÛÛÞ for recording it to a compact disk ÝÛÛÞ
ÝÛÛÞ using a CD recorder or for ÝÛÛÞ
ÝÛÛÞ distributing it through the Internet ÝÛÛÞ
Link ÝÛÛÞ (using the built-in mp3 encoder).
Password: Uploaded_by_Vej

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